@Jack The Totalitarian At Twitter To Give Adult Users “Time-Out” For Retaliating Against Fascistic Liberals

Take a GOOD look at this face, below.  

This is a boy who has never seen a fist-fight.  

This is Jack.. The CEO from Twitter:

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One can only imagine CEO Jack from Twitter as a kid:  He was probably shoved into the corner by his domineering, feminist, gasbag Mother who beat the hell out of him with wet noodle’s and served him time-outs.   Barely a few generations after WW2 and this is what we have:  Weak, knee-jerk, girly-boys who can’t stand up for themselves, so they push their lady ways all over men who can—hence, the problem with boy Leftists.  

All Jackass-Jack had to do was install a rate system from G to X.  That’s what most blogs/sites do.  However, that is not the Lefty way.  The Lefty way is to shame grown men and demand submission to feminine, Liberal Jihad boys.


See the new Twitter Toddler “Time Out” idiocy.

Hat tip:   from GAB. Gab is the new alternative news feed site that will kill off Twitter.

Twitter’s New Tool to Crack Down on Politically Incorrect Language

To: @ericbear3000 Problem Is NOT Muslims! It’s YOU Filthy, Disgusting, Pig LEFTISTS

To: @ericbear3000 Problem is NOT Muslims! It’s YOU Leftist FILTHY, DISGUSTING PIGS

Last night, I came across a sick left-wing vagina  who hates Trump because of his ‘Muslim ban.’

  • 1st off, let me say that Leftists are the dumbest jackasses walking God’s green earth.  Anything that is right, wholesome or pure, Leftists hate.  Anything that is sick, disgusting,  debaucherous and unholy–leftists love.


  • If and when I happen to ‘catch a leftist’ on Twitter, I just ‘got for it’.   I slam them with all the things they love – like normalizing pedophilia:     Self-described “pedophile” Todd Nickerson said that society should permit pedophiles to be “open” about their feelings in a  video for Salon.   Leftists, now–are AOK with the normalization of pedo’s.  Hell, why not?  This is what opposite land is all about.


  • Of recent, the Left-wing and their usual TRUMPED up rage have the ass at Donald’s “Muslim ban”.  Which is really not a ban.   It’s a vetting.   Leftists hate this ban because it would mean we have to vet potential terrorists.   Wow, we should NEVER do that!!  Imagine vetting people!  Isn’t that what we doof’s did at Ellis Island?  How stupid our Grandparents were!  Why did they vet these people?  How asinine.  Just because TB ran rampant back then didn’t mean we’d all get sick with it…Right?

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I personally do not have an issue with Muslims.  I was one of the ONLY conservative bloggers that stood up to Obama’s bombing of Muslim countries.   I live in a small community in the mountains.  But, many people live in bigger cities.. Trust Muslims?  No, I do not.  But, I tend to trust no one, being a native New Yorker.   Plus the fact that I lived through 9-11 in NY.

Eric the aforementioned ass-hat on Twitter tweeted this out in public..Observe the stupidity of the left:

The problem is ‘not in the US“… Sooooo, just allow more Muslims here so we can find out!!  Liberal logic!   So, by this aforementioned moron’s definition…Somehow, someway, the Muslims coming to USA are peachy keen.  They have no issue at all and we know they have no issues because leftist’s are against vetting!!  See how dumb that sounds?

Meanwhile…in ‘gay Paree’:

The left thinks we all just hate Muslims.  The Muslims hate us, you idiot Leftists.

I don’t hate all Muslims.. But, one thing is for sure:   I loathe and can’t stand most Leftists.  I am not at war with Muslims, yet.  Muslims should be able to live in ‘peace’ (if they can), in their own countries, free from Democrat and Neo-Con politics of bombing the hell out of their countries for gold and oil.  

Leftists are ok with:  Normalization of pedophilia, abortion, including decapitating of 9 month old babies, bigots who hate white people, message ‘music’ which is geared up to hate white people, Christian haters, Jew haters, America haters,  lousy, meaningless ‘art’ lovers, indoctrination of Communism in schools and society, disloyalty to nation: (They put foreigners before fellow countrymen), they destroy the lives of people they don’t agree with, they worship minorities, (including BAD, pro-evil Jews), they do not report black on white crime hardly at all, they do not report illegal on American crimes, they ravage our cities with illegals and 3rd world, America hating filth, they are unlawful, they are ‘against’ war (but only when a Republican is in office), they are angry about the Muslim ‘ban’, but NOT angry with Obama for providing ISIS and the Syrian Rebels with weapons to murder the population of Syrian Christians.. I could go on and you can add…

The problem with this nation is not Muslims.  The problem with this nation is LEFTISTS.  Liberals/Pinkos/Commies/Marxists etc  need to be forever locked up in psych-wards.  Bringing Europe’s problem here is what Leftists want.  And, for that reason: the Left, and not necessarily Muslims…..ARE THE PROBLEM.