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Trump Releases Bannon. Soros Is Still Alive, Funding Radicals & Creating A MESS. HANG SOROS.

Trump Releases Bannon.  Soros Is Still Alive, Funding Radicals & Creating A MESS. HANG SOROS, HE IS THE PROBLEM


Here in America, we witness people accused of being a “Nazi”, “Racist” being fired from jobs, their lives destroyed, etc.  And, they are not even practicing what they are accused of.   Trump fires everyone but rarely does he go after the main culprit (Soros).    George Soros is the one who needs to be investigated, shamed, and then hanged for treason & sedition for undermining our republic.

Does Trump go after Soros? No, he fires Bannon.  For what? Why did he fire Bannon? What reason?  He fired Bannon because the “Deep State” hates Conservative people and the Republicans are just Pinkos.

When #POTUS Trump gets the cojones he once had, then I will support him–fervently.
Today, he ‘released’ Bannon because the Communists and the Neo cons forced him to do so.
The ONLY person that Trump needs to go after, shame and hang for sedition of this republic is SOROS.