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Anti-Semitism & Jew-Hatred. When It’s Real Vs When We Instigate It

Anti-Semitism & Jew-Hatred.  When It’s Real Vs When We Instigate It


This morning, I awoke to Nazis/ White “Advocates” on my Twitter page.   They Tweeted me photos of dead Jews, ashes, ovens.  This is my profile page on Twitter:


I ♥ God. DAR/Iroquois & Sephardic/JEW.  Alpha-Female.    Anti-Feminist.   Rated R @ times. If U’r not Anti Palestine, U’r DUMB.   FOR a wall on the border, 100%.

NO DM’s, Pro white,  ANTI Nazi
As you can plainly see, I am a very-right wing, patriotic person.  I am also anti-war (because we don’t war anymore, we change regimes and install radical dictators)  That is not war, that is bully.
At any rate:  I am a ethnic Sephardic Jew by my Mother and an American Indian (Iroquois) Christian by my Father.  I have a mix of a couple other nationalities.     I was not raised to hate my country, to want to fill America with illegals from Mexico, Africa, what have you.   I am a morally sound person.   There is no real reason that anyone should attack me.   Yes, I care for Israeli people.. But, I live here in Arizona and America is my first priority.  
However, I get attacked merely for having the name “Mad Jewess Woman” on Twitter.  Just my name alone is open to a barrage of insane attacks from Nazi and Left lunatics who just hate all Jews.  They were born that way, stupid – usually by brainwashed Socialist/Communists Parents or Neo-Nazi mind f’cker Mothers and Fathers.



Now take someone like Luciana Berger.  She is a Jewish woman who is running for Mayor in Liverpool, UK.  Here’s the kicker- she is ‘anti-racist’.   Anyone who is not read does not understand what an ‘anti racist’ is.   An ‘anti racist’ is a person who pretends they are for minorities (but really just for Communism).   “Anti racists” are usally disgusting & derogatory  toward white people.    Another kicker:  Britain, historically – is filled with Whites/Anglos/Saxons.  
If you are an ‘anti-racist’ who is treating indigenous Brits badly, you are going to catch some hell, and rightly!  Berger is also for open borders and voted no to the “Brexit”.    Luciana is working against the well -being of Brits.    So, she is not only going to face the usual Jew-hatred just for being Jewish..  She is going to face it in gang-busters for being anti-Britain.  People will dump on your Jewishness because that’s what humans do when they are angered.  But, instigating it is another matter.
A Jew has NO place to be anti-patriotic.  This is serious Chilul HaShem (a desecration to God almighty).  Why is it a desecration?  Because God made all the countries and lands and all the people in it.   God did not just make minorities.  God absolutely cares about everyone in the earth.  Not just browns, Asians or even Jews only.   I told this same type thing to Luciana Berger:  Click to see...    Liberal Jews: You should get out of politics.  There is no place in this world for Liberalism because of Muslims.  To survive in majority white countries:  Jews and White Christians alike – a healthy Conservative attitude is necessary.    Closed borders are needed ASAP just like Saudi has.   Voting and encouraging patriotic people to run for office is a serious necessity right now.
Of course, Jews do not want to be targeted, bullied and picked on.  
But, the Liberal Jews who are adding fuel to the fire are not going to get much sympathy from me or anyone else for that matter.  I am going to remain a pro-white Jew because I am sick of the bigotry against whites at the hands of Mexicans, Blacks and even many Liberal Jews.     I am also very aware that white males built this nation.    I believe that Britain is supposed to be a Cauc country as well as all of the countries in Europe.    The culture  in Europe was developed by white people.   If that culture is gone, so goes white people.  Whites are about 12% of the world population.  THAT is a minority.    I hate when people dump on Jews and Christians for no reason but I also deplore when the left does this to white minority Europeans.

Here ends the lesson:

Picking on Jews just because?  That means you’re an asshole & loser.

Jews who are instigating their own demise? You deserve it and I’ll grant no sympathy toward your plight.

It’s Time For Jews In College Univ’s To Rise Up, Fight Back & Kick Jew-Hating Ass

It’s Time For Jews In College Univ’s To Rise Up, Fight Back & Kick Jew-Hating Ass


Yesterday, I wrote this: Neo Nazi Graffiti & Anti-Semitism In US Colleges Proves Liberals/Progressives Are Jew Haters

I posted it because I had planned to write what I am about to say:  Jews facing persecution for no other reason other than the fact that that they are Jews – should not be walking mats.  Staging walk-outs at colleges to ‘make a point’ does not make any point at all.  The Muslims, Nazis and Communists are not trying to ‘make a point.’  They want you to disappear, kill yourself, leave their colleges, shut-up, get out of Israel, get out of America.  Why should you oblige these animals & be victims? 

