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HEADS UP: #SPLC Releases A Map Of The Cities, Towns & Villages They Plan To Terrorize In the South

HEADS UP: #SPLC Releases A Map Of The Cities, Towns & Villages They Plan To Terrorize In the South

The SPLC has every intention of destroying Southern heritage & possibly murdering as many Southern Christian people as they can in the process.  They plan to possibly bring bloodshed and turmoil.  Removal of statues only happens under totalitarians & that’s what you’re up against; those who dwell in Dixie.   Southerners need to take these threats very serious and be prepared to defend your heritage & lives.  

It would be a good idea to arm men surrounding your statues around the clock.  Because it isn’t the removal of statues that Communist Liberals want, it is the removal of Southern Christianity that the Leninist “Liberals” are after.


The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a Communist, Totalitarian website and HQ for Communist anarchists has released a map of every Confederate monument in America.

“More than 1,500 Confederate monuments stand in communities like Charlottesville with the potential to unleash more turmoil and bloodshed,” the SPLC posted with the map (emphasis added). “It’s time to take them down

Fascists in Ukraine removed statues of Lenin all over Ukraine. ( Personally, I don’t care for the Commie statues of Lenin, I am just showing you what these “American” fascists wish to do)


Last centuries Nazi’s removed statues in France that were deemed ‘too ugly for Germans’: Click to read..



Side note:     A very tiny minority of Southerners admire and love Hitler and the Nazi’s.. It would be a good idea around this time to rethink some of your lunacy: You’re as sick and evil as the Communist American “Liberals”.

Statues, Leftists? You Mean Ukraine’s Lenin Statues Removed W/ USD Under OBAMA To Install Fascists That You Cheered On?

Ukraine’s “Joan Of Arc”. (Daily Mail, UK) in this photo below. 

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Up to 1320 statues of Communist/Left wing hero, Lenin have been removed now in Ukraine.  The removals started the day after the fall of Yanukovych in the spring of 2014:  The Hunt for Ukraine’s Toppled Lenin Statues – Atlas Obscura


BUT: USA Communist leftists erect statues of the murderous Lenin here in the states:  Click

HOWEVER:   The American Communist leftists and the neo-Conservative right were so Russia-phobic (over nothing) in 2014 as they cheered on the coup against Ukrainian leader, Yanukovych.   Both groups were AOK with Nazi’s (who took over Ukrainian streets) and that’s a fact.  Pictures don’t lie, videos of actual events are not “Russian propaganda”. Talks between Victoria Nuland is not “Moscow disinfo”:

These “American” hypocrites are OK with Nazis, fascists,”Right Sector”,  Azov Battalion, regiments in Kiev, Ukraine taking over a whole government in Kiev with OUR tax dollars – but they are NOT OK with a few rag-tag Nazi’s here at home.  

Truly, the hypocrisy is astounding to me.

The Communist Left wing is OK with firing supposed “Nazi’s” from their jobs here at home, but totally OK with Nazi’s in Ukraine.

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Let’s get a few things straight:  I hate Communism and I hate Nazi-ism.  So, it makes NO difference to me if they remove their totalitarian statues.  Both groups are totalitarians in Ukraine and this is a historical fact.  It DOES make a difference to me if all of the above aforementioned is carried out with MY tax dollars.   AND: Confederates were not ‘totalitarian’.  They wanted states rights.  And, if that is wrong, Left-wingers, then renounce CALEXIT & stop the bs