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Pittsburgh-Little White Girl Beaten Mercilessly By Young Black. Black Student Beats White Teacher

Pittsburgh-Little White Girl Beaten Mercilessly By Young Black. Black Student Beats White Teacher

In the video above, a little white girl is beaten by an black youth who has already manifested as a monster and has come out of the larva stage.

Below is a rotten black, male youth who is beating his white teacher:


This black  student (in the link below) viciously attacked a white student who sits in her desk and doesn’t fight back. The black girl scolds: “Remember your motherf****ing skin tone.”

Black violence all over Philadelphia:  (Videos by Colon Flaherty)


Nasty, evil, rotten young black male gave a ‘knock out’ punch to a white young man in unknown city.   (Colon Flaherty forgot to mention the name of the city)


This one below looks like all out racial war. Why go look for Muslim terrorism when blacks do it all the time.  (Colon Flaherty did not put the location, below)


This is just a few days of vicious, violent, murderous behavior that the media never reports.   White people should stop walking around without weapons.  Teach your white children that black youth want to murder them.

I do not post as much as I used to.  I am tired of the constant attacks on Twitter perp’d by ‘pro white’ advocates who fight me.     Me, who is fighting their enemy.  Ya can’t get any more insane than that..


Face Of Cowardice: #TimWolfe Who Resigned From MO Columbia Campus, Bowing To Blacks For NOTHING

Face Of Cowardice: #TimWolfe Who Resigned From MO Columbia Campus, Bowing To Blacks For NOTHING


As I was listening to this coward (Tim Wolfe) this morning on the TV at the Y, he recited Psalms 46 “God is our refuge, God is our strength, a very present help in trouble“. 

Let me explain something:  God does not give refuge to the cowardly.   God gives refuge to people like Kim Davis, who is standing up to the Gay-Stapo.  God expects us to stand up to our accusers.  When one backs down, one is admitting to guilt.  What was Wolfe guilty of?

This is what happened…

African-American students started asking Wolfe and other University of Missouri System leaders for more education about racial relations as racial tension started to escalate on campus. In September, Payton Head, the head of the Missouri Students Association, said people driving by him in a truck called him racial slurs. Another group of students said racial slurs were yelled at them while they practiced for a play. On Oct. 24, a swastika made of feces was smeared on the wall of a dorm bathroom.

No doubt, Wolfe was awaiting more information, evidence and he was also waiting to see if the feces swastika was a hoax, fake ‘hate’ crime.    Many have happened: Fake Hate Crimes.Org

What was Wolfe guilty of?  Waiting on information re the ‘racial crimes’?   Did he quit because some black kid was not eating (Accuser went on a ‘hunger strike’, actually–his mother probably ran out of EBT debit money) and a prince of America (Black, son of Obama) is more important than the truth?    Who made the feces Swastika?  I think it was probably a black kid or a Liberal Jew. That’s a strong possibility.

These are the sonofabitches below:


The Principal is now gone. What did this achieve?  Nothing.  What will these rotten little shits do in their future? ZERO.  Probably rape 80 year old women, beat elderly Vets and murder little white babies like this one:

Lonzie Barton, murdered by son of Obama. REAL tragedy news, not this SHIT above.

As whites are murdered, raped, robbed, and beaten by young, black males on a daily basis, nothing happens.  Their lives are thought of us shit and young, rotten, criminal black males are the royalty of O’MeriKa.


.#BERKELEY: New Phony “Racist” Outrage. “Racist” Message Left On A Computer Sparks New Commie Rally

BERKELEY: Next Phony “Racist” Outrage. “Racist” Message Left On A Computer Sparks New Commie Rally


It’s more of the same ole same ole.  Blacks are oppressed in America and everyone is trying to kill them.  Bla bla bla.   Now, they are oppressed in the Communist, Social-Justice pigsty town of Berkeley in San Fransicko.  Yeah right.


PROTESTING RACISM: A mass demonstration is underway after a racist message threatening violence against African Americans was discovered on a Berkeley High School library computer. Details: http://abc7ne.ws/1RYLtxy

Are you at the protest? Share your photos and videos by tagging them ‪#‎abc7now‬.


This is what I told the Principal who is a Trotsky wannabe:

Here is a photo of the Principal on Twitter:

His profile:

 Sam Pasarow

Principal, Berkeley High School. Social Justice Warrior and proud of it!

