The MASK Of Evil…

The MASK of evil.

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Evil does not have a face like you would think. It is not snarling with teeth.
Evil often times has a smiling face.
Many times evil comes across as sweet, likable and fancy.
Evil will swindle you and you don’t even see it.
Evil steals from you with an innocent face.
Evil has big, swelling words. Evil comes across as a minister of light & life. Evil is only ‘in it’ to appear good. To appear holy and saintly.

Evil says: “I am poor and needy”
You give evil your possessions. You give evil a TV, you give evil a car.  You give evil whatever it asks because it declares “I am good!”  But, evil has stolen from you and you do not see it because of it’s pure-looking face.

You believe evil is good because you have not verified.

Evil often has a trail of hurt people behind it. A person will perhaps check this out and when he/she does, they will not believe the hurts inflicted because Evil smiles at you and says: “Me? NEVER”.

So, you take the side of the evil because of its mask and face. You have joined the evil and now are an accessory in its offense.

“Woe to them that call good….evil and evil…good”

Silly Anti-Semitic Propaganda Made About The Mad Jewess On Gab.

I was ‘triggered’ yesterday so some little girly nazi chick made this one.  Lol.

Of course I was triggered. The Dentist had to give me a new cap.  But, it was not that easy! He had to give me a shot way up near my ‘hook nose’.  (Actually, I have a small nose being Sephardic Portuguese).  But, any ole nose getting a shot from the Dr sucks! Then, the Dr had to take a laser to my gums. I was not numb enough and man, the laser almost hurt as much as the shot.  Incidentally, before the shot, they give you that topical gel.  They didn’t let it sit long enough!! Pain yesterday! It sucked!

So, the little fairy sent me that moving graphic.  I love it! I look kinda cute, albeit fat.  But, I am a chunky chick anyway, not THAT chunky.  But hey, fat bitches are in! LOL


This is the other one the same fairy made especially for me also by: MosheShekelRod · @MosheShekelRod on GAB.

These little X-Left Nazi’s just cant stand it when they see a Jew with a little nose.  So, they  have to draw one in.  I would be happy if I had a bigger nose because I would smell these little bastards coming from a mile away  🙂  The little guy on the right kinda reminds me of one of my X boyfriends, bless his heart;  His nose was bigger than his pecker-So, I had to let him go before anything serious developed. Not really.. I’m joking…

Anyhow… bring more on girls, I love all the attention.  Us ugly kikess’ need love.




The Talmud Vs. The Lunatics


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I have been studying the Talmud from various sources including different books from my husband, David Ben Moshe‘s Library that his family have had for over 150 years, including Talmud prayer books.

Word has it that some Rabbi’s 2K years ago wrote horrible, demeaning things about Jesus and Mary, the mother of Jesus in the Babylonian Talmud volumes.  Is this true?  I really don’t know completely as of yet.  I have to weight this out with all sources and come to a conclusion.   However, I will offer this much:  The Talmud was written by man.  Man is not infallible.  Man makes mistakes.  All men are evil and sin. That means Jews as well as non-Jews. Nobody is perfect.  No one.

On Youtube, which White, National-Socialist traitors believe is censored on behalf of the Jews, you can find hundreds of thousands of videos saying that all Jews are parasites, a cancer, evil, the Talmud is satanic etc.  You are more than welcome to feast your hungry eyes.  I realize that mankind loves bad and does not seek out the good:  Mankind looks for the evil over the good at every turn.

 This is not a post about how evil the whole Talmud is.  Since there are hundreds of thousands of selective videos and posts written about the Talmud, I am offering the good.  *Yes*, I have come across some nasty Jewish people who have an insane hatred for all things Christian.   Yes, I have come across some nasty non-Jews who have a hatred for all things Jewish.   I really don’t care.  I love both right-minded, God-fearing Jews & level-headed, God-fearing Christians.

You can research the good or the bad, knock yourself out. I choose the better: The Talmud Quotes,  The Talmud Quotes – Spiritual Life,  Teachings and quotes of the Talmud,  Jewish Quotations – Over 3,000 Jewish quotes, proverbs and sayings.

The first quote I like from the Talmud is this one.

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I have seen this in action recently whilst in the company of a person very depressed from a death in their family.  If one is wise, that one will find the right words to say to ease the brokenhearted. 

This next one is so true:

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Many people do not see things, (truths) the way they are. We see them the way we WANT to see it.  And, just because we want to see things a certain way does not mean it is so.  In the book of Proverbs, it is written:  “A false balance is an abomination to the LORD, but accurate weights are his delight.”  When we weigh out matters…and whether we like the outcome or not.. The truth is the truth no matter how ugly or hard.

How many of you have come across this type?

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Women are sure to know this as a fact:

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I believe this one with all of my heart:

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Be careful sharing when you converse with your friends:

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I believe this is a total truth:

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This is an absolute:

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That is the study for the day.  

*** As far as Jesus in the Talmud and Jesus’ Mother and other things that are supposedly in the Talmud that are mean?  I am sorry.  What more can I say? I hope these things are NOT in there but if they are.  I am sorry & apologize.  I love Christians. Very much.  I am with Christians as much as I am with patriotic, fellow Jews.   I determine who a person is by his own fruits not his last name. I pray that you will find the good on your search of the Talmud and not just the bad.  God bless.

Pray For Pres Trump: He Is Under An Attack. Satanic Liberals Are Even Using Witchcraft Against Him

Pray For Pres Trump: He Is Under An Attack. Satanic Liberals Are Using Witchcraft Against Him

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Yes, the Communist cabal of prognosticators are even using Witchcraft against this Pres. I was watching a video early this morning and a Christian prophetic type person believes that a ‘spell’ has been cast over Trump.  I can see that, easily.  The Commies can’t seem to ‘catch’ him in anything, so it’s not beneath them to seek out sorcerers.

I am not a person who is into religion.  I am very spiritual, though.  I sense a dark spirit over the whole Trump administration. This spirit wants Trump dead. Now, I don’t agree with everything Trump has done. Namely, his first attack on Syria who has suffered so much.  But, I am certainly not wishing him dead, forcryingoutloud.    We must pray hard against this wickedness.  Trump has called their attacks a ‘witch hunt’.  It is….Literally:  Click to read

Scripture for Trump:

Isaiah 54: 17

No weapon formed against you shall prosper,
And every tongue which rises against you in judgment
You shall condemn.
This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,
And their righteousness is from Me,”
Says the Lord.