I Don’t Feel Sad Or Bad For Weistein’s Ho’s and Bitches. They KNEW What The Biz Was ALL About

I Don’t Feel Sad Or Bad For Weistein’s Ho’s and Bitches. They KNEW What The Biz Was ALL About

Every one in America knows about the “Casting Couch”.  And, if you don’t, you’re naive.  

I cant stand Madonna…. But, that witch slept her way through oodles of Directors/Producers, she knows she did so and is not crying over her satanic crawl to the top.   She knows all of these big shots were slime butckets and SO DID #Weinstein‘s whores.   Weinstein is a filthy sexo puke and should go to prison but his tramps who received their Oscars, Tony’s, fame, fortune, mansions, vacations, Jimmy Choo shoes and more are slimy like he is.   You nice, decent people should not feel sorry for these whores and trallop’s.

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Stop feeling sorry for people like these hags for Gods sakes.  

Just because Harvey is a disgusting slob does not mean these broads are not treasonous pigs either.

“#Weinsteins Private Sex Life Is None Of Our Business.”

#Weinsteins private sex life is none of our business.”

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Isn’t that what the left would say if Weinstein was harassing Conservative Hollywood ladies??

Justice will probably be served to the Communist, Hollywood leftists because Weinstein harassed Leftist starlet’s.    Justice is not applied on behalf of ‘evil’ patriots, and right-wingers.

Let’s take Take Anita Broaddrick & Paula Jones for eg.  When they came forth, it was all a lie according to the Left:  Even though Bill Clinton was impeached and STAYED IN OFFICE after his impeachment.  No justice was served.  Just paperwork.  Just talk.  Just a President!!! No biggie..!!!  His sex life is HIS ‘private life’ and it’s none of our business.  

Juanita Broaddrick Tweet yesterday, Oct 10th:

It suddenly becomes our business when it happens to left-wingers.  That’s when it all matters.  

Through Obama’s Presidency, the IRS monitored Conservative activity & harassed Conservative women.  Justice for thee, not for me..

That didn’t matter. Because the above lady is an ‘evil’ Conservative..

IRS Official Lois Lerner Pleads The Fifth, (in a long winded monologue) & was dismissed from the IRS Scandal Hearing:  

After Lerner took the fifth and was dismissed, the Communist Left attacked Conservatives relentlessly.

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Now Weinstein is wanted by the Leftists, they want justice.  And, because they want justice, so must all of we?  Justice is not only for your Left-wing traitors to this nation.  You need to repent to America. You make me sick.  Why should Weinstein be thrown in the can but not Clinton, Bill, Hill & Obama?  F-ck you.