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Silly Anti-Semitic Propaganda Made About The Mad Jewess On Gab.

I was ‘triggered’ yesterday so some little girly nazi chick made this one.  Lol.

Of course I was triggered. The Dentist had to give me a new cap.  But, it was not that easy! He had to give me a shot way up near my ‘hook nose’.  (Actually, I have a small nose being Sephardic Portuguese).  But, any ole nose getting a shot from the Dr sucks! Then, the Dr had to take a laser to my gums. I was not numb enough and man, the laser almost hurt as much as the shot.  Incidentally, before the shot, they give you that topical gel.  They didn’t let it sit long enough!! Pain yesterday! It sucked!

So, the little fairy sent me that moving graphic.  I love it! I look kinda cute, albeit fat.  But, I am a chunky chick anyway, not THAT chunky.  But hey, fat bitches are in! LOL


This is the other one the same fairy made especially for me also by: MosheShekelRod · @MosheShekelRod on GAB.

These little X-Left Nazi’s just cant stand it when they see a Jew with a little nose.  So, they  have to draw one in.  I would be happy if I had a bigger nose because I would smell these little bastards coming from a mile away  🙂  The little guy on the right kinda reminds me of one of my X boyfriends, bless his heart;  His nose was bigger than his pecker-So, I had to let him go before anything serious developed. Not really.. I’m joking…

Anyhow… bring more on girls, I love all the attention.  Us ugly kikess’ need love.




#Denmark #cphshooting Intended Victims Were Pre-teen Girls Celebrating A Bat Mitzvah

#Denmark #cphshooting Intended Victims Were Pre-teen Girls Celebrating Bat Mitzvah


Of course, this was all a ‘Zionist’ plot.  It’s all Israel’s fault  because P@lestine.   And, predictably, the Muslim freaks & Nazi’s are blaming the Jew for his own shooting death on blogs and websites, worldwide.   AND-Pre-teens Jewish girls celebrating a Bat Mitzvah must be made to pay for Israel’s supposed crimes against P@lestinan terrorists.  Obama will just say: “Oh, another random shooting.”  Liberal Jews will still support Obama…



Ya always get the idiot who must attack a few Jews on Twitter after a murder takes place in Denmark and a Jewish life was snuffed out because he is angry with Israel:


Is he talking about the fake images of supposed dead babies? Who Is Going To Tell the World About The Numerous FAKE Photos From #GAZA, 2014 That Pali’s Used?   Like this picture below from the movie “Final Destination”

#Obama’s U.S. Consulate Draws Weapons (M16’s) On Jews In #Israel In Small Village Of Adei Ad

Obama’s U.S. Consulate Draws Weapons On Jews In Israel In Small Village Of Adei Ad  (Video above is Power advising the invasion of Israel)

Looks like Obama sent left-wing agitators to Israel in disguise of the US consulate and armed these anarchists with M16’s.  These said anarchists broke ALL protocol that is required by foreign nations.  Is this Samantha Power at work? We all know how she claimed that Israel needed to be invaded.

When was the last time that the American government has pointed guns at Jews?  This is the 1st time in history that the U.S. government was complicit in aiming guns at unarmed civilians in Israel who are Jews.

An excerpt of what occurred:

At this point the accounts vary; witnesses from Adei Ad say Consulate staff drew their weapons – an M-16 and a handgun – following which residents called for backup from Adei Ad’s own security team. The Consulate, for its part, has denied any weapons were drawn at all. Either way, the American delegation beat a hasty retreat.


The security source, who also asked to remain anonymous, said one American “with ginger hair” was seen pointing his pistol at residents, who were unarmed, from inside of his car after rolling down the window. The other armed man then did the same with an M-16 rifle.

Read the whole article:  Arutz Sheva