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HEADS UP: #SPLC Releases A Map Of The Cities, Towns & Villages They Plan To Terrorize In the South

HEADS UP: #SPLC Releases A Map Of The Cities, Towns & Villages They Plan To Terrorize In the South

The SPLC has every intention of destroying Southern heritage & possibly murdering as many Southern Christian people as they can in the process.  They plan to possibly bring bloodshed and turmoil.  Removal of statues only happens under totalitarians & that’s what you’re up against; those who dwell in Dixie.   Southerners need to take these threats very serious and be prepared to defend your heritage & lives.  

It would be a good idea to arm men surrounding your statues around the clock.  Because it isn’t the removal of statues that Communist Liberals want, it is the removal of Southern Christianity that the Leninist “Liberals” are after.


The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a Communist, Totalitarian website and HQ for Communist anarchists has released a map of every Confederate monument in America.

“More than 1,500 Confederate monuments stand in communities like Charlottesville with the potential to unleash more turmoil and bloodshed,” the SPLC posted with the map (emphasis added). “It’s time to take them down

Fascists in Ukraine removed statues of Lenin all over Ukraine. ( Personally, I don’t care for the Commie statues of Lenin, I am just showing you what these “American” fascists wish to do)


Last centuries Nazi’s removed statues in France that were deemed ‘too ugly for Germans’: Click to read..



Side note:     A very tiny minority of Southerners admire and love Hitler and the Nazi’s.. It would be a good idea around this time to rethink some of your lunacy: You’re as sick and evil as the Communist American “Liberals”.

@JoshMandelOhio: Please Don’t Apologize For This Tweet No Matter What. The ADL Are BOLSHEVIK Bullies

@JoshMandelOhio: Please Don’t Apologize For Your Tweet No Matter What. The ADL Are BOLSHEVIK Bullies:

I am asking you to please not back down from this Tweet.  This insanity is not America.  The ADL is Anti American, Communist, and they target people who are fighting Jihadists.  This is what they did to Pamela Geller:  See:  ‘Anti’-Muslim activist Pamela Geller promotes anti-refugee rhetoric

American people seem to have to keep apologizing to Communist Liberals or they lose their jobs like Bill O’Reilly or they are defamed like Milo when he was simply talking about how the homosexual lifestyle is screwed up.  They ban and censor people on Twitter, they have our facebook pages shut down and more.  SOMEONE had to not apologize to these traitors.  

Please don’t apologize no matter what.

Cernovich tells the truth about the Muslim issue & more.  We don’t want America to become like Europe: Filled with Islamic-Nazis who blow people up and mow them down in the streets.

Satan Obama In Massive Gun-Grab #Treason B/C Of SANDY HOOK Fraud. I Smell Prohibition

Satan Obama In Massive Gun-Grab #Treason B/C Of SANDY HOOK Fraud. I Smell Prohibition

Everything I was taught to be aware of my entire life: Communism. And, it is now here. I am so grateful to God for making sure he kept me ‘in the know’ regarding these traitors to the Republic. 


Well, it’s time to partay, folks because gun prohibition is here.

 A black market on guns has been created over-night.  We will all start to see more and more guns on the streets.  Deal with it, crime will go up bigtime because of Communist traitor, Obama’s new gun grab.  Do you Liberal bastard freaks really believe that Obama’s rotten sons are going to abide by your new Anti American rules? Ha. Ha. Ha.

BUT, make NO mistake, this fictiitious grab was crafted at Sandy Hook, the fraud attack of ‘terror’ created by none other – than the gasbag dirty bastards in DC, GOP included.

Don’t believe me?  See all of these videos for yourself.  Sandy Hook was a HOAX and a bad one at that.

Meet all the bad actors of the Sandy Hook fraud:

See a whole lot more, set up by lying, treacherous government who loves Communism and hates freedom and will do ANYTHING to murder Americans to achieve their goals. CLICK.

In Soviet Russia, the satanic government set up psychiatry as a means to take all guns:  The Communist Use of Psychiatry to Silence Dissent

Columnist Jeff Edwards notes that, “American citizens, through mere suspicion by the government, could be denied a constitutional right.”

Welcome to the new United Socialist Soviet Republic of America:

Your country is GONE.

Recommended Book: “Red Republicans & LINCOLN’S MARXISTS”. Truth About #ConfederateFlag Defamation

Recommended Book: “Red Republicans & LINCOLN’S MARXISTS”. Truth About #ConfederateFlag Defamation

It’s not just the Democrats…


People:  You need to wake up regarding the “Civil War”.   We owe it to our Southern brothers and sisters to tell the truth.

Everything you have been taught is a LIE re. Lincoln and the Civil War..  Lincoln was America’s first Socialist Revolutionary Dictator.   My friend told me this morning that “Winners write the history”.     The ‘winners’ of the Civil war were radical, left-wing Revolutionaries from Europe or Americans indoctrinated with European Marxism/Socialism.    Why have you/we chosen to believe these bastards?   They lie about everything.  Then and now.  

It is past time for Americans to start digging for the truth regarding the war of the Northern Aggression & how the Republican party is just another platform, which was hijacked by foreign, radical Socialists and Communists.  That is the reason they go along with the Democrats almost all the time, now..   

