‘Liberal’ COMMUNIST Hero, Hodgkinson Beat His Wife, Had DUI’s, (Should Liberal Guns Be Confiscated)?

‘Liberal’ COMMUNIST Hero, Hodgkinson Beat His Wife, Had DUI’s, (Should Liberals Gun Be Confiscated)?

This is the Communist Liberal Murderer. He beat the hell out of his wife and is a drunken psychopath.

This is the Communist Liberal Murderer. He beat the hell out of his wife and is a drunken psychopath.

Hodgekinson is a typical Commie Lib: A Wife beating, drunken, violent, unhinged, extremist, hate-filled mental patient & murderer.

 AND:  It should come as NO surprise when you see the Commies standing with Muslims: Who also beat the hell out of their wives and many are drunks.  So, this begs the question (since Commie Libs are worse than Muslims in USA at this point)..

Should we confiscate Liberals guns?  I think so.  Let them get scared to death.  Let them think we’re a bunch of totalitarians and fascists.  Who cares anymore.  If we don’t do something, they are going to start murdering patriotic people in the streets for having thoughts.   Here are 15 examples of how violent the commie Libs are and why confiscating their guns might be good for our freedom:  @ Breitbart.

Hodgkinson had a lengthy criminal record which includes charges, but no convictions, for DUI, domestic battery, pointing a gun at a relative. He has a history of gun violence, previously pointing one at a man during a family argument in 2006. He was once arrested for domestic battery and faced other charges for DUI, attempting to elude police and obstructing a police officer.   An acquaintance who worked with him on Sanders’ 2016 campaign for the Democratic nomination told The Washington Post: ‘I met him on the Bernie trail in Iowa, worked with him in the Quad Cities area.  Read more: Click to read.

*If you listen to Michael Savage’s program yesterday, you will hear how he predicted that something was going to happen from the left like an explosion:

Maybe we should just give the Left what they want so bad….confiscation…… of their guns

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#SETHRICH Trump Has Tons Of Ammo Against The Communist Murdering Democrats & Uses None Of It

Mr. Trump has a ton of ammunition to use against the Communist Democrats.  He does nothing.  Just reacts to every idiot story.   When Ken Star started investigating Bill Clinton, the Democrats circled the wagons.  The GOP does not do that for Trump.  They are just throwing him out to dry.

You can always tell when the Democrats are facing some serious issues, because that’s when their MSM cartel starts ratcheting up more lies and deceptions to throw the trail.  This Seth Rich investigation has them in serious fear.

#SethRich was killed 250 miles from home in an area where there had been 0 murders for 6 years.  Obviously the killer knew  the direction he was coming from. The assassin was lying in waiting for Seth so he could murder him.

Firing Comey was a very good start for a change.  When the Seth Rich story resurfaced, the PI learned that the D.C. Police were ordered to stand down on the Seth Rich investigation: Click to read the whole story. 

What entity has the authority to order a large metropolitan police force to discontinue a murder investigation? THE FBI. #SethRich

It’s past time for Trump to say:

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“Enough media lies & garbage.  “We are now going to investigate the murder of #SethRich.”  “We are going to punish his murderers & all of those involved.”  “Justice will be quick and precise.”


Ammunition is for use in war – not to sit and gather dust.  And, we ARE in a war.  I can’t even stand by such weakness.

#SYRIA Trump Wants To “Remove Assad?” WTF? Would TRUMP Like To Be Removed?

#SYRIA Trump Wants To “Remove Assad?” WTF? Would TRUMP Like To Be Removed?

The MSM has beefed-up the war propaganda against Syria and they are saying that Assad ‘gassed his own people.’   BUT-According to John Kerry, in 2014- all of the chemical weapons were removed:

This is what Trump said in 2013:

I know this nation is already finished. 40 years of leftism has destroyed the late, great USA.  

I pulled for Trump for 2 reasons:  1. Close the borders 2. End the regime changes foisted on countries by proxy wars.

So far, Obama care repeal has not worked and the borders are presently being worked on.  But, now, Sec Tillerson wants to ‘remove Syria’s President Assad’.  WHAT? WHAT? WHAT?

In January, 2013, The UK Mail Online read:

Read more:

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I covered Syria extensively for years:  On my old blog. And here on this one:  Click here.

I will tell you what the situation is in Syria:  

Bashar Assad is fighting ISIS and the Syrian Rebels.  ISIS and the Syrian Rebels were created BY Barack Obama:  Report – Judicial Watch.  Russia is fighting WITH Bashar Assad.  If we go in and ‘take out’ Assad, we will have aided ISIS.  We will have also started a war with Russia.  That is the situation with Syria in a nutshell.

