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God Gave Me A Dream: The Communist Left Is Going To Try To Remove #POTUS Trump

God Gave Me A Dream: The Left Is Going To Try To Remove #POTUS Trump

I had a dream a last week on June 5th 2017 at 6:00 AM.  The insane Left-wing had removed Trump by some type of fraud election.  In the dream, I was shocked how it all happened. I remember this fraud election, though.  They had installed someone else who is very weak: (He reminded me of Rand Paul)  The Communist left had hyped-up everyone to believe that this person should now be the Pres.  So many idiots just believed it.  Many of us were shocked by what occurred.  It was a quick dream as if I was seeing everything in real time. 

THEN:  This evening, I read on the Gateway:  Presidential Historian: Deep State Operatives Are Attempting Coup d’état of US President.

I don’t know what can possibly happen but I believe that God is trying to warn people that the satanic, demonic, radical, godless Left Wing is planning something awful.  It is no accident that we are seeing radical, terrorist, Leftist violence.  Believe me, the Communists want Trump dead.  God reveals what is happening on the earth:  To warn, prepare, pray..Who knows.. But, he reveals secrets in dreams, visions, what have you and he also confirms it.

This prayer below for Trump. And, pray that he is not removed.

Image result for no weapon formed against you shall prosper

More horrible news:  HuffPo Blogger Calls For POTUS Trump and His Top Aides to be Executed,  SHOTS FIRED at Pickup Truck Carrying Make America Great Again Flag,  Congressman Scalise Undergoes 3rd Surgery After Being Shot in the Hip,  Hateful Actress and Singer Patti LuPone: I Won’t Perform for Trump, “I Hate That Mother F*cker”,  Rep. DeSantis: I Got a Call Today from Someone Saying ‘Glad It Happened – Trump Needs to Be Next’,   Writer for WaPo Attempts to Justify Shooting of Elected Representatives,,  Loretta Lynch Calls For ‘Blood and Death’ in the Streets,  CNN Sister Network TNT Announces New Sponsorship of Trump Assassination Play,  Liberals Attack POTUS Trump After Scalise Shooting: “It Should Have Been His Dumb Ass to Get Popped”

**Today, June 30  2017:


George Soros Setting Up Another Coup D’etat In Macedonia…? He IS Involved

George Soros Setting Up Another Coup D’etat In Macedonia…? He IS Involved

Where ever Soros is involved, chaos is present. Including Ferguson and no doubt, the Baltimore riots.

This website has already established that Victoria Nuland is involved in Macedonian politics & protests:  Click-Macedonia In Same Type Coup d’etat Scenario As #Ukraine? VictoriaNuland (F’ck the EU) Is Involved

As well as the usual culpritic monster of senile evil, John McCain:

Click-“Anti-Government” Protests In Macedonia, Just Like #Ukraine. & Yep, @SenJohnMcCain Involved


*Click-National Review has an article (Part II) about how George Soros is involved in Macedonia (He was also involved in the Coup staged in Ukraine)  See-  (King George Soros Speaks Out On HIS Revolution in Ukraine, The Mad Jewess, 2014)

Here is Part 1:  CLICK (National Review)


The U.S. and Russia are currently involved in heated competition amidst the New Cold War, with their latest rivalry threatening to turn hot over Macedonia. They had already duked it out over Ukraine (and still are, to a large extent), and a deadly stalemate has now settled over Syria as the U.S. covert war on the country drags through its fourth year.

The Russian Insider can see what the cabal of crazy, lead by US Stooges (NGO) and George Soros:  Click to see (“Macedonia, Round 3”)


I dont care what anyone tells you: The US/UN/EU funded NGO (non-governmental org) is involved in the break-up of Macedonia.

  The pseudo-conservatives will blame Russia, as usual-because they’re stuck in 1983 & don’t believe that the USSR broke up and Reagan never accomplished a thing.

Off topic…..Award-Winning Director: Pentagon Could Bomb RT, Start World War III

Even A 3rd World Banana Republic Would Have Thrown Obama OUT A Long Time Ago

Even A 3rd World Banana Republic Would Have Thrown Obama OUT A Long Time Ago

We are sitting here as this madman has signed yet another executive order in a crazed fit over his failure of a party losing the election to the Republicans November 4.   If America had any moral stamina, this lunatic would have been thrown out Jan 2009.  Yet, men wait around stalling  for another vote.  Men will not lose their lives for their country.  They have gained too much money and prestige.  Many American males are just lazy couch potatoes.

I see thousands of bastards all over the internet bitching about Vladimir Putin.  Mr. Putin is not a traitor to his country.  President Putin’s people are not complacent. 

Clean your own backyard, American men–it is repulsive.  Obama should be thrown out in a military coup. Expeditiously. What the fuck are you waiting on?? 5 million more illegal wetbacks?

Yeah… I know.. You’re taking back America from Twitter.