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  • THE TRUTH ABOUT THE TALMUD, TRANSLATED BY RABBIS.  (Not David Dukes lying version of defamation)


  • You can learn MUCH wisdom from the Talmud, (This one is Messianic/Christian/Buddhist oriented) go ahead, the link won’t bite you:  Quotes-



  • OR from the Jewish Virtual Library, but if you do not understand the Torah, you will not understand the instructions in the Talmud:


SPECIAL: Orit Arfa is an author / journalist / philosopher/ painter / singer / songwriter / video-producer, whose works challenge the worldview of almost everybody. For one such example, read her novel The Settler about what happens when a Gush Katif settler walks into a Tel Aviv bar. Visit her website: www.oritarfa.net

David Drake: http://daviddrakesplace.blogspot.com/

Karl Marx, Jew hater but also a Jew. The book he wrote: “A world without Jews”


The Canary Mission database was created to expose individuals and groups that are anti-Freedom, anti-American and anti-Semitic:


Why many “Jews” are Liberals, Communists or Leftists. The REAL story:



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A prophetic, magnificent, wonderful Jew alive (Who I love most dearly)  http://www.nimshal.blogspot.com/

Reads I like, but I do not know the bloggers, personally, nor are they political blogs:

My  Digital Art Polyvore account:

Dame Jaune


Michael Savage, my hero:

Black on white crime & cultural issues:

http://jewamongyou.wordpress.com/  My race realist Jewish brother.

More cultural issues:  (Blogroll by Reuben H):


Below is a Jew-hater, nutcase extraordinaire, who can’t get it up and blames the JEWS for everything and man I mean it:



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  • Toda for the link (“House of David”). The spirit of Judah Benjamin will rise again …

    I don’t do Jewish issues often, because it’s a minefield and I don’t have as much standing as (for a start) Mr Hayat has, but I did do a project on Waskow and Novick. I’d love to see some feedback or – especially – followups.

  • GDC

    Very much value your opinions. I posted this yesterday:


  • Stephen

    If anyone is curious as to what the Federalist Party is all about, just go spend an afternoon with the founding members at therightscoop.com

    The pious airheads at TRS have shown their hand today. They have been forming a new political party for a few years. They call it the Federalist Party. @Federalists.party Facebook .

    @Federalists_USA Twitter .

    http://thefederalistparty.org .

    http://thefederalistparty.org/… .

    actively looking for leaders to help form strong Federalist Party organizations in all 50 states. If you are interested, please contact Joel Kurtinitis via email: joel@thefederalistparty.org

    JD Rucker The New Americana 2351 Taylor CT Waynesville OH 45068

  • David Rice

    I just discovered you about 5 minutes ago. Stay strong. I like your website so far. Keep up the good work

  • Melvin Polatnick

    People get annoyed very easily. A pebble in the shoe can ruin a persons tranquility until it is removed. A life without pain is an ultimate concern. The kind police officer who is threatened with pain draws his gun. One frightened prisoner of war became an informer in exchange for protection.It is the same for people who are frightened of terrorists, they will do anything to survive. There are no humanists in a prison, the inmates become informers in exchange for safety and an occasional reefer.

  • Denver Gal

    Hey sister. Wee Fishy from Twitter here. I see you got another suspension…. My WF account is permanently locked as I am not going to give my phone number to unlock it. It was locked after I went after the mayor of Boston for going to Logan Airport to protest Trump’s travel ban.

  • John Velisek

    The Liberals of the Democrat party have given way to the progressive-socialists that have overtaken their party. Every law passed under the Obama administration was further down the pathway to a totalitarian government that would have been used to further control the citizens of this country. The rule of law has been pushed aside to show the American people that our laws so eloquently delineated in our founding the God given rights of our culture are longer of any use to those who wish to use the Democratic Party to destroy this country.

    The perception that the Progressive/socialist Democrat party that they must retain power, and that the end justifies the means, is prevalent in many facets of their agenda. They now claim that words or ideas that they disagree with is a form of violence. Now, “safe spaces’ and “free speech zones” were the start of what they conceive as a shutdown of all agenda that does not agree with theirs.

    In their world, there is no margin for error. “The Resistance” as they call themselves, which even Queen Hillary has stated she is a part, is nothing more than partisan efforts at a campaign to destroy the conservatives and members of the Republican party who are not “Never Trumpers”. The faceless, nameless bureaucrats will continue to ignore this administration and justify the objections that have to this administration by claiming that President Trump is not a legitimate President.

    The founding documents of our country do not allow for the career bureaucrats to have greater authority than the President, or the will of the people. They are not our representatives, have been elected to no position of power, and serve at the will of the current administration. The corporate interests that are represented within our career bureaucrats do not control this country. It is a government selected by the governed, and although President Trump has done his best to “Drain the Swamp” and will continue to do so, he needs and deserves the assistance of the people to make it happen.

