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Nigga Slime Wants To Send Whites To “Concentration Camps Like Nazis Did To Jews”

Nigga Slime Wants To Send Whites To “Concentration Camps Like Nazis Did To Jews”


Don’t ever take left-wing Jews serious with their politics.  Don’t fall prey to their fake guilt they try to push on you.  They support this:


In my opinion… If you are white and you happen to come across a slime like this, don’t you think it’s time to fight? Or are you just gonna lay down and bleed?

By the way, there is NO race of people on the face of the earth that is not murderous and genocidal. The jackass that wrote this does not seem to know that Mugabe has already murdered over a million of his fellow blacks in Zimbabwe.

August @InStyle Mag Praises Longoria’s “Latina Power” (Latino Power OK, White Power, NOT Ok?!)

August @InStyle Mag Praises Longoria’s “Latina Power” (Latino Power OK, White Power, NOT Ok?!)

Right on the front cover:


Where is the equality?

Imagine if In Style Mag put on their front page: “We love Gisele! Gisele on WHITE POWER!”  …. It would be an outrage.  Why is it ok, then – for Longoria (a brown supremacist) to celebrate Latina power?   This is un-be-friggin-lievable!!

In USSA, you are a ‘hero’ if you take up for black or brown people.  But, if you take up for white people, you are a Nazi, racist, bigot, etc.  (Even though you are vehemently opposed to the big government, Lefto-Nazis)   The Liberal cabal of lunatics are against equality.   They are anti-white human people.  That makes them the single, biggest bunch of hypocrite, racist pricks in the planet.   Racism is defined as a person who hates the skin color of another race. End of story.


[BTW:  You dumb Liberal “Yids”…. Besides the White Supremacists, everyone else sees you as white.   So, this is also a problem for you.  If there was a huge race war, the blacks and browns see you idiot Lib Yids as WHITES.  Just ask any Jew in Crown Heights.   They don’t care about your dumb-ass politics of nonsensical bullshit.  They don’t give a rats ass if you say you’re not white. They see WHITE when they see a Jew.  Idiots.]

“You’re Raping Our Women, You’re Taking Over Our Country” Said #DylannStormRoof, Who Is Created Because Of The Left

“You’re Raping Our Women, You’re Taking Over Our Country” Said Dylann Storm, Who Is A Left-Wing Creation

Is the Leftist beast never satisfied? 9 black people in a church were murdered by a young male named Dylann Storm.  Storm shouted “You’re raping our women, you’re taking over the country.”

When I advise people that a race war has started, I was not joking.  I meant every word.  It does not pleasure me that this is happening.  I am a patriot.  I do not want my country upside down.  I have fought against the Marxist insanity for as long as I can remember.  But, when we have a Communist, race-hustling revolutionary as the President of the US, I cannot win.  You cannot win.  Nobody wins.  We all lose.

Dylann Storm is a Left-wing creation.  He is a reactionary to the left and their anti-American divisive politics.  If there was no Left-wing, there would be no Dylann Storm. 

This kid had been looking at the real news.  He was observing the black mobs, the fake race news stories. The race/rape statistics:  He obviously knows about the black on white rapes.  None of this excuses evil behavior and the gunning down of innocent souls in South Carolina.  And, there is no excuse for white after white murdered, raped, beaten or robbed by young, black men either.

But, who is the real culprit here?  The Left.  Always the left.  Every problem we face is because of the Left- wing.   They are the ones responsible for the murder of 9 Christian blacks in South Carolina and they are responsible for creating  Dylann Storm.   Blame ‘white supremacy’ all you want, Liberals.  But, it’s you that crafted this beast with your constant enabling of black on white bigotry, affirmative action, covering up black on white crimes, open borders madness, the phoney ‘white privilege’ mantra, ETC, ETC.

“You’re Raping Our Women, You Taking Over Our Country”  is not a lie:





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