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The Mad Jewess Award For The 3 Bravest People In America

The Mad Jewess Award For The 3 Bravest People In America


On the big, ‘Conservative’ blogosphere, there are many ‘awards’ all over the net for the ‘top female conservatives in America‘.   I am never mentioned. Ever.   BUT-I’m happy I’m not mentioned even though I make a lot of noise for a blog that only gets about 5K hits a day.   To be mentioned by so-called “Conservatives” who do nothing but publish repetitive books and write 5 posts a day is not bravery.

Bravery is in action.  Always.

Bravery is not being seen on Fox news or landing a spot on Newmax TV.  Bravery is not writing for Town Hall, Hot Air or other big name Conservative websites.  Bravery is not fixing your hair and looking pretty for the camera as you tell Obama you are angry with him.  Bravery is not being a windbag who writes “Talking Points” on the Factor. 

I know what bravery is because I know how dangerous and murderous the Progressive/Marxists are.  My own home and car was vandalized by La Raza Marxist revolutionaries in the 1990’s for standing up against the illegal invasion at a Salinas (Sanctuary town) City Hall meeting in California.  

Bravery is kicking in the guts of the Collective Communist Liberals.   They are the enemy of America.   They are the problem with every single issue we face.  Including Muslims.   The rest of our problems are only symptoms of the greater issue.  Attacking a symptom is not radiating or eradicating the cancer & quite frankly, it is a waste of time.  The Progressive/Communist/Liberals are the cancer of America.

Bravery is going into the slaughterhouse known as Planned Parenthood, taking hundreds of hours of undercover videos of a real life horror show as you fein that you are ‘one of them’.   Bravery is dressing up like a pimp with a secret camera and going into ACORN offices to expose Liberal/Marxist frauds.   Bravery is showing that the Left is conducting voting fraud on a mass scale.   Bravery is going to a City hall meeting and telling John McCain (to his face) that he should be tried for treason.

That is what bravery is.  The above aforementioned are acts of heroism.  America has forgotten what a hero is.  Many Americans call other Americans ‘heroes’, even though these ‘heroes’ have never put themselves in harms way.    Soldiers do daily and understand.    Bravery and Courage is knowing that you can be killed, investigated, demonized, castigated, outcast, called a racist, bigot, etc….but doing it anyway.

The 3 bravest people in America:  (Take note:  they are young, white males)

#1.  David Daleiden:   With the façade of a fictitious biotechnology company, David Daleiden and his fellow investigators (some of these people are spies from the 2013, 2014 videos, also)  from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP). These fine people infiltrated the bowels of the abortion industry at its ugliest & showed America that Planned Parenthood is harvesting aborted baby parts.  This action may just cause the closing of Planned Parenthood.  God willing more are released to end this barbarism.

#2. James O’Keefe:   (I personally believe that O’Keefe may be friends with David Daleiden)  James is the young man who dresses as a pimp, investigates all sorts of  evil Communist shennagins and releases it to the public on Youtube which makes it to all of the big Marxist sites and makes them quiver in fear.  O’Keefe is tracked down by Obama, wanted by Andrew Cuomo and is currently being investigated by Obama’s IRS for nothing but showing America what the Democrats and Obama have been up to.


And, on a state scale: 

#3.  Blaine Cooper:    Went to a Prescott, AZ city hall meeting (My town) and told Communist, John McCain to his face that he should be tried for treason.  Cooper is also part of the Anti-BLM, Cliven Bundy movement in Nevada.  The Cliven Bundy group stood up to the Feds saying that they would ‘fight to the death against them if they had to’.    Cooper is under constant surveillance from the Feds and also the Secret Service for doing nothing but being patriotic.


That, my friends is what bravery is. 

This is what we should all strive to be like.

Other very notable mentions:

  • Pastor Manning, who stands up to his own people, calls Obama a “Long legged mack daddy” and is persecuted, daily- by the LGBT club of fascists in Harlem, NYC.  Manning is also continually investigated by the Obama Communists.
  • Dinesh DeSouza, who has made documentary movies about Barack Obama and has been sent to jail and fined because of it.


  • Jared Taylor. Taylor, while denouncing Dylann Roof for terrorism, he was not afraid to say that Roof had ‘valid points’ about black on white crime.  Taylor is under the SPLC microscope constantly.
  • Andrew Breitbart, RIP:   Breitbart was murdered for the 1991 Obama pamphlet he had in his possession that proved Obama was born in Kenya.
  • Sheriff Joe (Obvious reasons)

I am positively sure there have been others that are very heroic, but these people I have given my attention to are brave to me.  They are all guts and chutzpah.