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Commie, Gary Cohn: #ANTIFA Gang Is Standing Up For “Freedom”?! (By BEATING People Like Brown-shirts Did)?!

I am trying to get it all straight.. Gary Cohn is a Jewish dude who works for Trump as a financial adviser.   Is he fine with ANTIFA  beating and pepper-spraying ordinary Americans??   “Standing for equality and freedom?”  What the hell century does this turd live in?  

Cohn says:

  • “Citizens standing up for equality and freedom can never be equated with white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and the KKK,” Cohn says.”

Uh, Cohn, whether you like it or not, it’s not the KKK  out there beating up citizens.  It’s ANTIFA and the gang of fascist, ‘anti fascists’.  And, they are not fighting against anything.   ANTIFA the ones beating people up: Ditto many Democrats.

Cohn who hyphenates his American-ism:

  • “As a Jewish-American, (edit, TMJ: an AMERICAN Jew) I will not allow neo-Nazis ranting ‘Jews will not replace us’ to cause this Jew to leave his job. I feel deep empathy for all who have been targeted by these hate groups. We must all unite together against them,” Cohn said.

Mr. Cohn:  “Targeting” people?  You mean the way Communist Democrats have targeted America and destroyed this nation, turning it into a hell-hole?   Refute that many Democrat Jews are for open-borders which DOES ‘replace’ white people.  As are many churches.  Whites are in a white flight to the modern ghetto’s in the mountains. (Many Jews escaped NYC and went to FLA, by the way.)  

I bet you think replacing whites is dandy because Hitler.  Even though my Grandfather and his Father fought Nazi’s.  Even though most American’s families fought the Nazi’s.  You’re on the wrong side of history, Cohn.  Left-Wing Jews usually are.

Communist “Jews” for open borders to destroy America.

Gary Cohn, another left-wing “Jew” who seem to thinks #Antifa terrorists are ‘freedom fighters’.
Nobody creates Jew-hatred, Left-wing ‘Jews’ do if for us.

Why Don’t Leftists Stay In The Dirty, 3rd World, Commie, Hellhole Cities They Created??

Why Don’t Leftists Stay In The Dirty, 3rd World, Commie, Hellhole Cities They Created??

Image result for puzzled look

I clicked on a link from Drudge and this is what is posted:  New Yorkers  fleeing NY and moving to the south (Bloomberg).

I am puzzled…

Aren’t the southerners…. racists, xeno’s, homophobes, haters, Nazi’s & uneducated people?  Why are these ‘educated’ New Yorkers moving to the south where the people they hate reside?   This is perplexing.. I live in Arizona..  Everyday, another idiot from California moves here.  Why are they moving to racist Arizona?  Why are these Liberals not staying in the hell holes they created?  Why are they moving to where we are?  

Up here in the sticks, our whole neighborhood is filled with Washingtonians, Oregonians, Californians and basic ‘tolerant’, Liberal Communists who hate the united states, hate me and my family & want the end of white European America.

It makes no sense to leave the Marxist utopia you created to come and be near us losers..

This is NYC:

Image result for new york city is a dump

Image result for new york city is a dump

This is a city in the south.  (Charleston, South Carolina)

Image result for charleston south carolina scenery

Prescott, Arizona:

Image result for prescott, arizona, courthouse

Atlanta, Georgia:

Image result for georgia, atlanta neighborhood

San Francisco, Calif:

Image result for san francisco bums

Image result for san francisco bums

Image result for san francisco bums

Liberal Lunatics:

STAY in your tolerant cities.

.@djrothkopf , A ‘((Jewish))’ White-Hating Bigot Has Just Caused More Anti-Semitism

@djrothkopf , A ‘((Jewish))’ White-Hating Bigot Has Just Caused More Anti-Semitism

Below is a white-hating, bigoted “Jew” named Rothkopf, who cries and whines over Neo-Nazis on Twitter AFTER he writes articles shitting on white people.  This moron does not GET that this is causing more anti semitism???


‘Poor ME! I hate whites, I defame whites and then I scream: ANTI SEMITISM when they retaliate against my bigotry!!”


Look at that sad, sorry-looking, wet-noodle face… Pathetic.

Rothkopf has parenthesis around his name on Twitter.  What does that mean?  It means that he is standing in solidarity with other Jews on Twitter who have born the brunt of anti-semitic attacks.. BUT, is it always anti-semitic or retaliation?  Sometimes, the attacks are Jew-hatred.  That’s just the facts.  

But, when you have a bigoted blog post like this:  ‘The end of an era for white males‘, written by a Commie “Jew/JINO -Jew In Name Only”.. You should expect the retaliation.   You should expect uglies to be thrown at you by white males & whites in general.   You deserve it.    I won’t be there to help you.  White males have been on the short end of the stick for decades.  My former husband, a blonde, blue-eyed, white male was turned down for one job after the next until he literally went mental and this is a truth.  He was more than qualified but didn’t speak fluent Spanish.  My former husband is one of the nicest men in this world.  He has the misfortune of being white in a white-hating world which Rothkopf and his ilk have created.

Jealous Rothkopf seems to think that it is OK to utilize his ‘free speech’ by putting down white males.  But, he does not want to bear the responsibility of doing so.   So, the whiney, pissant, weak, knee-jerk asshole lets the rest of us little Jews deal with the fall-out of his white-hating bigotry by blocking our voices rebuking him.


This sonofabitch should move the hell out of this nation since he hates white people so much.

Imagine if someone like him wrote an article about “The End Of Jews“…. It would be anti-semitic, it would be Jew-hatred.. But, it is OK to write this CRAP about whites??

This mother f’cker has some g’d damned nerve…


Obama’s #Fascist, #Commie, #Totalitarian Gun Grab Ties To #SANDYHOOKHOAX

Obama’s #Fascist, #Commie, #Totalitarian Gun Grab Ties To #SANDYHOOKHOAX


Obama is a fucking murderer

You can explain away all you want, but after you see this video, you will know that everything this government under the dictator Obama is ILLEGAL and TREASON.  ALL of these Communists in the DNC, including the GOP should be hanged for treason:

My blogger friends, “Fellowship of the minds” (who are God fearing Catholic Conservatives) have done more research on the Sandy Hook Gun Grab than ANY blog on the net:

All of it:   At Fellowship of minds

You are either going to believe other patriots or you are going to believe the lying news as America is under a Communist revolution and it will only end in more Communist murders against the people of the United States & more loss of rights.  

Don’t believe me?  Just ask all of these people dead under Obama: Obama’s ‘Dead Pool‘ – Nachumlist