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Blacks, Muslims, Jews, Mexicans: KILL YOURSELF, ASAP. JUST DO IT. White Civilization NOW

Blacks, Muslims, Jews, Mexicans:  KILL YOURSELF, ASAP. JUST DO IT.  White Civilization NOW


I am calling on all of the untermenschen to kill themselves.  



Why hide the fact that only minorities of the minorities are sane?  Most blacks, Jews, Muslims and Mexicans are die hard Communist/Socialist leeches.  With the exception of the leftist Jews who use other minorities to help with the anti-American, Communist agenda–the rest of the minorities are just parasites, a cancer, depraved, disgusting, have & no respect for polite society & sane civilization.  

It’s time to undo “give us your tired & your poor”

Jews, Blacks, Muslims (especially) and Mexicans:  Deport yourselves, have more abortions, stop eating, go on a fast, kill your kids, kill your wives, kill your husbands, burn your house down, I don’t care.  Just do it.  We need your help.  We need a better society and you may as well all just DIE QUICKLY.

Republicans Hang a Whites Only Sign on America

If it’s ok for a magazine to write this here in: Medusa Magazine, then my post is AOK in a ‘free’ world.  Lets rock in the free world without minority pigs! YEAH!! WHITE ONLY NOW.

If it is not ok to say this about minorities, it should not be ok to say it about whites: Barely 10% of the WORLD population.

“Hiring Whites, Dating Whites=Wrong”. “Antifa” Is Hunting/Watching Whites Like Nazi’s Hunted Jews

“Hiring Whites, Dating Whites=Wrong”. “Antifa” Is Hunting/Watching Whites Like Nazi’s Hunted Jews

Behind the face of every ‘anti fascist’ is a fascist.

I came across these Tweets of a chap named “Jack Pesobiac” who is a patriotic Vet.

 Here are these Tweets/Posters that are posted in cities by “Antifa”, a left wing Nazi group of modern terrorists.

The Nazi’s of today are leftists.  

Leftists are perfectly o.k. with hunting whites and not hiring white people.  You see… our relatives were racists in the 1860’s and we all have to pay for that today in 2017.  So, in the left-wing brain (or lack of brain), this is their thinking… 

Bottom line is this:  Every leftist is a denier.  They deny all wrong-doing.  Much like an old Nazi will do as they tell you: “There vere no work camps!”, “There vere no gas chambers!”  A Soviet will tell you: “No Gulags”, “No Holodomor”.    They’re deniers..

   Leftists deny that white replacement is taking place..  As they deny, we watch the news.  In Europe, EU’s are being forced out of their countries.  God only knows where they live now.  Here in USA, we see whites fleeing to the country to escape leftist, violent cities.  We watch black on white crime, illegal on white crime and we see the truth.  We do not deny what is happening to white people.  

Like it or not, you are the misery of the earth, Leftists.  You are the ones that will be cast into the lake of fire for your crimes against humanity.  You will not win in the end.  

God will destroy you.

9 hours ago on Gab, I said:

9 hours: “Here we go again, the left has their white supremacist monster:

MEANWHILE, blacks are murdering whites all over the nation:

.@JesseBenn ‘(((Jew)))’ Causing MORE Anti Semitism Against Jewish People. Wants MORE Violence At #Trump Rallies

.@JesseBenn ‘(((Jew)))’ Causing MORE Anti Semitism Against Jewish People. Wants MORE Violence At #Trump Rallies


Violence begets violence.  

Jesse Benn, a Communist Liberal JINO (Jew in name only) is calling for more violence against innocent citizens at Trump rallies.  He justifies his linked below blog post by saying that Trump supporters are  racists, nativists, xenophobic, misogynist, Islamophobics.    (Post is here)  Benn mentions nothing about how traditionalists are also Americans.   Zero about how Conservatives and moderates are Americans.  Nothing about how white people are Americans.  Nothing about how free thought is American.    

In Benn’s world, only the minority person exists.   And, the minority exists to cause violence against supposed “authoritarian”, Donald Trump because some Trump supporters retaliated against violent, planted, Soros leftists (a couple months ago) who are paid to riot, sometimes up to $3500- (google search)  Here.     Benn believes that  Trump is a Totalitarian.     Benn said nothing as Obama signed one Totalitarian exec order after the next, though..   So, it’s only the Conservative GOP who is the Authoritarian.. (koo koo)  Fascism is a leftist ideology from left-wing EU.  Fascism  is left-wing and has been for over 120 years.

Benn, who would never get his own little hands dirty believes:   Violent resistance matters. Riots can lead to major change, he links.    No, Ben – violence leads to murder, death and unhappiness.   Benn has been countered by ‘anti semites’.     NO, he has been countered by people who are sick of you liberal Jews threatening polite society.    In the 10 Commandments, it is written: “Thou shalt not murder”.  Benn forgets his place in society and most of America is Christian and most of America expects Jews to be ‘people of the book.’    Not violent, America-hating psychos.   It is what it is.  

