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Gustav Klimt, The Communist Revolutionary Agitator Of Polite Society

Gustav Klimt, The Communist Revolutionary Agitator Of Polite Society

Klimt, admired…but not understood..



There is nothing wrong with looking at beautiful art and purchasing it..But, you should know some things:

Last night, I started reading a book I purchased from a 2nd hand store about Gustav Klimt written by Gilles Neret.   I happen to admire more than a few of Klimt’s paintings.  Most people do.  But, do most people know what is behind these paintings?  The radical left knows what lies beneath the obvious.  The Liberals are the ones who made Klimt’s art popular again in the late 60’s, early 1970’s.   A Christian or a Conservative does not usually look into the root of an issue.  Why?  Because most Conservative or Christian people do not seek out the worst.  They usually always believe the best.  A Conservative person sees a piece of unusual art that is pretty, loves it – buys it.  

Some  facts about Klimt and other artists that entered the art scene in Vienna, Austria, circa 1905:  Many of their paintings depicted grotesque naked people.  The artists called this movement the “Secession”.  These artists painted eroticism.  They wanted to ‘break free of the chains of censorship’  & this is why these certain artists painted vulgar nudes.    Artists were not ‘censored’.   On the contrary,  there is a flow to sane culture.   Polite society never realized that some devils were in the details of these ‘revolutionary’ artists.  The reason they painted such disgusting nudes was to enter a ‘brave new world’ of left-wing insanity and to thwart the natural flow of life.

The left has always been among us since the dawn of time.  The left was the snake in the Garden of Eden. The left began to destroy society in Europe starting at the turn of the 20th century and Gustav Klimt is proof.  Klimt’s own admission of railing against sane, Victorian culture and conservatism. The ‘state’ was Christian:


Leftists are never happy or content with staying in the confines of privacy.  No, they must thrust their views of sex, eroticism, vulgarity and finally insanity upon an unwilling, polite society.  We must all taste this bitter serum of Liberalism.  We are demanded to embrace the obscenity of the left or we are haters, racists and Nazi’s. 


Below is the sketch of Klimt’s work of art, entitled “Jurisprudence”

Image result for Jurisprudence, klimt


It depicts a man who is bound.  He is bound because he cannot ‘fuck’ every woman he sees.  He is ‘repressed’ by ‘evil’ Victorian Christians and Conservatives who ‘dictated’ morals, ethics & law – of which Klimt wanted no part..  Poor Gustav.  Boo hoo.

*You adore this painting, Conservative?

It is called “Water Serpents”.  It depicts the glory of Lesbians.


Or this wonder…”Death and Life”

What lies beneath this painting above?  A ‘nasty, hateful’, Christian church (note the crosses on the man of death) that is stopping leftist orgies – in public, no doubt.  Probably what Klimt wanted and craved (like most leftists)  

Klimt painted with gold to mock Byzantine Christianity.  And, Klimt’s use of gold and calligraphy calls back to the kinds of religious art  found in churches. Using gold leaf here to celebrate the earthly pleasures and sensuality of sexuality was considered by Christians to be profane & blasphemous. 

This naked woman below was painted to mock Byzantine Christianity.  See the comparison in the calligraphy with gold, below.  This was considered to be a mockery, vulgar, obscene and grotesque to the Victorian Christian reviewers of Vienna:

Icon depicting the Roman Emperor Constantine (centre) and the bishops of the First Council of Nicaea (325) holding the Niceno–Constantinopolitan Creed of 381 - this is Caesaropapism - the idea of combining the power of secular government with the religious power, or making it superior to the spiritual authority of the Church...:

So, why did I write this post?   Let’s get to the final gist:

You see..I was innocently reading a book about Gustav Klimt.  I didn’t buy the book to look for an evil leftist.  Unbeknownst to me, it turns out that the artist, (whose work I adored)  happened to be a left-wing radical who hated God.   Deplored polite society.   Abhorred ethics and morals.   Klimt, the leftist – was a big reason why a person like Hitler arose later on & was put in power.   Severe, dangerous nationalists will arise when filth abounds.   Klimt was a founder of the decadence that swept Europe in the 1900’s & almost destroyed it.  Art was everything before television and radio. Klimt’s work rocked Europe (most notably Vienna) in a negative way as it was meant to.

There is a rise of nationalism in the world today.  In the 1930’s, there was also a rise of nationalism which went south.  Why does nationalism exist?  You see… Leftists never believe there will be ramifications to their insane actions.   For eg.. Salon recently submitted disgusting articles about how a pedophile is just fine and dandy:  Pedophilia – Salon.com.    In fact, to Liberals-rioting and looting is swell.  Open borders is great.. Liberals are the sole reason nationalism exists.

I am not against healthy nationalism.  I am for it’s survival.  Nationalism ensures a country will remain thriving.

Liberal “Progressives” are fascist bullies.  There is only one way to stop their vile behavior and wanton ways:  Rebel, resist, mock, shout, scream, curse, boycott, write, expose their treachery against nation and God.

It is OK to admire beautiful art.. Just understand the attitude behind  some of it – be discerning when choosing.  I still love Klimt’s work, but hate his craving for evil.