    These career public servants continue to act like petty tyrants ensconced in fiefdoms with views of their own, agendas of their own, and allow political expediency and the ability to make money to control what they do and say. They, in the infinite wisdom they feel they have and the authority they have assigned themselves as the guardians of the agenda they feel is right for the country must be negated by the citizens and patriots of the country, It is we, the citizens of the United states that are the guardians of our country, It is we, the people of this country that must stand up and negate what the bureaucrats demand we follow. We must demand a return of civil discourse to politics, and a bipartisanship to find the solutions to the challenges we face. We are entitled to leadership, and we must demand that violence and name calling will no longer be tolerated. The promises made by this administration will go forward. The American people will demand it, and those who stand in the way from both parties will be dismissed.

    The media will, of course, attempt to blame President Trump. Both parties and those of the established political apparatus will continue the slow down or stop any attempt to change the status quo. The Congressional leadership on both sides of the aisle have shown themselves to be inadequate at the least, and in many cases, actively working against the agenda that has been laid out.

    The progressive/socialist Democrats have played this game for so long that it is second nature now. They blow out of proportion any manufactured crisis and fake news they can find, and with the assistance of the media, inundate the American people with anything they can find that can be determined to be damaging to the validity of this administration. And while the Republicans continue to snipe at one another, the progressives depend on identity politics to do the best they can to divide the citizens into smaller and smaller minority groups. And rush to see who can be the most deserving victim to demand entitlements or even reparations.

    It has been determined by the leftists that no one on the right should be allowed to govern or even have a seat at the table to determine the direction that the country must go to achieve what our country is capable of. In a Progressive/socialist party based on lies and innuendos, the media will continue the caterwauling of our racist President until it has been proven to all people that it is false and they move on to the next set of lies already being formulated. Just look at how the “Trump-Russian” collusion story has fallen apart and how they moved on to the new meme that “Trump is a racist.” The only one who still believes there was collusion between Trump and Russia is Queen Hillary. She seems to think if she stays with that lie, her followers will continue to follow her. Her followers believe her and the “anonymous sources” and will always do so. Dissent is fashionable once again as espoused by the same slime makers that stated dissent was unpatriotic when our Muslim-In-Chief was in charge.

    The Progressive/socialist Democrat Party has made clear the intentions they have for this country. Just last week, the socialist DeBlasio declared that he felt private property should go the way of the dinosaur. That everything productive patriots in this country have worked for should be made property of the people. There are other claims that the Progressive/socialist in the Democrat Party have attempted to hide. If you feel that you should keep more of what you earn through hard work, of if you feel your religious foundations should be a part of the life you lead, or if your believe in history, the founding of this country or the civil right afforded all of the people of this country you will only be described as a fascist by leftists. If you believe we are the best country in the world, and that capitalism is the best form of government, then you deserve to be kicked, spit on, hit with boards and poles.

    It has gotten to the point where there needs to be pushback on a national level. The Progressive/socialists and the organizations that they work with such as antifa, Black Bloc, Refuse Fascism, and with funding by George Soros and other globalists are proclaiming themselves as the arbiters of what America is. They will continue to hate anyone who disagrees with them, they feel the power must be theirs and will do everything they can to make our country ungovernable. But causing violence on innocent people with a different viewpoint, destroying small businesses that the owners have spent a lifetime to build, and claiming the moral high ground are not compatable. The media is starting to wake up to this because the American people have and demand the truth.

    This will not end well. The leftists feel they have the opportunity to turn our country to socialism. They have spent a great deal of time and effort to indoctrinate our children that capitalism is wrong and only socialism will work. They break out the tired old canard that socialism has always failed because he hasn’t been done correctly. Ask the people of Cuba, North Korea, or Venezuela if it works. Eating your dinner out of garbage dumpsters may appeal to some, but how many of the socialist snowflakes would actually survive. This about that before you spew forth the rhetoric you have been taught. And by the way, you socialist preening teachers who think so highly of socialism should read your history. When socialism was gaining ground in the Soviet Union, the first ones sent to camps or killed were the lawyers and teachers.

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  • Somebody named “Manhattan Jewess” attacked me about something. I wondered if it was you but hoped it wasn’t. Years ago I left comments on your blog and we seem to agree on a lot. Michael Savage is one of my favorites, etc. Anyway, please confirm you’re two different people, and then beat her up, one Jewess to another.

    • Hi, I didnt see your comment.
      Im not a Manhatter Jewess 😉
      That was NOT me.

  • solange9

    I like it. HOWEVER, as a publicist and p.r. person, I’m thinking that calling your readers feeble minded is rather counter productive.

  • solange9

    Also, I don’t see your Twitter address as promised. I’m with you on Word Press. It is the WORST. My account was hacked, and I can no longer get into it. Its users are constantly having that problem. Love your artwork.

    • My Twitter was banned 🙁

      • Melvin Polatnick

        Never use the words: Nigger, Niggah, or Kike on Twitter or you will be banished. But an apology will be accepted if you promise to be politically correct.