“Thoughting” C. TMJ P AsheDina

Thinking a lot here today.. 

Sitting outside this morning, listening to a little bird chirping.. I opened my little devotional book to a page that had a picture of the ocean.  I had to stop myself from crying.

See, I live in Prescott, Arizona.  Most of you already know this.  I am land-locked.  I did not always live in a barren land.  I grew up in Hampton Bays, Long Island, NY–right on the bay.  Then, we moved to Carmel, California and lived right on the Pacific ocean.  We were NOT rich.  My family just had a way of knowing how to live near the rich and that is what we did.   I may as well have grown up as a Mermaid because I can swim like a fish having lived on the bay and ocean.

I miss the ocean and the green grass so badly, I just cry at times.

After 2009, life became unbearable in either New York or California.  Both places are infested with illegal aliens.   In Salinas, (Monterey Peninsula Cali) it is over-run with Hispanic illegals, gangs, MS 13, Sorenos, Nortenos, you name it.    The neighborhood I lived in was about 75% American Caucasian.   It turned into little Mexico and all the whites fled.  (Maybe 15% white now, not even that).  Who knows where the whites went.   They went to find some peace and quiet.   Salinas, Cali is a haven for drive-bys perp’d by Mexican illegals and Mexican gang members.  It’s not that ‘all’ Mexican people are like this, but many in sanctuary cities ARE violent.     Who the hell wants to live in that crap?  

Then, in NYC (Flushing, Queens) it is Chinese, Vietnamese and others.   I don’t mind Asian people for the most part.   They keep to themselves and are not violent.  But, how does living in a Chinese neighborhood fair among whites/off white or people like me? (mix of Portuguese/Native American/Olive skinned.)   All of the Asians speak their native tongue.  If you go into a store, it sucks.   All of the signs are in the Asian language.  I remember going to a church in Flushing where George Washington prayed and I just wept… This was not his dream for future white Americans.  Whites really have no life in this mish-mash craziness..   AND: That makes Liberals soooooo happy.

So, we moved up here to Prescott – where it is all American.   A small population of very old, elderly, white Americans who just want some peace before they die.       And, we are up here with them.      I DO thank God for them and this place..    There is no industry for people to come to work up here – and that’s a good thing…    It’s also just too far up the mountain and the oxygen levels are bad because of the altitude.   But, truly, whites and those like me live in the land-locked ghetto as our home states became too unbearable because of:


If it isn’t the Liberal creep taxing you to death, he will open your city wide for foreigners who hate you.  Liberals have ABSOLUTELY screwed this nation 6 days to Sunday.   If all Liberals just fell off the face of the earth tomorrow, the world would be a better place.  (Minus a few nice Liberals)

I miss the ocean and the green so bad.  🙁

It’s Nasty To Make Fun Of People Living In “Tiny Homes”

It’s Nasty To Make Fun Of People Living In “Tiny Homes”


During the 1990’s, I lived in a bedroom community outside of Silicon called Salinas, CA.  When Silicon went bust in 1998 (after a 551 point crash in August ’98), people deserted huge homes and took off running from their mortgages.   Some of those people hit the dust so bad that now they live in Tiny Homes.   Some want to live with ‘less’ and that’s fine also.  But, I don’t believe that.  I believe (in many cases) that ‘less’ means ‘loss’.  

Whatever the case may be:  Many, (not all) people live in tiny homes because of huge misfortune.  Some went totally bankrupt and lived on the street.  So, ask yourself this question: Would you rather see people in the street or a Tiny Home?  How ’bout a Vet on the street?  Would you rather see him on the street or in a Tiny Home?


Case in point: It is evil to laugh at misfortune.

When I lived in a 500 sq foot apartment in the 90’s and had a very old Monte Carlo automobile.. A friend of a friend came over my house, his name was “Nick”..   Nick said: “Who could live like you do, Pauli? Who could drive in the car that you drive in, Pauli”? (He was mocking my misfortune)

Time passed.. I moved to NYC & met my husband.  We were living in Queens, trying to make ends meet.  I was entertaining all over NYC in Libraries, retirement homes, nursing homes, lounges–anywhere I could get hired.. We barely made $2200. a month.   Then, David’s Mom died.  We sold the home in NYC.  That took us out of the lean, dark times and we bought a home in AZ.  No, we’re not rich,  we just have a decent home. 

Back to Nick:  Nick fell upon hard times, went homeless, lost his car, his home, everything.   Don’t mock those that are poor.  God hates that.  Nick learned the hard way.   Although, at this time in my life, I would find it harder to live in a Tiny Home, I am happy that Tiny Home dwellers are making “Lemonade out of lemons”, taking perhaps a bad situation and turning it to good.  Good for them. 

I’ve seen snotty neo”Conservatives” & Elite Liberals make fun of these Tiny Home dwellers..

I just have to shake my head and think: “Remember from whence thou came”.


“Color, Wine & Grace” A Mad Jewess Poem


Color Wine and Grace

If I spent Eternity, looking for your face…
My Life would be filled, with Color, Wine and Grace.
If I sought, and found, the One I hold Dear, Your Name and Soul, would
be so clear.

