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Is The Trump “Grace Period” Now Over?

Is The Trump “Grace Period” Now Over?  I dont hate Trump..but, he is not doing things he said he would do.

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Since JAN, we have NOT been winning. (If we ever were.)   I really believe that the grace period is over with Trump.  I somewhat believe the Communists have already told Trump:  ‘Do what we say or we’ll kill you, your wife and son.

**Even if I’m wrong, it’s better to believe the worst**

  1. A caravan of hundreds of Central American asylum seekers that Trump has fixated on in recent weeks arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border this week  (They’re already here)

The “Hill” seems to think that this group of diseased illegals is mostly women and children.  This is the same lie that the Fabian Marxists tell the Europeans.  Does this look like mostly women and children to you?

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All God wanted us to do when Trump became President to do was enforce the law.  

This is not being done.  

2.  America bombed Syria without one vote.  We just bombed Syria.  Many will say “Nobody was killed“.  That is not the point:  It is illegal to bomb countries without voting.   Enforcing the law means obeying the law.  Many call this stunt “Trump’s 3D chess”.    Bullocks.   It was illegal.   It was not wanted by Russia (who has been fighting ISIS in Syria)    Syrian Christians say:

Four Years ago, much of Allentown’s largely Christian Syrian community opposed President Barack Obama’s threatened missile attack to punish Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime for using chemical weapons on its own people.

They feel the same way about the attack Donald Trump launched Thursday night, people interviewed Friday suggest.

The U.S. is not the world’s policeman and has no right to insert itself, uninvited, into Syria’s internal affairs, said the Very Rev. Anthony Sabbagh, pastor of St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Allentown, which is the cultural center of Allentown’s Syrian Christian community.

“His action is not going to strengthen the Syrian government, which is protecting the Christians,” Sabbagh said. “It will strengthen ISIS, which is killing the Christians.” And not just Christians, Sabbagh added, but nonradicalized Muslims in Syria.  MORE:  http://www.mcall.com/news/local/allentown/mc-syrians-trump-reaction-20170407-story.html

3.  Trump signed the Omnibus bill, which enabled 7 more months of Americans paying for the murder of babies at Planned Parenthood slaughterhouses.  

4.   There was zero in the bill that protected our borders. 

5. Gas is $3.00 a gallon again…FOR WHAT REASON?

Remember this?

Lastly-Regarding N And S Korea:    1.  Its not our business, in fact, NOTHING outside of America is our business.   HOWEVER:   2. Both leaders of N and S Korea are radical leftists.  3. Americans, as usual, cheered on like little fools over these leftists:  http://www.afr.com/news/politics/world/park-geunhye-impeachment-a-win-for-the-left-20170507-gvznzj

So, since we have not enforced our laws, closed the borders & stopped Planned Parenthood…


I believe so.. 

Donald Trump – Alpha Male/Masculinity Won Last Night At #GOPDebate

Donald Trump – Alpha Male/Masculinity Won Last Night At #GOPDebate



People are sick and tired of mamby-pamby, metro boys and the GOP is full of them.

Trump is like a pit-bull. He is not afraid to call things as he sees ’em. Trump makes a gal feel safe.  Donald, when attacked by Rand Paul retaliated; “You’re having a hard time tonight”.. Very Reaganesque.   When Trump was thwarted by the feminist, queer marriage enforcer, Megyn Kelly, he handed the lady’s ass on a platter & won the biggest applause of the night.  Proof that Alpha-Males are IN.  No BS, bigger-than-life masculinity won the debate.

We might as well all face the fact that America is going down, with or without Trump because of Obama’s spending, immorality and proxy wars..  So, we may as well put in a man that is Trump or like Trump so that the remnant of us can survive the horrible times ahead.

  • Rubio looks like a 15 year old boy and is an indecisive kid–he is for the illegals and we need so many more Mexicans–NOT. 
  • Rand Paul reminds me of a wet raccoon.
  • Ted Cruz, although he comes across quite conservative does not possess that alpha-male quality that is needed now.  
  • BUT: What has Sen Cruz done to stop the illegal onslaught of Mexicans sneaking in through Texas? 
  • What has Rubio done to stop it? 
  • Rand Paul? 
  • Then we have Jeb Bush… Who roots for amnesty. Who wants more Mexicans to come in to this nation and wipe out the white population?   Bush is from the dynasty of war-mongering freaks. People are sick and tired of the US Govt murderers.

The GOP establishment needs to stop attacking Donald Trump and start asking just exactly what he will do to: Secure the borders & throw out the remaining illegals.  Stop Planned Parenthood. Stop the 2nd Amendment attacks. Stop spending.  Stop the LGBT fascists.  Stop common core.  Stop Affirmative Action. Enforce the Constitution. 


Unless we are attacked, HERE–at home.

 Side note: 

Funny how Megyn went after Trump as being anti-women for calling people like Rosie O’Donnell mean things, most of which was said on his reality show or Twitter.  Just so I’m clear, can’t women defend and speak for themselves?   Did we suddenly go back in time 150 years? If a woman said something derogatory about Trump and he responded, should anyone really care?

What exactly is Megyn Kelly saying here? That women are delicate creatures who are unable to take general and over the top criticisms lobbed their way? Is THAT the purpose of the feminist movement?

Trump on ‘inappropriate’ debate: ‘Bimbo’ Megyn Kelly bombed – she’s ‘overrated and angry’

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