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Nigga Supremacists Getting Americans Fired For Fighting Unruly, Young, Blacks At #McKinney

Nigga Supremacists Getting Americans Fired For Fighting Unruly Young, Blacks At #McKinney (this post is not meant for patriot/conservative blacks–obviously)

Take a good look at your new Massah’s, whitey.    And, here I am, fighting for whites and what are white advocates doing to me and my friends on Twitter?    Why, fighting me of course..  Many of you deserve what you’ve got coming.

Just listen to this jive-talking NIGGA in that video..Rebuking white people like they’re dirt.  He knows his ghetto leader, Kenyan-trash will stick by his fat Nigga ass… Whites built the f**king nation and he is shitting all over them..   Disgusting.   THIS is what we get for having the HNIC in charge of the White House.  Whites are not allowed to fight the Nigga’s back–just sit there and take it, po fo.   See fo yo’sef  Black-on-white

Above is a white ‘advocate’ fighting antimulti-culty friends of mine… Way to go, White Rights.  Really brilliant.

What the hell does the USS Liberty (1967) have ANYTHING to do with what the Communists are doing in 2015?!  NOTHING.

True Or False: Anti-Fascist UKRAINIANS Shoot Down (Fascist) UKRAINIAN Fighter Jets??

(Above video is what the Ukrainian army is doing to its own Ukrainian people.)

True Or False: Anti-Fascist UKRAINIANS Shoot Down (Fascist) UKRAINIAN Fighter Jets??

Well? True or not? I see the MSM is quick to say that ‘Pro-Russians’ did it without evidence.  This is what we call ‘journalism’, here in USA/EU..


What don’t people get with the Ukraine scenario?  Ukraine is in a civil war.  They are in a civil war because the USA/EU installed an illegitimate regime that are Nazis/fascists.   They are murdering their own people.  The ‘pro-Russians’ are fighting that.   The west expects the anti-fascist Ukrainians to just put up with this genocide.   Just because we allow blacks to murder whites at random here in USA does not mean the whole world should do as we do.  Just because we allow illegals into our country with diseases does not mean that every country in the world should do as we do.  Other countries fight for their land and people, we do NOT…BUT, we expect every other country to follow our insane ways


Yesterday, I questioned Greenfield from Front Page Mag: Daniel Greenfield, @Sultanknish Answer My Questions Re. Ukraine, Not “You’re Using Putin Talking Points”.   He replied to me on Twitter by tweeting me pictures of Putin with leaders of other countries that are shady.  What does he NOT get?  I am not worried about Putin.  It is MY government that is over-throwing regimes and responsible for genocides in Syria and Ukraine.

My questions AGAIN for anyone with the guts to answer:

Pierre Omidyar, American Ebay founder donated 500 thousand USD to the revolt in Kiev:   Pierre Omidyar’s Ukrainian connection – (USA Today)

Joe Biden’s son (Hunter Biden) secured a position with the largest Ukrainian gas company:   Ukraine Gas Producer Appoints R. Hunter Biden to Board  (NBC)  Ditto acquaintance of John Kerry:  Biden’s Son, Kerry Family Friend Join Ukrainian Gas (Wall St. Journal) …

Victoria Nuland was grilled over US support of neo Nazi’s in Ukraine:  (Youtube), House committee..