In other words: Sam is a Communist Agitator.

As the left is outraged over phony racism as white people are murdered by blacks on a daily basis:

Enough is enough already.

We NEED To Cut Off Foreign Aid to #Africa & The Other Countries Who Hate Whites & White America:

Cut Off Foreign Aid to #Africa & The Other Countries Who Hate White America:


We should be cutting all of these countries off. Pronto. Past time to cut off Mother Africa:


The figures shown are based on OECD measures and definitions of international aid.[2] Two OECD sub-types of aid are included – official development assistance (ODA), and official aid (OA) received.[3] Amounts are in current U.S. dollars.[4]

2014 USD for Africa (alone)    

Algeria:  190.2 million, Angola:  194.2 million,  Benin: 690.2 million, Botswana: 120.1 million,  Burkina Faso: 995.1 million, Burundi:  574.8 million, Cameroon:  611.8 million,  Cape Verde: 252.1 million, Central African Republic: 268.7  million, Chad, 460.1 million, Comoros, 51.8 million, Congo, Dem. Rep: 5,534.4  billion, Congo, Rep.: 259.7  million.  Look at Nigeria where they are murdering black Christians: Nigeria, 1,768.5  billion.

SEE SOUTH AFRICA (Where they murder whites just for existing & S. Africa is in stage 8 black on white genocide)  South Africa: 1,403.1 billion. 

See all the African countries that you are sending billions to:   Foreign aid chart, Wiki.

White America:  You are paying big money to countries that hate white people and Christians.  They are not fond of Jews, either.


In fact, nobody needs the USD anymore.  NO nations should get the USD as we are almost 20 trillion in debt.

(But, ever notice Jew haters only rant about foreign aid to Israel?)

Black TV Show Calls For Execution Of Whites & Cops. But, @RBPundit Calls US “Supremacists”

Black TV Show Calls For Execution Of Whites & Cops. But, @RBPundit Calls US “Supremacists”


The other day, a chick named “RB Pundit” on the open forum website where people ‘tweet’ – called a few people on Twitter, (plus my husband and I), ‘White Supremacists’.    All because some whites on Twitter have the gall to give a damn for themselves and their children.  White people-evidently-are not supposed to care for preserving white America.   Or, that’s racist. 

We want the borders CLOSED to Mexico. Completely. No ifs ands or buts.

This lady, “RB Pundit” is supposedly a Conservative, yet seems to use lefty jargon quiet effectively against patriotic Americans who are pro-white & see the daily attacks perp’d against whites in America.   She attacks those that are regular posters on Jared Taylor’s website: American Renaissance.  The folks at “AMREN” are not Jew-bashers. Nor do they allow Jew-hatred.  Which is why we support them.  AMREN is a very fair website.  If they weren’t, we certainly would not endorse the site or Mr. Taylor.  We do not believe in hating or verbally attacking minorities ‘just because‘.

As whites are not supposed to worry about their ‘evil’, inventive, American culture here in the late, great US… Young, militant blacks on public broadcasting TV shows are calling for mass execution of whites and cops… but….WE’RE the supremacists…

Illegals from Mexico & South America are murdering whites as they cross the border…but white people who care about their country and culture are the racist, NAZI supremacistsVictims of Illegal Aliens Memorial – OJJPAC.org

The NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY Calls For Mass Killing Of white people by using bombs (June 27) Gateway Pundit. … BUT, we’re the Supremacists.

Sally Kohn, the CNN Contributor Justifies the Slaughter of Two white Virginia Reporters on Live TV, perpetrated by a militant, young, black male.  BUT, we’re the Supremacists.

We are Jews here on this website as you all know. We’ve been online for 8 years at The Mad Jewess.  We believe there is a concentrated effort by the Marxist, radical, left-wing to ethnically cleanse white people by flooding America, Europe, Israel, AU and Eastern EU with either black people from Africa or ‘brown’ people from the Arab states, Mexico, also Asia.

The bottom line with the intentional flooding of white countries with ‘browns and blacks’ is genocide.  Top this off with the daily murders of white Americans at the hands of young, black males.  We call this the perfect race storm.

The dehumanization of white people is deliberate in western countries.  How do we know this is intentional?  Because we’re Jews.  


This is very serious.