If I could create, an image of the sky, I would see you standing,
seeing eye to eye.

You would see through, my heart, soul, and mind.
Your words, would be always, ever gentle, and kind.
You are the melody, you are the song, and in my heart…You will
always belong.
Copyright ©2009 –  P. AsheDina

Yesterday: “Mad Jewess, Denounce Israel & You’ll Be A Good Jew”

Yesterday: “Mad Jewess, Denounce Israel & You’ll Be A Good Jew”



This statement came from a person on Twitter.  A “Christian”.    This same “Christian” says that Paul, the Jewish apostle was a fraud, liar and an apostate.   This “Christian” measures Paul the apostle by his failures, not successes.   Perhaps Paul was wrong in some of his writings, I don’t know.  But, even if he was, one should not claim fraud when Paul’s intentions were true & right.  That is evil.  Like it or not–it’s evil.

So, this “Christian” also wants me  to denounce Israel and “Zionism” (Jews making aliyah/pilgrimage) to Israel.. I guess he didn’t read about what the devil did to Jesus, Luke 4:

5.  The devil also took him to a high place and showed him all the kingdoms of the world in an instant. 6.  He told Jesus, “I will give you all this authority, along with their glory, because it has been given to me, and I give it to anyone I please. 7.  So if you will worship me, all this will be yours. 8.  But Jesus answered him, “It is written, ‘You must worship the Lord your God and serve only him.’”

When someone wants you to denounce a belief, faith in God or HIS words from the Bible, etc —That person is acting with an evil spirit in his/her heart.   I will not denounce Israel or Jews making pilgrimage to Israel.   I do not agree with how the Socialist Knesset runs things in Israel, (like allowing homosexual parades in the holy land) but this is not the point.      The point is that this “Christian” wants me to denounce fellow Jews because the “True Torah Jews” (Welfare, Foodstamp moochers) are ‘true, right and the only real Jews‘.    That’s a crock.   You won’t EVER see a “True Torah Jew” renounce the treasonous enemy of God and country–Communism.  Or Chomsky for that matter.

So, Israel (Jew-haters) go bark somewhere else, I will support the people in Israel.  

Most who are very right-minded and or religious.


Psalms 129:5  May all who hate Zion be turned back in shame.


I don’t give a rats ass about the ‘P@lestinians”.    I care about them as much as I care about illegals from Mexico.    Pakistan was also made a country in 1948, nobody bitches about them because hating Israel is just Jew-hate. Who the hell are you kidding?


Menopause Fairy…


The Menopause fairy has been eating me alive &  causing me psycho disturbance.

Believe me, it’s tough having menopause.  Especially if you are a person who was not ‘into’ her looks as a younger woman.  I was more of a Tomboy type.   I looked at my 51 year old face today and just felt like going back to bed for a week.  The hot flashes, the angry-uglies, the ‘up all night’ [no sleep].  Sometimes, my personality is easily angered even worse than before.  

I am, however, learning to ‘let things go..’  It’s not easy but I feel God in my spirit telling me:  “Just give this to me, I’ll deal with it”

….Then, this AM,  a Jew hater who is a “Conservative” comes and tells me on Twitter how much I am hated by the whole world merely because I said that God asked the Jews to bring his law to the world.  

So, The Mad Jewess is hated worldwide for words that I didn’t personally write but believe in.  

In the Christian Bible – New Testament, even Jesus said that “Salvation is from the Jews”.    Sorry, Christians AND Jews:  Jesus walked the earth AS a Jew.   He read from the TORAH.   A friend of mine from Israel said something that totally startled me the other day & my friend is an Orthodox Jew.  He said – MJ:  “If Jesus walked down the street, he would be wearing a Kippah & Tallis..  The “Christian” who hates Jews would say: “IT’S A JEW!!  KILL IT”!             …………That is profound.. Very.

Normally, these things do not get to me because one develops thick skin because of Leftists, Nazis, Neo-Cons, Jew haters, Christian haters, you name it.   But, today, it saddened me because I always try to stand by what is right, righteous or good.  The woman attacked me for my faith in God, his law and the fact that Jesus taught JEWISH things and I believe that non-Jews who become “Christian” are actually Jews.   Yep.  I know.. People think that’s nutty, but I cannot have my opinion? 

Well, don’t let me have my opinion and suck this one up:

Romans 11

17 If some of the branches have been broken off, and you, though a wild olive shoot, have been grafted in among the others and now share in the nourishing sap from the olive root, 18 do not consider yourself to be superior to those other branches. If you do, consider this: You do not support the root, but the root supports you. 19 You will say then, “Branches were broken off so that I could be grafted in.” 20 Granted. But they were broken off because of unbelief, and you stand by faith.Do not be arrogant, but tremble. 21 For if God did not spare the natural branches, he will not spare you either.

Well, thats my Mitzvah for today.. To try to teach ya’all that your faith is JEWISH and beware of menopause.. If that make sense 😉

A song for you..