No More Talking Allowed

The end of the country is here.  Websites, Youtubes, Facebook pages have been taken off the internet.  Everything I have said over the years is here.  When I was in 5th grade, my teacher told me that “Communism is when you are not allowed to talk about your own government that you pay for”.  She was right and it is here.  

Trump has said nothing.  Hardly the “Brave hero, God emperor” that the nasis and white supremacists dreamed of…Toothless, clawless tigers in the house and senate are allowing the 1st Amendment go down the drain.  Communist “Liberals” have destroyed the nation.  I hope they’re happy.  

Next: get ready for the killing fields.  Because its coming.  Nobody in office will do a fucking thing about this.


Loving God Is Loving People….

Loving God Is Loving People….


Wonderment.. AsheDina, TMJ 2016 


Do something nice…..!

Yesterday, David and I were at Walmart. Behind me was an elderly handicapped woman. I offered to take the things from her cart and put it on the grocery counter. And, I did just that.

She said: “I hope I have enough money”!

I stayed there to make sure she did.   She did not have enough $$.   So, I told the cashier: Ring her up and we will pay the remaining balance. We paid it.
I looked at her and said “God bless you”.
She just looked totally shocked.

I had such a wonderful feeling after.


Lovely Red-Haired Damsel… For @ophidianpilot


“Miss Red Hair” © 2016, AsheDina P, TMJ

This picture was a very hideous one before I added many elements from the web.   I love the eyes on her..Such depth.  At any rate, I am posting this for my long time Twitter pal:  @ophidianpilot who Retweets every post I have ever written on this blog.  Mr. Op is a loyal soul.  A fair man.  I am honored that I follow him.  It’s not every day that you see a loyal soul and he is one.  People like Op are the reason America was once a great place. This art post is especially for Op 😀  Blessings to you and yours..

AND:  This is for all people that have been friends:

.#NiceAttack In France Muslims/Leftists: My Summation Of Pink People Vs. Purple People

.#NiceAttack In France Muslims/Leftists: My Summation Of Pink People Vs. Purple People


There is a country called Pinkville.  Everyone in Pinkville is Pink.  

Pinkville has always had Pink people in charge of it.  Pinkville was a sound country.  Pinkville had some Purples living there.  The Purples started complaining because they did not feel as ‘good’ or as equal to the Pinks.  

A strong Purple arose out of the sea of Pinks and became their leader.  He usurped Pinkville.  As years went on, the Pinks became more purplish.  The stronger color of the Purples took over and Pinkville was no longer Pink.   Eventually, there were fewer and fewer Pinks.  Then, the Purples and the mix Pinks killed all the pure Pinks.


This is the story of America.

We do not have to let it be the end. Save America: Do not allow leaders that are not ‘pures’ from the founders, it is treachery, death and genocide against white-Caucasian founders.  I will NOT take part in this.


I wrote about this before:  In February, 2016 – Click

DALLAS MASSACRE: Libs AND Cons Called Me Racist For YEARS Re. Black/White Race Wars/Crime. IDIOTS!

DALLAS MASSACRE: Libs AND Cons Called Me Racist For YEARS Re. Black/White Race Wars/Crime. IDIOTS!

‘Black Lives Matter’ – domestic terrorist organization which has been given encouragement by the MSM and the Obama administration.

*The tables have not ‘turned’.. Black males have been murdering white people and cops for decades.  It is encouraged by Liberals and by Conservative apathy.


For years this blog and my other blog reported black on white crime.   See my old blog: The Mad Jewess black on white crimes, race wars @ WordPress.  [And here on the tab above.]

I have been banned on any number of blogs & websites for only reporting race crimes and being honest.  Honesty in the late, great USSA is ‘racism’.     Reporting and talking about racial crimes perpetrated against white people is ‘bigotry’.     Blogging about my own experiences being ‘white’ in a city taken over by violent Mexican/Hispanic gangs is prejudiced.  

Now, there are dead Police officers all over America.  5 in the latest slaughter in Dallas.  Dead whites in the thousands, nationwide.   The white person is becoming hunted like a Jew was in the early 1930’s.     White-hating propaganda fills air-waves, television shows, magazines.   Openly talking about how all whites should die is not even an ‘outrage’, it is an accepted form of speech.    Publishing books about ‘evil’ satanic white people is encouraged and admired.  

Liberals and Conservatives alike are the powder magazine in the guns of the young, black, militant males.   This is why you can go to hell and I will  not EVER join either of you.    You are culprits in murder.   Face it: You are either killing yourselves & others because you believe in the lie called ‘white guilt’, or you believe that these criminals are just as tolerant as you are, Conservative person.

The Police are on to this mess but the Liberals call the Police “Nazis” merely for exercising self defense.  A Police man has every right to defend his/her own life.

I don’t even blame these miscreants anymore, I blame you conservatives for being  damned suckers.  Believing the hype that we’re ‘all the same’.   We’re not.  When you wake up and start to realize that you are taught to ‘love all humanity’ as these militant blacks are taught to hate whitey, maybe we’ll talk.


Until then: Fock you for calling us ‘racist’ merely for warning you.   That means you big, mouthy, do-nothing Conservative pundits that have banned me, blocked me etc.. IDIOTS!

PS: We already know ‘they’re not all like that.’    So, dont go there, we’re all sick of this shit.   And, sane Jews are sick of you Liberal assbag Jews that people are not allowed to criticize because it’s ‘anti semitic’.  What bullshit. All of it.