‘KARMA’s’ Clutches; Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine FUBAR’s Become America’s Reality:

KARMA’s Clutches;  Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine FUBAR’s Become America’s Reality:

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NO, this is NOT Boston. It is a US Govt regime change in Ukraine, 2013.

In 2010, Obama demanded that the legitimate President of Egypt step down from his leadership position: Obama Administration Urges Mubarak to Step Down | US News

In 2011, Obama demanded that Gaddafi step down from his leadership position in Libya: Libya: Barack Obama calls on Col Gaddafi to step down – The Telegraph

In 2011, Obama demanded that Syria’s Assad ‘step down’ from his leadership position as President of Syria:  Obama: Syrian President Assad must step down – The Washington Post

In 2014, Obama ‘no longer recognized’ President Yanukovych as Ukraine’s legitimate leader:  White House: United States no longer recognizes Yanukovych as Ukraine’s President…

After the legit leaders did not step down, violence and bloodshed followed.  Which is now starting to happen here in the states.

AND:   All of the calls from the Communist leftists demanding Trump to step down is not just talk, people.  They mean what they say.   Today, they had a supposed 5,000 plus Communist leftists at a rally in Boston:  Boston ‘free speech’ rally ends early amid flood of counterprotesters  (WPost)… 5,000 FROM LEFT the, only 100s FROM THE RIGHT.

  With #’s like that, the Communist seditionists will become emboldened.  The perfect storm is backstage with Soros and UN NATO/US Generals, (completely disloyal to Trump) in the US Military, including John McCain and others ready to take over the White House.    They have EVERY INTENTION of removing President Trump.  Believe me, they do.  I have seen this happen time and time again overseas in Egypt,  Ukraine, Libya & Syria.  (I blogged about all of them in the hyperlinks.)

I warned about what we were perpetrating overseas would eventually come to our homeland and it is now here.  As I warned of this, I was called a “Putin troll”, a “Conspiracy theorist”, “Fringe”, “Wacko” and more by Conservative Americans because most Conservative Americans believe the phony war propaganda at every turn. 


America is under serious judgment & has been for many years.  And, the reason this is happening to Conservative people who are Christian in nature or God-fearing is because judgment begins in the house of God.  So, pray that Trump will be able to withstand what is coming.  Because things are about to change—for the worse.   Get money in your home. Food, meds, etc.  Things preppers prepare for and humble yourself to God.   Because if this happens, we will lose: “Bigly”.  Pray that it does NOT happen. Pray hard.

Does the below protest look eerily familiar???  It’s because Soros and Co. ship them in and President Putin of Russia warns us:  HERE.

A large crowd of people march towards the Boston Commons to protest the Boston Free Speech Rally in Boston, MA, U.S., August 19, 2017. REUTERS/Stephanie Keith

Boston, 2017


Communist Statues Of Lenin Must Come Down NOW

Communist Statues Of Lenin Must Come Down NOW

In Hollywood, there is a statue of Lenin: this must come down expeditiously. Because, not only is the head of Lenin bold in Hollywood, Mao is on top: See more @ Jason In Hollwood. 

I don’t care if it is ‘private property’. I am SICK of the constant praise of murderous psychopaths in America.  It must come down.

Vladimir Lenin was a Communist.  Communism is a natural enemy of a country that is supposed to be free.  You can currently find this piece of enemy garbage called a ‘statue’ at La Brea Avenue and 4th Street outside the Ace Museumspace.  If you feel lead to throw eggs at it, go ahead. Take photos.

In Seattle, there is a statue of Lenin:  It MUST come down. We can have NO subversion of the United States Constitution anymore.  This statue must be removed.  The Statue of Lenin is a 16-foot (4.9 m) bronze sculpture of Communist, revolutionary murderer, Vladimir Lenin located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Initially installed in Czechoslovakia in 1988, the sculpture was removed after the Velvet Revolution and brought to the United States in the 1990s.  It must be taken OUT of this nation.  And, destroyed. If you see this statue, kick it, spit on it, curse at it, and then take photos.

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I also believe that statues of Martin Luther King must come down.  He attended a Communist training school when Communism was strictly forbidden & blacklisted.  There was even a “HUAC”, House of Un-American activities at the time of this photo, below.  This man must be denounced as a “Civil rights leader”.  He must be shamed and brought low and the ONLY way possible to do this is to remove all of the statues of this Communist-enabling liar.  

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All of this is fair turnaround.  

If the Left wants statues of Robert E Lee (who surrendered to the Yankee Socialists) taken down, we also must have Communist statues defamed, removed  & destroyed.