The reason that the left & phoney right hates the Confederate flag is because they do not want their Communism exposed.  They loathe the Southern flag (not because it is a symbol of hate) but because they hate Southern Christians.  They despise wholesomeness. They deplore patriotism. They hate anyone not radicalized with Socialism.

Read about these men below in the book –  see it for yourself from Leftist Wikipedia & ask yourself just why Lincoln had all of these German Socialist/Revolutionary/Marxists in his Army who were appointed to top brass positions.   You cannot just ‘let this go’.    The South was fighting the same enemy we are fighting today.

You will read about this fellow in ‘Lincoln’s Marxists’; 

Joseph Arnold Weydemeyer (February 2, 1818, Münster – August 26, 1866, St. Louis, Missouri) was a military officer in the Kingdom of Prussia and the United States, as well as a journalist, politician and Marxist revolutionary.

This Communist:

August Willich (November 19, 1810 – January 22, 1878), born Johann August Ernst von Willich, was a military officer in the Prussian Army and a leading early proponent of communism in Germany. In 1847 he discarded his title of nobility. He later immigrated to the United States and became a general in the Union Army during the American Civil War.


Carl Christian Schurz (German, March 2, 1829 – May 14, 1906) was a German (Marxist) revolutionary, American statesman and reformer, U.S. Minister to Spain, Union Army General in the American Civil War, U. S. Senator, and Secretary of the Interior. He was also an accomplished journalist, newspaper editor and orator, who in 1869 became the first German-born American elected to the United States Senate.[1]


Alexander Schimmelfennig (July 20, 1824 – September 5, 1865) was a German soldier and political (Marxist) revolutionary; then he became a Union Army general in the American Civil War.


Friedrich Franz Karl Hecker (September 28, 1811 – March 24, 1881) was a German lawyer, politician and revolutionary. He was one of the most popular speakers and agitators of the 1848 Revolution. After moving to the United States, he served as a brigade commander in the Union Army during the American Civil War.


Dr. Gustav Struve, known as Gustav von Struve[1] until he gave up his title (11 October 1805 in Munich, Bavaria – 21 August 1870 in Vienna, Austria-Hungary), was a German surgeon, politician, lawyer and publicist, and a revolutionary during the German revolution of 1848-1849 in Baden Germany. He also spent over a decade in the United States and was active there as a reformer.


Friedrich ‘Fritz’ Anneke (January 3, 1818, Dortmund, Prussia – December 6, 1872, Chicago, United States) was a German socialist and newspaper editor, owner, and reporter.

And more.

Although the Marxists added abolition as one of the arrows for their bow, their true goal was not a humanitarian one, but to use slaves as a means of destroying the Christian South, which was resistant to their own religion—Communism.          Quote Excerpted from: Southern Heritage, 411


Now you know the truth about the “Night they drove old Dixie down”


Click to buy the book: LINCOLN’S MARXISTS by Al Benson, Jr. and Walter Donald (Dixie. Net) …

A review: Lincoln’s Band of Tyrants

The Progressive 3rd World Open Borders Policy Have Royally Screwed Theater Arts, Arts, Music, Colleges

Progressive/Liberals Open borders Policy Has Royally Screwed Theater Arts, Arts, Music, Colleges


Enclosed video below is from the Aspen Institute.  Marxists are crying because Live Theater is dying.  Well, they did this by destroying white culture in America.  So, boo hoo ’til the cows come home, you created this mish-mash of caliginous junk we call a country.

Progressive (Liberals, Communists, Marxists, Idiots) have royally screwed the things they love the most; Theater, arts, ‘education’ (actually Marxist brainwashing) on a wide scope. 

Are Mexicans from the 3rd world going to watch a Musical theater production?  Say, like “Carousel?”  Hell no.  In fact, Illegal Mexicans & Mexicans who refuse to assimilate are rioting at Carnivals come summer time.     Will the Muslims that Obama has imported from Somalia, Syria, Pakistan, etc.. go to watch “The Sound Of Music?”  NO.  In fact,  foreign,  Muslim men do not respect women and would want to kill a woman singing in public.

Would middle, white America want to go see “The Vagina Monologues?”  No.  Will they want to see a play about “Bi-Polar?”  No, because Aunt Sally, the Manic Depressive has driven the white American, middle class family nuts from not taking her meds.  So, why go watch a play about a daily nightmare?

How about Art Galleries?  Would a Catholic 3rd worlder from Columbia want to see your filthy Museum of Sex?  No, and most sane Americans think you are nuts for opening such a platform of raw debauchery.  People can’t even afford a normal museum, let alone the pervert’s delight in NYC.     How One Gallery Closing Affects The Art Market 

Enrollment for College is down.  So, now you Marxist Professors will have to diversify, making us poorer folk pay for your brainwashing sessions, 8-4 PM:      Why are fewer people going to college? – PBS

Welcome to the hell you Progressive/Liberal (Communists) created.  You have destroyed this nation with your open borders policy, your filthy sexual deviancy, and downright totalitarian insanity.  You have no one to blame but yourselves for the loss of the things you loved.