@Jack The Totalitarian At Twitter To Give Adult Users “Time-Out” For Retaliating Against Fascistic Liberals

Take a GOOD look at this face, below.  

This is a boy who has never seen a fist-fight.  

This is Jack.. The CEO from Twitter:

Image result for jack from twitter

One can only imagine CEO Jack from Twitter as a kid:  He was probably shoved into the corner by his domineering, feminist, gasbag Mother who beat the hell out of him with wet noodle’s and served him time-outs.   Barely a few generations after WW2 and this is what we have:  Weak, knee-jerk, girly-boys who can’t stand up for themselves, so they push their lady ways all over men who can—hence, the problem with boy Leftists.  

All Jackass-Jack had to do was install a rate system from G to X.  That’s what most blogs/sites do.  However, that is not the Lefty way.  The Lefty way is to shame grown men and demand submission to feminine, Liberal Jihad boys.


See the new Twitter Toddler “Time Out” idiocy.

Hat tip:   from GAB. Gab is the new alternative news feed site that will kill off Twitter.

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