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.(((@MarksKogan))) BIGOT Says: “His Jewish Descendants Will Rule Over Whites In 100 Years”

.(((@MarkKogan))) ‘Jewish’ BIGOT Says: “His Jewish Descendants Will Rule Over Whites In 100 Years”

Mark is the sole reason that serious nationalism is rising.  When the nationalists come after Mark, I will laugh my ass off and do nothing to help this creep.  See his idiotic rant and understand why.





    • a mentally handicapped person.

This is Mark the Yid’s Facebook diatribe below my tweet:

What Mark the white-hating, America-hating, Commie ‘Yid’ does not get:  Israel will not be Jewish because his fellow comrade “Jews” work day in and day out destroying Israel also.  Well, Karma is a bitch, baby..    Israel should round up their Commie “Jews” and hang em all, hang em high.  They will only come and undermine you there also.  They already are.

     Mark directs his rant to ‘anti-semites’… What he does not seem to get through his dumbass mind is this:  


Off topic:  Every day, I have to look at some arrogant post of a ‘Jewish’ person who talks like this to white people.  Whites built America.  If you hate it here, MOVE OUT.    This AM, I had a ‘fellow Jew’ go off on the Brexit.. The person was angered by it.  Then, the person said he/she is ‘making Aliyah’ because England is just a bad, bad place that is not open to foreigners.. WHAT?  What the hell was this person talking about?  England is FILLED with JEW HATING MUSLIMS.   This person also hates Muslims.  Figure this idiot out because I can’t.  I gave up, dismissed myself–advised the jackass to EXIT from Britain–Brits don’t want this person.  When the “WN” comes to get these a$$holes and traitors to this nation, I will help round you bastard, Commie “Yids” up.  Believe me, count on it.

@JesseBenn Is A “Jew”-Wants White People WOUNDED. What If Big Sites Started Saying “Jews Need To Be WOUNDED?”

@JesseBenn Is A “Jew”-Wants White People WOUNDED. What If Big Sites Started Saying “Jews Need To Be WOUNDED?”


White-Hating BIGOT.


Jesse Benn says that he is a “Jewish born atheist”.   What this moron does not get is that people don’t see ‘atheist’.   They see JEW. 

Jesse is bringing serious defamation to the Jewish community with such bigotry like this against American whites.  This is OUTRAGEOUS.   Jesse wants whites to be wounded!!!!  They’re not hurt enough already: Black-on-white crimes.   Evidently, this idiot does not see the real news.  He obviously believes that blacks are oppressed.  BY WHO?  Isn’t Obama the Prez? Isn’t he a black man?   GIMME A BREAK.

What would Jesse say if big sites like CNN started putting out articles saying “Jews need to be wounded“?  Jesse would cry like a baby and scream ‘anti semitism’.     He would be right that it is anti-semitism.  So, why is this moron treating whites the way Jews were treated in the early 1930’s?  does he want a Holocaust of white people?   What type of crazy would say such a thing?!  Is it OK to say this about black people? Hispanics? Asians? Jews?  NO.  WHY IS THIS OK?

Bigotry like this against the majority should be OUTLAWED.  This post should be taken down and the author shamed.

Sicko: To Work Toward Racial Justice We Need White Wounding, Huff Po …


NBC Names *ALL* WHITE America As USA’s “Biggest Terrorist Threat”-This IS Genocidal/Ethnic Cleansing Propaganda

NBC Names *ALL* WHITE America As USA’s “Biggest Terrorist Threat”-This IS Genocidal/Ethnic Cleansing Propaganda

The only threat that white Americans are: Is the threat to the Marxist, lawless, utopia, trinity of hell.


So, when will the anti-white purge begin?  Already, thousands of whites have been robbed, beaten, raped, and murdered by young, black males.  Illegal Hispanics have murdered 10’s of thousands of Americans, (predominantly whites) but the Nihilist Bolshevik, Communist NBC news says that “White Americans are the biggest terrorists”.    The left is not saying ‘extremists white American men or women’, they are flat out saying: WHITE AMERICANS.

This is genocidal propaganda.  Straight up.  If you can’t see this, you’re an idiot.