The rebels are the ones who use chemical weapons in Syria:

U.S. Framed Syria in Chemical Weapons Attack:

Syrian Rebels Using Chemical Weapons in Syria

Syrian Rebels Admit Using Chemical Weapons, Footage Of Rocket Launch

Mr. Trump, how would you like it if everyone wanted to come and unseat you from YOUR elected position?

What right does this administration have in telling the world this is what they plan to do?  You said the other day that you are the “President of USA not Pres of the world.”  

If you and this current band of GOP RATS do this thing to Syria, I will absolutely become as much of an enemy to you as I was to Obama. And, then some.  Because you will have started a nuke war, indefinitely with Russia.

Latest, Friday 7, April:

#Russia Nuke Warships Heading Toward English Channel. I TOLD YOU SO FOR YEARS

Russian Nuke Warships Heading Toward English Channel.  


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It’s not me that is ‘fear mongering’, it is the DEMOCRAT COMMUNISTS who want a nuke WW3 with Russia.

Firstly, USA, UK and EU are the ones ‘sabre rattling’ and ‘poking the bear’, not the vice versa.  Secondly:  The demonization, sanctions, mocking, lying and more about the Russians has possibly finally sent the Russian people over the edge and it should.  Thirdly and the most scary:  The Democrat totalitarians will do ANYTHING to stay in power, including starting WW3 to remain there.  Fourth: Hide in the hills if Hillary is elected.  Because that WILL mean that we are at war with Russia.   Fifth: Get your white flags out.  Last: I have blogged about possible war with Russia for YEARS.  Liberals liars and wacko war-mongering “Conservatives” mocked me to no end.

Ships are set to pass through the English Channel in the latest act of ‘sabre-rattling’ from Moscow.

DONT expect your Liberal friends to know much about what is happening in the world, people. CNN, ABC, CBS, MSN do not show ANY truth. Recently, with the most important news being the Wikileaks drop, these aforementioned networks gave 17 seconds to #Wikileaks

Meanwhile:  FBI confirms State Department covered up Hillary Emails

Donald Trump Says He Might Meet With Putin Before Inauguration.


There Is No News Anymore, Just A Mob Of Vicious Pundits Jumping From 1 Non-Story To Another

There Is No News Anymore, Just A Mob Of Vicious Pundits Jumping From 1 Non-Story To Another

First off, let me begin by saying that the media is in an all out war against Donald Trump.  That should give you a good reason to vote for him come November.

The last few days of ‘news’: First it was the non-story of the young, trampy-looking journo, Michelle Fields who was not assaulted by Trump’s camp manager, Corey Lewandowski.   Before that, it was the feckless media blaming Donald Trump for violence at a cancelled rally in Chicago where MoveOn.Org  ‘claimed responsibility’ for the violent ‘protest’ after the “True Conservatives” blamed the Presidential candidate, Donald Trump for the mess.      Before that, it was the bogus story of Donald Trump,the KKK & David Duke.   Before that, it was Beck calling Trump “Hitler”.    Before that,  it was Mitt Romney who came out of his ivory tower to take a stand “Against Trump”.    Before that, it was Marco Rubio and the small hands retort. 

This is what we call ‘mob’.    As in the ancient times of the Gladiators.  Where there was no law and the thumb up or down represented a verdict and this is America today..

As all of the above non-stories were being shouted from the roof tops, people caught in the fray of the mob were beaten up: 

Democrats Smash Democrat Candidate in Face with Beer Bottle – Staple His Forehead

Bob Zwolinski,

HISPANIC GANG MEMBERS Arrested After Crumpling Trump Yard Sign and Pulling Gun on Trump Supporter

Trump Supporters Brutally Assaulted – Body Slammed and Hit in Stomach in Florida

Black on white crime continues at an alarming rate:  

As ‘Cons’ & Libs Call #Trump “Racist”: Young, Black Males Continue Their Murder Against White America

Is this the way we want to live our lives?  When I was young, the journalists and news anchors reported the news–that was all: Just the news.   Today, we have the radical left and their all consuming hatred of America, giving Obama a daily free pass to destroy.    On the right, we have Progressive-Neo-Con reactionaries posting childish non-issues against Donald Trump, daily, 24-7..   People are dying, being murdered.  Putin pulled out of Syria in victory.   Did we hear about that real news?  The Scalia murder pushed aside like yesterday’s garbage.

 No.  We’re all too busy being mobbed like stupid jackasses.  We’re the laughing stock of the world and a total embarrassment to our Grandparents.  Shame on us.