When I was young, I lived in a small town on Long Island.  The town consisted mostly of white, blonde Irish or German people.  A kid who looked like me didn’t ‘fit in.’  The kids around me made sure I knew that I was not one of them.  So, they pushed me around, made fun of me, told me I was ugly, dumb, a Portugee Nigger Jew.  You name it.  (On the other hand, the other town I lived in consisted of bigoted blacks who were just as nasty. I had to fight them also.)  

 One day, I had gotten my ass kicked just for existing by 10 girls.  After they brutalized me, I went to the side of the school and cried.  The Principal walked by and asked if I needed help, I told him “No.”  When I went home, I told my mother what happened.  She advised me to not go to the Principal; Instead, fight back, even if I got my ass kicked again–because if I fought back, I showed these bastards that I was not going to take their shit.

After some time, things settled down.  One day, one of the girls decided to get in my face. I told her to back off or face the consequences.  She would not back off, instead–she tried to hit me.  I grabbed her arm, shoved it into the brick wall of the cafeteria and broke her arm.  I went home, & told my mother what happened.  My mother was glad I didn’t take the crap.  The girls parents called and demanded we pay for the Dr and fee–we paid it–with gladness.  After that event, I was known as the ‘toughest girl in school’ and nobody messed with me again without paying a hefty price.  I loved the new reputation I had earned.  LOVED it. 

This is what must happen in colleges:  Conservative Jews must physically fight back.  If it means you get suspended or even expelled, it does NOT matter: At least you didn’t take this shit that is happening on the Universities of America to Jewish conservatives & others who are pro-Israel.  Carry guns and weapons on the street as well. Don’t let it be said that you ‘took it.’  Don’t be a pansy.


You know their lies about ‘apartheid Israel’ is 100% bullshit.  Evidence of their propaganda is all over the net.




Jew-Hating Obama’s State Dept Tells U.S. DEM Jew To Not Wear Kippah @ US Consulate In #Israel.

Jew-Hating Obama’s State Dept Tells U.S. DEM Jew To Not Wear Kippah @ US Consulate In #Israel.


Looks like Obama’s State Department is complicit in apartheid & racism.

….The Jew who was wearing his Kippah in Israel happened to be Democrat, David Greenfield from NYC, a Councilman from Brooklyn.  Obama’s Jew-hating State Dept official told Greenfield to take his Kippah off….in ISRAEL.  

….IF you still believe that Obama is a Zionist, you’re stupid.  An idiot. A total buffoon.  Democrat/Liberals hate Jews and always have–which is why they love radical Islamics and partner with NAZIs.

NYC Councilman asked to remove his kippah outside US Consulate in Ramallah ,

Liberals/Progs/Dems turning on the Jews.  Do the Liberal Jews notice this? Nah.

The Garden of Life and Death. How To Understand The Israel/”Palestinian” Issue

Garden in Israel:

The Garden of Life and Death.   How To Understand The Israel/”Palestinian” Issue”



My wonderful friend,  wrote this…And, how truthful and spirit-minded he is…


  ...Once there was a beautiful garden situated around a grand castle.  The castle was possessed by a benevolent wise King who watched and cared for his subjects.  The wise King appointed special care takers to tend to his garden.  

These special gardeners loved their King because he was good and caring to his people.    

Read this and understand this situation:

Click- The Garden of Life and Death

And, now a story for America… You allow these Leftists to continue on their march of ‘tolerance’ and you will see your garden of America turned into a mid-east style FUBAR…In fact, it already is because your children are being taught to hate all Jews.  When a country turns on all of it’s Jews, you’re a finished nation. 

Need proof?  Look at Sweden. 

The News Has Totally Over-Whelmed Me Right Now

I feel completely over-whelmed by the news right now.  I even took a light sedative today.  I feel like the news is not news, its just whatever feels good for the time being.  Its like the media, even smaller blogs take a story and run like hell, then when they’re through, they dump it and move on to the next issue.  I cant keep up.

For eg:  I posted about Ukraine, non stop for many months.  After seeing that the situation got worse and then genocide of Orthodox Christians, I just lost hope and burned out.  Ditto Syria and Libya.  Obama wears me out daily, so nothing new there.  

At any rate, the daily Jew hate is taking my fight from me.  Its constant.  At least for me, it is.  I am a female.  We are emotional and I cant help feeling hurt or depressed when I get bombarded on twitter and emails with anti Israel kikels, Nazi Jew haters, etc.  Our fellow Jews are experiencing the same type hatred from the Muslims in EU as they did in the 193’s…and it pains me greatly…Guess I’ll rest tonight. 

"Overwhelmed" by Ursula Vernon.