This is also what the Nazi’s did to all Jews: Demonized all of them, dehumanized all of them:  said they were evil, parasites, violent, etc.   This is also what the Communists did to all Russian Christians and all religious, Orthodox Jews.    When will white American people wake the F’ck up and GET that if you are white, you ARE the NEW JEW.  That includes you white, Liberal snakes & Marxist Jews.  You dug your own graves.

NBC News:

White Americans Are Biggest Terror Threat in U.S.: Study – NBC News

A George Soros and State Department funded organization, the New America Foundation, has released a report that states white Americans represent the largest domestic terror threat.

Whites are not going out, enmasse and murdering the illegal occupiers or blacks, they are not looting or robbing stores when one of their hood rats gets justifiably shot-  Criminal illegals are murdering whites, by the bushel:   Click- Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial – OJJPAC.org  Click-Victims of Illegal Alien Crime Memorial: FNCIC-VOIACM

The NBC lies, Leftists lie. Liberals LIE.   It is the Communist/Prog/Liberals that are the enemy of America, most assuredly:   White America. 

They CREATED Dylann Roof with their white-hating, America-hating, homo-loving, militant-feminist-bitch network of aborted babies in the land that is the Marxist cess-pool we now call America. 

Like it or not:  The country was much better off under white men that were God fearing & Christian.   It is AWFUL under Marxist, white-hating, pro-black supremacist mad-people who want to genocide white America. Can you imagine the shape of this nation if ALL whites left or were murdered?

Don’t believe how bad it is?  This one photo should tell you the truth.


Baltimore protest. You WANT your nation to rule under this insanity?


The REAL terrorists are the “Liberals” Dozens Of Liberal Domestic Terrorists TMJ

#RachelDolezal, Not As Dumb As Everyone Thinks. She “Became” Black To Get Ahead: Sued Univ Based On Anti-White Discrimination

#RachelDolezal, Not As Dumb As Everyone Thinks. She “Became” Black To Get Ahead: Sued Univ Based On “Reverse Discrimination”

Race relations are a very complicated issue”  -Rachel Dolezal.

“Overall my life has been one of survival and the decisions that I have made along the way have been to survive”  -Rachel Dolezal


I suspected she ‘became’ black to ‘make it’ the other day and tweeted this out:

Smoking Gun reported Monday afternoon that Dolezal sued Howard Univ  in 2002 for discriminating against her for being white. She claimed retaliation based on her race, gender, pregnancy and family responsibilities, saying she had been denied teaching positions and scholarship aid.  She also complained that some of her artwork had been removed from an exhibition because black students were being favored. A judge, and subsequently an appeals court, found no basis for her claims.

You know, this is really not a funny story.   At 1st, I thought it was kind of comical.  But, something in my gut told me that she did what she did to get ahead OR to prove a point..   The irony in this whole mess is that she was discriminated against, which is why she sued Howard University.  Why is there even a ‘black University?’  What if there was an all white Univ?  Never happen, not in a million years…

This whole story proves she was discriminated against because of her color, it probably started early in life.   So-she become black – Because, as I stated:  She knew that Affirmative Action only works for blacks.  She dressed the part to secure a position.  She even faked hate crimes…Un-be-lie-vable..

BUT-She is not as dumb as everyone thinks.  She could not beat the system by being white, so she ‘became’ black.  It is very sad that we live in a society where whites feel that they have to be black to get a good job that they are probably qualified for.

When did black people in America suddenly become the master race? 

I won’t laugh at this chick, Rachel anymore.   When I was a younger waitress in the 1990’s in California, I could not get hired in the ethnic restaurants because I was not fluent in Spanish or Chinese.   When I moved on and went to work for the city hospital in Accounts Receivable, I could not secure the best position because I was not bilingual.    It is very real;    Anti-white discrimination.

From the WA POST:

Rachel as a gifted, highly intelligent and sensitive person who came to us as a fully formed and quite an excellent artist,” Smedley said. “Yes, she appeared then to be enamored with black people and black culture.  I found this somewhat unusual, but I do not think this odd, as many people are infatuated with African Americans, especially those who gravitate to the arts.”

Here is her Artist Paintings on  her website.

She is actually an excellent artist. Very good.  She should paint her white struggle…… I actually feel sorry for this chick in a strange way….

Is she sick?  

Is she a fraud? 

Or did she play the whole game to prove she was correct (that whites don’t stand a chance)? 

You be the judge…