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VIDEO: The Mad Jewess Addresses The Nazi’s On Gab

Hello everyone! Hope ya had a GREAT Holiday!  I show you my presents on this video a few other things and talk about the NQ: Nazi Question.

Long time no see.  I am addressing the few Nazi’s on Gab in this video.. I had a fun time doing so 🙂


Especially published for the “Daily Stormers” who are happy about the Goy taking over Al Frankenstein’s seat;  ( I am happy about that also)

Female Goy to Takeover Al Franken’s Seat in the Senate

Leftists/Left Wing Jews Created Andrew Anglin Because Of Their INSANE Commie Politics

Leftists/Left Wing Jews Created Andrew Anglin Because Of Their INSANE Commie Politics

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(The Atlantic actually digitized him a lot more handsome than he is)

Alt Right. Com wrote this:  Andrew Anglin was former anti-racist vegan, dabbled in hard drugs, homosexuality & pedophilia and linked up “The Atlantic” who wrote a piece about Anglin.   Seems that Alt right does not care for Anglin, saying:

EXCERPT:  Anglin has caused tremendous harm to the alt-right brand by associating it with degenerate, skinhead neo-Nazism. His troll antics have made a joke out of the movement and discredited any mainstream appeal it might have had.  Richard Spencer’s embrace of the freakish Anglin-Weev brigade, in addition to his open support for the anti-European Russian satanist Alexander Dugin and his Eurasian ideas, have sunk him further in the gutter.

Alt Right has their opinion & I have mine:

The reason that people like Anglin have turned to being Nazi’s & cyber Nazi-ism is because of Leftists.  Leftists are anti-founding fathers, pro-race violence, anti white,  open-borders, normalizing pedophilia, pro-feminist superiority, pro-abortion, pro-illegals, pro-foreign aid for everyone, infiltration of the press, Left wing breakdown of the family, anti-morality, anti-Christian…  Basically, a nation without an identity. Like Michael Savage says: “Borders, language and culture.”

All of this being said.. Many people like Anglin have sat down and observed their fondness for Leftism over the years, after they are long departed from Marxist colleges…   They have observed the chaos and disorder it causes. They have seen how white skin is hated.   They have been victim to their neighborhoods being barraged by the 3rd world.   They have watched how their fellow Americans have made flight from out of the cities.  They have seen how their tax dollars go to ‘minorities’ who hate them.  They are made to feed and house these same people.   They have seen their cities turned into a war zone, like Chicago.  They have watched their Supreme Court go to the can with the appointments of ‘minorities’ who are immoral & bigoted.  They have seen how the feminists have dragged their men through the courts and destroyed their lives.

The Communist/Marxist/Left is extreme.  Natures law of cause and effect is now creeping up on them and they don’t like it.   One extreme will cause another extreme.  When men are deprived of their own country and their own foundation, they will turn to the opposite side.  

But, it is what it is.  Like it or not..





You took away the American man’s foundation and identity.  Deal with the fall out. OR CHANGE.

I don’t condone extremism like Anglin’s..  He and his cyber buddies attack me on Gab with thousands of lunatic posts.. and before that, Twitter–For years.    I hate & loathe Nazi’s.  My Grandfather fought Nazi’s.  So did all of my Uncles. I will continue to fight these Nazi’s.  However, I am not, nor have I EVER been a Leftist.  I will fight you also.  Both of you are anti American filth.

Did The Daily Fag, Andrew Anglin Post Names Of Jewish Women To Target In Montana?

Did The Daily Fag, Andrew Anglin Post Names Of Jewish Women To Target In Montana?

An art collage from June 2016

So, is it true that he targeted Jewish women?  Or Jews in general in ‘real life?’    

I don’t think so, personally.  

The Daily Fag is about 25 plus years old, barely out of puberty & half a queer.  Why all the fuss over this squirt is beyond me.  I eat little bastards like him for breakfast with my Wheaties before I lift my usual 215 lbs on Monday’s.

This is Miss Anglin’s refute to these allegations:

I have made it explicitly clear that I am not calling for threats or harassment or anything else against the people who are threatening and harassing (and extorting) the Spencers. I have called for a campaign of making our voices heard, making it clear to these people that we see what they are doing and that we do not agree with it. That we are sickened by it.

It seems that Spencer, another fairy for Hitler is being harassed by leftists for being a White Supremacist.  BUT- I hear leftists are harassing Spender’s Mother, which is disgusting:  Richard Spencer’s Mother Speaks Out – “I didn’t sign up for this”   from a left wing Jewish rag called “Forward”

Anyway, re. Anglin – Big deal.  I could have had a V-8.   And Spencer is a White Supremacist who lives in Montana…. Shit, I’m shaking in my boots…

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Let’s get back to life and allow these skinny, pissant, little girls to masturbate to pics of Ernst Rohm.  This is not an issue.