Almost immediately, people look at this Jesse Benn’s name.  They see he is a Jew.   Then, the normal, everyday person searches for information about Benn.    What does this lead to?  It leads to people asking questions like:  “What is wrong with the Jews“?  Then comes the: “You Jews“.    When a minority acts like a traitor, people will point to his/her ethnicity.   It’s called human nature.  Nothing is going to stop human nature. 

Here is another case in point:  German Lopez, a left-wing (Anti American) ‘German’ Hispanic writes how Trump is a racist: @ VOX.COM    People begin to say: “Why are Hispanics like this, calling all whites ‘racists”?    People begin to say that this is just the way Hispanics are… Pesky thing called human nature, again.

Lopez claims:

‘It’s a useful thought experiment — one that shows the extremism of Trump’s views, as well as the white, male privilege that permits him to espouse them as a candidate for president.’

“White male privilege”…

 Isn’t that something.. It’s whites who are paying the price.  It’s whites who are housing, feeding and providing health care for minorities.  Whites are not privileged, they are broke and angry.  What’s even worse is how the minority acts against the white sucker paying for his lousy ass.

At any rate, it is the minority that is causing the hatred against themselves.  Liberal Jews are causing hatred against the Jews, ditto the anti-Trump Jews.    Actions cause reactions.   As Twitter says:  “Think before you Tweet”.      Minorities should think before they write and act like treacherous assholes.   Start conducting themselves in a responsible manner.

I’ve written about this Been before.  Jesse Benn wants more whites to be wounded:  @JesseBenn Is A “Jew”-Wants White People Wounded … – The Mad Jewess

.@djrothkopf , A ‘((Jewish))’ White-Hating Bigot Has Just Caused More Anti-Semitism

@djrothkopf , A ‘((Jewish))’ White-Hating Bigot Has Just Caused More Anti-Semitism

Below is a white-hating, bigoted “Jew” named Rothkopf, who cries and whines over Neo-Nazis on Twitter AFTER he writes articles shitting on white people.  This moron does not GET that this is causing more anti semitism???


‘Poor ME! I hate whites, I defame whites and then I scream: ANTI SEMITISM when they retaliate against my bigotry!!”


Look at that sad, sorry-looking, wet-noodle face… Pathetic.

Rothkopf has parenthesis around his name on Twitter.  What does that mean?  It means that he is standing in solidarity with other Jews on Twitter who have born the brunt of anti-semitic attacks.. BUT, is it always anti-semitic or retaliation?  Sometimes, the attacks are Jew-hatred.  That’s just the facts.  

But, when you have a bigoted blog post like this:  ‘The end of an era for white males‘, written by a Commie “Jew/JINO -Jew In Name Only”.. You should expect the retaliation.   You should expect uglies to be thrown at you by white males & whites in general.   You deserve it.    I won’t be there to help you.  White males have been on the short end of the stick for decades.  My former husband, a blonde, blue-eyed, white male was turned down for one job after the next until he literally went mental and this is a truth.  He was more than qualified but didn’t speak fluent Spanish.  My former husband is one of the nicest men in this world.  He has the misfortune of being white in a white-hating world which Rothkopf and his ilk have created.

Jealous Rothkopf seems to think that it is OK to utilize his ‘free speech’ by putting down white males.  But, he does not want to bear the responsibility of doing so.   So, the whiney, pissant, weak, knee-jerk asshole lets the rest of us little Jews deal with the fall-out of his white-hating bigotry by blocking our voices rebuking him.


This sonofabitch should move the hell out of this nation since he hates white people so much.

Imagine if someone like him wrote an article about “The End Of Jews“…. It would be anti-semitic, it would be Jew-hatred.. But, it is OK to write this CRAP about whites??

This mother f’cker has some g’d damned nerve…


@JesseBenn Is A “Jew”-Wants White People WOUNDED. What If Big Sites Started Saying “Jews Need To Be WOUNDED?”

@JesseBenn Is A “Jew”-Wants White People WOUNDED. What If Big Sites Started Saying “Jews Need To Be WOUNDED?”


White-Hating BIGOT.


Jesse Benn says that he is a “Jewish born atheist”.   What this moron does not get is that people don’t see ‘atheist’.   They see JEW. 

Jesse is bringing serious defamation to the Jewish community with such bigotry like this against American whites.  This is OUTRAGEOUS.   Jesse wants whites to be wounded!!!!  They’re not hurt enough already: Black-on-white crimes.   Evidently, this idiot does not see the real news.  He obviously believes that blacks are oppressed.  BY WHO?  Isn’t Obama the Prez? Isn’t he a black man?   GIMME A BREAK.

What would Jesse say if big sites like CNN started putting out articles saying “Jews need to be wounded“?  Jesse would cry like a baby and scream ‘anti semitism’.     He would be right that it is anti-semitism.  So, why is this moron treating whites the way Jews were treated in the early 1930’s?  does he want a Holocaust of white people?   What type of crazy would say such a thing?!  Is it OK to say this about black people? Hispanics? Asians? Jews?  NO.  WHY IS THIS OK?

Bigotry like this against the majority should be OUTLAWED.  This post should be taken down and the author shamed.

Sicko: To Work Toward Racial Justice We Need White Wounding, Huff Po …