Damned Zionists! Israeli’s Want To Build A Wall On USA Southern Border.

Damned Zionists! Israeli’s Want To Build A Wall On USA’s Southern Border. 


All of the White Supremacists that have spent so much time attacking me: (a serious nationalist, closed borders advocate) on Twitter the last 6 months will have to eat shit over this one.

—>> An Israeli company wants to help build our wall to keep out Mexican terrorists:  Click on the Jerusalem post to see.

“We would join forces with a major US defense company that has experience with such projects worldwide,” said Koursh, who spoke to Bloomberg while accompanying Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Africa on a diplomatic mission in early July. “We’ve done it in the past and we would definitely want to do it.”

The ‘open borders for Israel’ crowd:  

You really should stop your bullshit about Israel ‘needing open borders’.. Why?  Because God will turn on us for dumping on them.  And, then the whole world will come over here and scream “APARTHEID AMERICA!”  (Like they did in South Africa) & now there is all out white genocide there.   Stop your madness.  Israel should not have to be blamed for all of our woes because of American Liberal “Jews”.

Should A Government Rep Have Dual Citizenship? NO.

Should A Government Rep. Have Dual Citizenship?  NO.


Last night, some fellow Jews got into it with a follower of mine on Twitter.  My follower friend was accused of being an ‘anti semite’ for posting a graphic about dual citizenship.  The graphic had only Jewish Representatives who had dual citizenship with Israel.  However, If people are going to make a graphic, it is wise to point out all of the reps, in my opinion.

I personally do not know which representatives actually have dual citizenship, whether they be Jews or non Jews.  However, my answer to this problem is this –  Though it is not against the law:  There should be no dual citizens in government positions.  I will explain why.

  •  Your loyalty will be questioned if you do.  No matter what faith or what people you are from.


  •  Re. Israel:  Though Israel is an ally and a lot of people love or like Israel, it does not matter,   you will come under scrutiny.


  •  If you see a conflict of interest, what country & people/s will you care for first?

How is it anti-semitic to question a persons loyalty if they have dual citizenship?  It’s not.  YOU set yourself up. You did this to yourself.

There are also non-dual traitors:  Luis Gutiérrez, a Hispanic nationalist has dual loyalties even though he does not have dual citizenship.  He worries about the affairs of the Hispanic people before Americans.  Keith Ellison, a Muslim, cares for Muslims before American people.   American black representatives, (although they have no dual citizenship) care for blacks before America.   Ditto Asian reps in New York city.   Most of these representatives are Democrats, by the way.  Including Jewish reps with dual citizenship.  And more.

In a time when anti-semitism is ugly, why would a Jewish person set him/herself up? Set us up, collectively?  I believe that every representative should resign if they are Jewish or other & have dual.  Either that, or renounce dual until they leave office.  If you want to be a run-of-the-mill, average Joe citizen with dual, I don’t really care.  That’s your affair.

 I am worried about fellow Jews taking the brunt of Liberal ‘Jewish’ treachery.  It always happens.  “Little Jews” taking the heat for the actions of the big “Jew” who is an irresponsible traitor.   The actions of Marxist & Liberal “Jews” have caused so much insanity, they deserve what they’ve got coming–and then some.  I shed no tears for them.

Answer to all of the problems:  

Be patriotic to America if you are American, Jew or non-Jew.  Put the Constitution first and the welfare of this nation.  Stand for the 2nd Amendment.  Stop dumping on white Americans.  Liberalism is anti-Americanism.  Deal with it & ditch it.  Work WITH a man/or woman who is perceived as patriotic for the people.  Case in point:  If you are Jewish, Mexican, black, Asian: If patriotic people see Mr. Trump as a patriotic person, don’t stand against him.  Stand with the patriotic people.  You can’t go wrong when you stand with patriotic people.

PS: No, I am not dual.