The Daily Pussy, Andie Anglin Declares “Holy Crusade” Against Conservative Fanboy Milo Yiannopoulos

The Daily Pussy, Andie Anglin Declares “Holy Crusade” Against Conservative Fanboy Milo Yiannopoulos


An art collage from June 2016

 Boo hoo..    The Daily Pussy, Andie Anglin is threatening to boycott Breitbart because he and his girls don’t like the Conservative fanboy, Milo/Nero.   Good god, cry me a ficking river.   The nation is falling apart and these idiot kids are banning Milo from the frog, Twitter movement called the ‘alt right’..  They want to censor Milo because he is a queer or a Jew, even though Milo is Catholic. 

Meanwhile,  as Andie, the Daily Pussy is crying like a girl over Twitter frog memes…Milo is speaking out against illegals.  Milo is anti open-borders, anti-Islamic immigration, pro free-speech, nationalistic and ok in my book.     (Even though I am not ra ra ra for gay at all, I DO stand with patriotic people all over the world.)

Ranting female, Andie Anglin’s Holy Crusade: Our frog filth ‘Alt-Right’ mob will Boycott Breitbart Until Milo is Removed  Whaaaahhhh, boo hoo…

Andie the pussy has a new blog banner.. Isn’t that special…

Daily Stormer

Such a faggy banner.  Just like the childish, fairy, frog symbol these metro-freak, Daily pussies adore.    Idiots, kids, adolescent toddlers who should be spanked and often for much ado about nothing.


PS:   Andie, you stinking vagina.. Paul Gottfried, a JEW is the founder of the alt right.  This makes you a tool of the Jews, Andie 😀 

Some Menstruating Females & Eternal Malcontents Are The Affliction Of The “Alt Right”

Some Menstruating Females & Eternal Malcontents Are The Affliction Of The “Alt Right”

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Firstly: The alt-right was started by a right-wing Jew named Paul Gottfried:  

Etymology:    In November 2008, Paul Gottfried addressed the H. L. Mencken Club about what he called “the alternative right”.[13]  In 2009, two more posts at Taki’s Magazine, by Patrick J. Ford and Jack Hunter, further discussed the alternative right.[14]

2.  I am not ‘alt right’.   I am a middle-aged woman and I don’t join clubs.  I am individualistic and my own person.   Mob and group think is the past anyway.

3.  Young, bitchy, Omega-boy, Twitter meme fascists of the Daily Fag are menstruating all over Tweets this week and Loren Feldman, a far, right-wing, Jewish movie producer is their new target.  Loren is producing a pro-American film called “Silenced”.

So, how do these very weak and unlearned girlie boys troll Loren?  By demanding that Loren, (a far, right-wing Jew) answer for Commie ‘Yids’.  (Commie “Yids” don’t have to answer for themselves, right-wing Jews must answer for them). 

And, this is where the rub comes in:  After a right-wing Jew is guilted into answering for the enemy of his own soul (Commie, Left “Jews”), then what?  

Is the accuser happy with the answer?   Is the accuser happy with the right-wing Jew calling out the drek in his people?  Nope.  The answer is that these malcontents will never be happy.   Demanding righteous people answer for unrighteous people is evil and it shows the accuser is an unbalanced bitch that has his/her own issues, mental problems and yuge issues in discernment.

I, personally will not answer nor be ‘guilted’ into ‘calling out’ Left-wing Jews anymore.  I am not your ‘token’ Jew.  

I am a 51 year old woman who is not going to answer to Omega boys.  Children should be seen and not heard.  The Daily Fag and his little fairies are barely 25 years old.  The hormonal, millennial, 30 year old harridans on Twitter & Facebook are apathetic, cowardly jerks who do nothing and have done nothing for the last 8 years but cry like girls online.

  I have almost 10 years of blog history of who I am.  If that’s not enough for you ‘older’, 30 year old bastards, (LOL) who cares.

Go to hell.  Who the fuck are you?  You have done nothing for this nation but whine and bitch.  You have not been “Shadowbanned” and censored.   You have not been hacked & your personal info robbed by Pinkos.   Was your home vandalized and car shot-gunned for standing up to City hall during the invasion of California in the 1990’s?  Mine was.   Were you banned off of physical newspapers in your city during the illegal alien invasion of the 1990’s?   I was.   Were you laid off from jobs for speaking out against left-wingers at your workplace?  I was.   Were you denied awards by theater companies because of your ‘right-wing’ ways? I was.  

 You morons were in your diapers when I was fighting.

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In fact, you bleeding bitches do nothing but Tweet on Twitter and your lazy parents did nothing to stop the crazy.  

Commies:  White, Liberal, non-Jews (mostly) have hijacked this nation and you are apathetic pussies & Lilliputians who attack brave people. 

You’re pathetic losers.

*As opposed to alpha males and beta males, omega males are the lowest of the low on the guy food chain; they’re the type of men who shirk responsibility, refuse to grow up and generally avoid participating in the real world.  Rejective.  Reductive.  Comments closed. Children are to be seen and not heard.