#SYRIA Trump Wants To “Remove Assad?” WTF? Would TRUMP Like To Be Removed?

#SYRIA Trump Wants To “Remove Assad?” WTF? Would TRUMP Like To Be Removed?

The MSM has beefed-up the war propaganda against Syria and they are saying that Assad ‘gassed his own people.’   BUT-According to John Kerry, in 2014- all of the chemical weapons were removed:

This is what Trump said in 2013:

I know this nation is already finished. 40 years of leftism has destroyed the late, great USA.  

I pulled for Trump for 2 reasons:  1. Close the borders 2. End the regime changes foisted on countries by proxy wars.

So far, Obama care repeal has not worked and the borders are presently being worked on.  But, now, Sec Tillerson wants to ‘remove Syria’s President Assad’.  WHAT? WHAT? WHAT?

In January, 2013, The UK Mail Online read:

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I covered Syria extensively for years:  On my old blog. And here on this one:  Click here.

I will tell you what the situation is in Syria:  

Bashar Assad is fighting ISIS and the Syrian Rebels.  ISIS and the Syrian Rebels were created BY Barack Obama:  Report – Judicial Watch.  Russia is fighting WITH Bashar Assad.  If we go in and ‘take out’ Assad, we will have aided ISIS.  We will have also started a war with Russia.  That is the situation with Syria in a nutshell.

The rebels are the ones who use chemical weapons in Syria:

U.S. Framed Syria in Chemical Weapons Attack:

Syrian Rebels Using Chemical Weapons in Syria

Syrian Rebels Admit Using Chemical Weapons, Footage Of Rocket Launch

Mr. Trump, how would you like it if everyone wanted to come and unseat you from YOUR elected position?

What right does this administration have in telling the world this is what they plan to do?  You said the other day that you are the “President of USA not Pres of the world.”  

If you and this current band of GOP RATS do this thing to Syria, I will absolutely become as much of an enemy to you as I was to Obama. And, then some.  Because you will have started a nuke war, indefinitely with Russia.

Latest, Friday 7, April:

#Russia Nuke Warships Heading Toward English Channel. I TOLD YOU SO FOR YEARS

Russian Nuke Warships Heading Toward English Channel.  


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It’s not me that is ‘fear mongering’, it is the DEMOCRAT COMMUNISTS who want a nuke WW3 with Russia.

Firstly, USA, UK and EU are the ones ‘sabre rattling’ and ‘poking the bear’, not the vice versa.  Secondly:  The demonization, sanctions, mocking, lying and more about the Russians has possibly finally sent the Russian people over the edge and it should.  Thirdly and the most scary:  The Democrat totalitarians will do ANYTHING to stay in power, including starting WW3 to remain there.  Fourth: Hide in the hills if Hillary is elected.  Because that WILL mean that we are at war with Russia.   Fifth: Get your white flags out.  Last: I have blogged about possible war with Russia for YEARS.  Liberals liars and wacko war-mongering “Conservatives” mocked me to no end.

Ships are set to pass through the English Channel in the latest act of ‘sabre-rattling’ from Moscow.

DONT expect your Liberal friends to know much about what is happening in the world, people. CNN, ABC, CBS, MSN do not show ANY truth. Recently, with the most important news being the Wikileaks drop, these aforementioned networks gave 17 seconds to #Wikileaks

Meanwhile:  FBI confirms State Department covered up Hillary Emails

Donald Trump Says He Might Meet With Putin Before Inauguration.