Leftist Collaborators Are Bullying Gays Who Are Jewish

Leftist Collaborators Are Beating Up Patriotic Gays Who Are Jewish

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I am not a tolerant person with the gay lifestyle and I never will be. I do not, however, beat them up because of my beliefs.   Gays are not tolerant with my over-eating habits & tomboy-like fashion and never will be.. Tit for tat..  I have had more than a few gay friends in my life, my being in show-biz.

However, when leftist fascists are  bullying them or anyone else who is patriotic, I will be there as much as I can.   A Pinko-lite, Fox news, Megyn Kelly type fan boy named “Jon Decker”  (who works for FOX news) bullied a young gay dude who’s Grandparents went through the Holocaust.  This gay kid is also a writer for The Gateway Pundit.  I know I have scolded Jim Hoft before but he is a patriot and we all have to stick together, like or dislike.

Lucian Wintrich: I Was Assaulted in White House Press Room – Here Is My Report

I have a question to Liberal Jews:  Are you f’n nuts?  How long are you going to support a party that bullies, even beats, (not only gays) but anyone who disagrees with them?  Why are you supporting Liberal Nazi-ism?  Take a good look at how fascistic the left is now:   “Fascist”, The Left Wing Has Been Beating … – The Mad Jewess.  The Left has run out of names to call people so now they beat and bully humans.

You “Liberals” are not ‘fighting Nazis’.    All while you call us ‘Nazi’ and whatever else, you are now out there beating people and bullying them.  Everything you accuse US of, you do.


#Vault7 So, Did The CIA Murder Putins Favorite Driver? Hastings? Breitbart?

#Vault7 So, Did The CIA Murder Putins Favorite Driver? Hastings? Breitbart?

Well?  I am sure that many people are asking this question now.  As the Democrat Communists lie over Russia.. Wikileaks released damning information regarding the CIA under Barack Hussein Obama.  Wikileaks calls this dump “Vault 7”.

The Main stream is barely covering the Wikileaks SNAFU – CIA is probably murdering people, hacking their cars to assassinate opponents of the Left, etc..

A person on “Gab”, (social media Twitter alternative) thinks the CIA probably had Putin’s favorite driver murdered in a car crash..

Many now believe that Andrew Breitbart was murdered.  I believed that from the beginning.  Not only Breitbart but also Larry Dever, Keith Ratliff, John Noveske & Chris Kyle.   How could I not believe that seeing that the only witness to Breitbarts death just ‘up’ & “Vanished”

As far as Michael Hastings goes.. Now even Australia is asking questions regarding his untimely murder ‘death’, See:  Click here on the AU/News website..

Isn’t it past time for the Left to come clean? 

Steve King believes they all need to be purged and I agree: