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#Syria: Bashar Assad The #FAKENEWS “Killer” LIBERATED Christians In Syria W/ Thanks From Virginia Senator

#Syria Assad The New “Killer” LIBERATED Christians In Syria W/ Thanks From Virginia Senator

In 2014, Virginia Senator Richard H. Black of Virginia, 13th District sent an open letter to Assad to thank him for saving Syrian Christians:  Click here on the “Global Post”

Pictures below:  21 April 2014. A Photo Essay… President Assad in Liberated Ma’loula

00 Ma'loula 01. 21.04.14

00 Ma'loula 04. 21.04.14

00 Ma'loula 05. 21.04.14.

In Dec 2016, Assad celebrated Christmas with his people:  Russian Insider

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Now, Assad’s a chemical ‘killer’?

Media Government Garbage.  Lies.   I will NOT fall for it.

U+21C9.svg  So the question, who ‘gassed’ those people?

The Brit Dr who documented this chemical attack was held for terrorism charges (IB TIMES)

WSJ: State Dept Calls For Military Intervention to Topple #Assad & Bomb Russians (Who Are Fighting #ISIS)

State Dept Calls For Military Intervention to Topple #Assad & Bomb Russians (Who Are Fighting #ISIS)



The US Govt Advocates of the illegal military intervention in Syria to force out Bashar al-Assad signed an internal memo protesting the current Obama administration policy according to a report posted by The Wall Street Journal.

 If you want to read the whole post but do not have a subscription to the WSJ, Read it at Infowars:  Right here..

So, American people:   Did congress vote to bomb Syria?    Did congress vote to topple an elected leader?  Did congress vote to go to bomb Russia (who is fighting ISIS?)    Facts:  Obama armed ISIS and the FSA “Rebels” in Syria:  Secret Pentagon Report Reveals  that YOUR government “Created” ISIS As A Weapon To Topple Assad  (Zero Hedge) 

So, get it straight, Americans:  Obama armed ISIS.  Obama created ISIS to topple Assad from the get-go. Nobody is really reporting this because American people want to believe that we have the ‘best country on the earth.’    Sorry, our government arms ISIS terrorists and is one of the worst nation governments on earth because of that.   You are against Russia/Putin who fights ISIS because you live in circa 1982.  It is time to wake the hell up.  IF the state department hits Russia, we will be at war with Russia.  You want that? And, for WHAT reason?

#Putin Is Fighting #ISIS In #Syria. The US & EU Governments Are Arming ISIS In Syria

#Putin IS Fighting #ISIS In #Syria. The US & EU Governments Are Arming ISIS In Syria

A Pentagon report submitted by Judicial Watch back in June is as follows:  Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US “Created” ISIS To Topple Assad 

In late August retired Gen. David Petraeus put to rest the fiction the U.S. is opposed to working with terrorist groups in the ongoing effort to take down al-Assad.  Petraeus said the United States should work with what he described as more “moderate” members of al-Nusra in the largely fictional effort to combat ISIS is Syria.

So, even Patreaus admitted to helping (what he says are ‘moderate terrorists’)  Maybe that is why they threw Patreaus under the bus? To topple Syria’s Assad? (the elected Syrian leader).         Sooooooooo, after these idiots saw what happened in Egypt, they somehow think their idiotic plans will work in Syria with ousting Assad?  It must be working great since millions of refugees are all over Europe and being shipped to the United States.  Bravo, you carnivorous bugs.

Even more humorous is the NY Times:  Don’t Trust Putin on Syria  (Ok–so, just trust ISIS, then) ………….. IDIOTS.



By the way:  The Obama administration turned down a Russian offer to dump Assad and move on to destroy some other small country… because the O. Administration was sure Assad was going to fall on his own. The Guardian reports

Here Comes The Propaganda “War Crimes” Against #Syria’s Assad, Just As I Predicted:

Here Comes The Propaganda “War Crimes” Against Syria’s Assad, Just As I Predicted:

I have predicted that this phoney war is to remove Assad.  Link below proves I am right.

When are Americans ever going to wake up? When?  How long are they going to keep believing the lies of the United States Government?  Here is the facts:  Assad, Yanukovych, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Milosevic, etc are NOT our despots.  Obama, the Dems/Commies and the war-loving madmen of the GOP ARE.  How many tyrants can you people actually believe exist without looking at our own tyrants?  This is infuriating.

The State Department has obtained 27,000 photographs showing the emaciated, bruised and burned bodies of Syrian torture victims — gruesome images that a top official told Yahoo News constitute “smoking gun” evidence that can be used to bring war-crimes charges against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The photos are “horrific — some of them put you in visceral pain,” said Stephen J. Rapp, the U.S. ambassador-at-large for war crimes, in an interview. “This is some of the strongest evidence we’ve seen in the area of proof of the commission of mass atrocities.”

A SMALL NUMBER means bullsh’t.

(The Holocaust Museum…, Interesting that the Museum is not putting out pictures of what the Syrian Rebels have done to the Syrian Christians. )   EVIL!    And, will the Holocaust museum care to show Bashar Assad liberating Christians in April 2014?    I doubt it.    American Liberal/Marxist and pseudo Conservative Jews:  You are making it harder and harder for me and my husband to stand with you- In fact, just go die.

Assad’s ‘torture chambers’ filled with Islamic militant Palestinians…NOT enough for these American ‘Jews’ to shut the f’ck up.  Assad has Jihadist-Palestinians in his ‘chambers’ = American “Jews” not happy.   Ya can’t make this sh’t up.

Here is Assad liberating Christians:  War-Nuts Pushing Chem Weapon Propaganda Against #Syria. It Is FSA/Rebels Using Chems


00 Ma'loula 05. 21.04.14.

Plus:  Virginia Senator Thanks Syrian President Bashar Al Assad



#Syria Arming The Rebels: Ever Try Putting Out A Grease Fire With Water?

#Syria Arming The Rebels: Ever Try Putting Out A Grease Fire With Water? (Above vid; Beck on the cannibals)

Grumpy, my website builder friend wrote this..  Here

I agree with his post.  Also have something to add..  We have been arming these cannibals in Syria for over a year: 

Obama Authorizes Sending Weapons To Syrian Rebels (Huff Post, 2013)

Obama to move forward with plan to arm Syrian rebels (CNN, 2013 )

In June, the US Govt admitted sending these weapons as if they are helping a great cause: US admits sending ‘lethal aid’ to Syrian rebels — RT News

Many people are ‘outraged’ by Obama sending arms to the Syrian Rebels.  My question is:  Where have you been for over a year?  We have been arming these terrorists for 18 months. 

Much of EU hates Putin as does the USA.. But, Putin is the only one standing up to this insanity…

Putin to Cameron on Syria

Everything we’ve got coming is deserved.