2 New Mad Jewess Vids: Realities of White Genocide & The US GOV DNC War Machine

First video, I address the realities of white genocide and white hating racists:

The War mongering DNC and how they do not declare any war but war against little nations and change regimes:

I have had a horrible flu and feel about 85% better.  Still feel like a schlub 🙁

VIDEO: The Mad Jewess Addresses The Nazi’s On Gab

Hello everyone! Hope ya had a GREAT Holiday!  I show you my presents on this video a few other things and talk about the NQ: Nazi Question.

Long time no see.  I am addressing the few Nazi’s on Gab in this video.. I had a fun time doing so 🙂


Especially published for the “Daily Stormers” who are happy about the Goy taking over Al Frankenstein’s seat;  ( I am happy about that also)

Female Goy to Takeover Al Franken’s Seat in the Senate