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DALLAS MASSACRE: Libs AND Cons Called Me Racist For YEARS Re. Black/White Race Wars/Crime. IDIOTS!

DALLAS MASSACRE: Libs AND Cons Called Me Racist For YEARS Re. Black/White Race Wars/Crime. IDIOTS!

‘Black Lives Matter’ – domestic terrorist organization which has been given encouragement by the MSM and the Obama administration.

*The tables have not ‘turned’.. Black males have been murdering white people and cops for decades.  It is encouraged by Liberals and by Conservative apathy.


For years this blog and my other blog reported black on white crime.   See my old blog: The Mad Jewess black on white crimes, race wars @ WordPress.  [And here on the tab above.]

I have been banned on any number of blogs & websites for only reporting race crimes and being honest.  Honesty in the late, great USSA is ‘racism’.     Reporting and talking about racial crimes perpetrated against white people is ‘bigotry’.     Blogging about my own experiences being ‘white’ in a city taken over by violent Mexican/Hispanic gangs is prejudiced.  

Now, there are dead Police officers all over America.  5 in the latest slaughter in Dallas.  Dead whites in the thousands, nationwide.   The white person is becoming hunted like a Jew was in the early 1930’s.     White-hating propaganda fills air-waves, television shows, magazines.   Openly talking about how all whites should die is not even an ‘outrage’, it is an accepted form of speech.    Publishing books about ‘evil’ satanic white people is encouraged and admired.  

Liberals and Conservatives alike are the powder magazine in the guns of the young, black, militant males.   This is why you can go to hell and I will  not EVER join either of you.    You are culprits in murder.   Face it: You are either killing yourselves & others because you believe in the lie called ‘white guilt’, or you believe that these criminals are just as tolerant as you are, Conservative person.

The Police are on to this mess but the Liberals call the Police “Nazis” merely for exercising self defense.  A Police man has every right to defend his/her own life.

I don’t even blame these miscreants anymore, I blame you conservatives for being  damned suckers.  Believing the hype that we’re ‘all the same’.   We’re not.  When you wake up and start to realize that you are taught to ‘love all humanity’ as these militant blacks are taught to hate whitey, maybe we’ll talk.


Until then: Fock you for calling us ‘racist’ merely for warning you.   That means you big, mouthy, do-nothing Conservative pundits that have banned me, blocked me etc.. IDIOTS!

PS: We already know ‘they’re not all like that.’    So, dont go there, we’re all sick of this shit.   And, sane Jews are sick of you Liberal assbag Jews that people are not allowed to criticize because it’s ‘anti semitic’.  What bullshit. All of it.


Pittsburgh-Little White Girl Beaten Mercilessly By Young Black. Black Student Beats White Teacher

Pittsburgh-Little White Girl Beaten Mercilessly By Young Black. Black Student Beats White Teacher

In the video above, a little white girl is beaten by an black youth who has already manifested as a monster and has come out of the larva stage.

Below is a rotten black, male youth who is beating his white teacher:


This black  student (in the link below) viciously attacked a white student who sits in her desk and doesn’t fight back. The black girl scolds: “Remember your motherf****ing skin tone.”

Black violence all over Philadelphia:  (Videos by Colon Flaherty)


Nasty, evil, rotten young black male gave a ‘knock out’ punch to a white young man in unknown city.   (Colon Flaherty forgot to mention the name of the city)


This one below looks like all out racial war. Why go look for Muslim terrorism when blacks do it all the time.  (Colon Flaherty did not put the location, below)


This is just a few days of vicious, violent, murderous behavior that the media never reports.   White people should stop walking around without weapons.  Teach your white children that black youth want to murder them.

I do not post as much as I used to.  I am tired of the constant attacks on Twitter perp’d by ‘pro white’ advocates who fight me.     Me, who is fighting their enemy.  Ya can’t get any more insane than that..


.#BERKELEY: New Phony “Racist” Outrage. “Racist” Message Left On A Computer Sparks New Commie Rally

BERKELEY: Next Phony “Racist” Outrage. “Racist” Message Left On A Computer Sparks New Commie Rally


It’s more of the same ole same ole.  Blacks are oppressed in America and everyone is trying to kill them.  Bla bla bla.   Now, they are oppressed in the Communist, Social-Justice pigsty town of Berkeley in San Fransicko.  Yeah right.


PROTESTING RACISM: A mass demonstration is underway after a racist message threatening violence against African Americans was discovered on a Berkeley High School library computer. Details: http://abc7ne.ws/1RYLtxy

Are you at the protest? Share your photos and videos by tagging them ‪#‎abc7now‬.


This is what I told the Principal who is a Trotsky wannabe:

Here is a photo of the Principal on Twitter:

His profile:

 Sam Pasarow

Principal, Berkeley High School. Social Justice Warrior and proud of it!

In other words: Sam is a Communist Agitator.

As the left is outraged over phony racism as white people are murdered by blacks on a daily basis:

Enough is enough already.

Cosmopolitan: ‘Teen Girl in Bikini Brutally Beaten by Her Catcallers’. NO, She Was Beaten UNRECOGNIZABLE By BLACKS

Cosmopolitan: ‘Teen Girl in Bikini Brutally Beaten by Her Catcallers’.  NO, She Was Beaten UNRECOGNIZABLE By BLACKS

Nobody wants to just tell the damned truth.  This beautiful young lady was beaten into oblivion by black sonofabitches.  End of story.  AND, this happens daily.  Who can even keep up with this news?  The girl was beaten because she was walking while white. With NO gun.

Here is the Cosmopolitan link: Teen Girl in Bikini Brutally Beaten by Her Catcallers

She needs massive dental work:  White Female Teenager Beaten With a Brass Pipe In Blanchard, LA

Do young, white males do this to young, black girls? NO.  When is this going to stop?! I’m sick and f’n tired of Conservative people being called racists by the Liberal Gestapo, day in and day out.  Meanwhile, white people are beaten BY blacks, DAILY.  The only racists in America are the f’n young, oppressive, violent black males and Liberal blacks.


  1. Blacks beat elderly black man in “Knockout game”. 
  2. Teen blacks acting like savages below the 1st video.



Blowhard, Colin Flaherty’s videos: (He does good work, but what a bloviated, pompous windbag, who has ‘been writing about these horrific crimes longer than anyone in the country’, bla bla bla.  The whole point is that this should not even BE HAPPENING).  Who the hell WANTS to write that this it is actually happening & profitting from it!

Brooklyn: Black Bastard Raped, Sodomized & Tortured An 82 Yr Old Woman

Brooklyn: Black Bastard Raped, Sodomized & Tortured An 82 Yr Old Woman (Video above shows another incident as well)

These young, black males are enabled by Obama’s justice department.  They know they can get away with a lot more with a black man as CIC.  They KNOW this.   It’s whites who are not smart enough to see this.


A sadistic sexual predator raped and sodomized a gutsy 82-year-old woman whose motherly chat about family and food failed to soothe the monster during a night of terror.  The 4 1/2-hour ordeal ended around 6:30 a.m. Monday when the brute, 18-year-old Asa Robert, slammed the octogenarian against a wall, threw her on a bed in her Brooklyn home and sexually assaulted her, police said.            See story:  NY Daily News  Hat tip: @N_ata6ha

This is the savage animal that Liberals will call ‘human’.


So, how do you like your America? 

It’s getting to be like South Africa.  Which is what Liberals want: All out white genocide.


Meanwhile, in South Africa: