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American Leftists & MANY Conservatives Were FOR The Nazi’s In Ukraine But Against Nazi’s In Charlottesville?

American Leftists & MANY Conservatives Were FOR The Nazi’s In Ukraine But Against Nazi’s In Charlottesville

This is not a Nazi from the infamous Ukrainian Svoboda Party with John McCain in Ukraine.. Don’t believe your lyin eyes:

I made this gif in 2014. It is now being tweeted all over Twitter today. STILL, I am ignored and SICK of it.

[I made this gif above in 2014.  It is now being tweeted all over Twitter today. STILL, I am ignored and SICK of it…YOU CONSERVATIVES: STOP STEALING MY RESEARCH AND THEN IGNORING ME.]

I covered the Soros lead Nazi Coup in Ukraine from November 2013-late 2016.  See here..   And Here, on my old blog.  There were a FEW of us who blogged about this coup in Ukraine. A small handful.

 It seems that the Left and many Conservatives want to condemn the supposed “Nazi’s” in Charlottesville, VA last wknd,  but they don’t want to condemn the US Govt regime-change, fascist, Nazi coup in Ukraine.  In fact, most “Conservatives” like Drudge (Drudge on Ukraine)Gateway Pundit: (See here, G.P., they didn’t know ANYTHING about how Nazis have ALWAYS been in Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of them) and more were just fine with the Nazis in Ukraine..  

That’s because, in the beginning of the SNAFU in Ukraine, they didn’t know what was happening and were not educated in the least regarding Eastern Europe and the problems there. I AM.  I have several friends from Kiev that helped me with the US lead Ukrainian FUBAR through facebook and emails during the coup and bloody war there.

This video made about the ‘stadiums of hate’ was made in 2012–2 years before the Ukrainian Nazi coup: BBC One – Panorama, Euro 2012: Stadiums of Hate.  This shows 100% proof that Ukraine has been filled with Nazis for YEARS and still our government fomented a fake revolution against Kiev, installing a drunk fascist named Poroshenko.   There ARE MANY Nazi’s in Ukraine and they have always been a problem there.  

Here is John McCain & Sen Chris Murphy in Kiev, Ukraine in December 2013:

Lee Stranahan was one of the Conservative people on Twitter who rebuked me a couple of years ago when I was telling the truth about the coup in Ukraine in 2014.   Mr. Stranahan is awake now, so there is hope for the blind:

Now, I do admire Mr. Lee Stranahan but I am a little sick and damned tired of being ignored when I break so many stories and research valid issues regarding foreign affairs.  QV (the moderator here) along with me.

Stranahan says that he ‘just’ ‘dropped this story‘ regarding the “CIA AND UKRAINE”.  Wrong.   I ‘dropped this story‘ years ago and I was called  a “Moscow Troll” by ‘American Conservatives’….. INCLUDING Stranahan who challenged me for standing by Putin & Russia over the Nazis in Ukraine.

Now, to the gist…

The Conservatives and Communists are quick to admonish the supposed Nazis in Charlottesville, VA this last weekend… They are NOT too quick to rebuke the Nazi coup lead by the US govt against Ukraine in 2014.  Neither of these type folks can be trusted because of their blatant hypocrisy.

Hat tip to KIMCHEE on Gab.

Former Lt. Col. Believes “Trump Conceded, Coup Complete?”

Former Lt Col Believes”Trump Conceded, Coup Complete?” 

Image result for coup

The Lt. Col (in the video below) totally believes that Trump has conceded to the Communists, CIA, Deep State and the “NWO”.    It might be true.. I don’t know.   But, I myself have watched one coup after the next and this is very possible.  This Col also covered the SNAFU in Ukraine and understands what happens during a Coup.  

Roger Stone (below) also believes that the “Coup” is being carried out.  The 3 Generals in Trump’s ‘top’ brass are anti Trump.  Media Matters and a ton of Bolsheviks are happy that McMasters is in there: Media Matters, CAIR, FCommunist ADL, #NeverTrumpers and Anti-Trump Hacks ALL DEFEND H.R. McMaster.    

WHAT do they know???

This also is big news because some Jews have been purged and they were Trump loyalists:  TOP JEWISH ORGANIZATION IN AMERICA Calls on Trump Admin to Reassign H.R. McMaster

Listen to Roger Stone also:

Comment on Youtube from Singapore:

From Singapore; STUPID AMERICAN CONSERVATIVES President Trump must initiate loyal TRUMP MILITIAS of millions of men and women of all groups to protect him n suspend your corrupt Congress. TRUMP must declare MARTIAL LAW and rule with the military n police n Trump Militias n Trump loyalists in your congress. If not then TRUMP will be brought down by your wicked DEEP STATE! We admire n respect your President Trump here in Asia we detested your your previous President.


I hope you all realize that this could be a SERIOUS situation.  These  people have conducted Coups all over the world.  I have been blogging about the Coups that US Govt has perpetrated against so many countries for years.  MANY times I have said: “What would you think if people came and over-threw OUR govt?”  Nobody listened.  And now, it may just be happening to us.  

 * The Battle for Trump’s Foreign Policy

*A Bloodless Civil War  Is Coming Into Focus  With Attacks on Trump

*The Hill confirms everything we’ve been saying about the deep state sabotaging Trump

 Pray harder now than you ever have before.  Any country that suffers a Coup descends into chaos.  

Pray that this fails.

Pray this LT COL is wrong.

Pray HARD.

Aug 10th, 1 AM

God Gave Me A Dream: The Communist Left Is Going To Try To Remove #POTUS Trump

God Gave Me A Dream: The Left Is Going To Try To Remove #POTUS Trump

I had a dream a last week on June 5th 2017 at 6:00 AM.  The insane Left-wing had removed Trump by some type of fraud election.  In the dream, I was shocked how it all happened. I remember this fraud election, though.  They had installed someone else who is very weak: (He reminded me of Rand Paul)  The Communist left had hyped-up everyone to believe that this person should now be the Pres.  So many idiots just believed it.  Many of us were shocked by what occurred.  It was a quick dream as if I was seeing everything in real time. 

THEN:  This evening, I read on the Gateway:  Presidential Historian: Deep State Operatives Are Attempting Coup d’état of US President.

I don’t know what can possibly happen but I believe that God is trying to warn people that the satanic, demonic, radical, godless Left Wing is planning something awful.  It is no accident that we are seeing radical, terrorist, Leftist violence.  Believe me, the Communists want Trump dead.  God reveals what is happening on the earth:  To warn, prepare, pray..Who knows.. But, he reveals secrets in dreams, visions, what have you and he also confirms it.

This prayer below for Trump. And, pray that he is not removed.

Image result for no weapon formed against you shall prosper

More horrible news:  HuffPo Blogger Calls For POTUS Trump and His Top Aides to be Executed,  SHOTS FIRED at Pickup Truck Carrying Make America Great Again Flag,  Congressman Scalise Undergoes 3rd Surgery After Being Shot in the Hip,  Hateful Actress and Singer Patti LuPone: I Won’t Perform for Trump, “I Hate That Mother F*cker”,  Rep. DeSantis: I Got a Call Today from Someone Saying ‘Glad It Happened – Trump Needs to Be Next’,   Writer for WaPo Attempts to Justify Shooting of Elected Representatives,,  Loretta Lynch Calls For ‘Blood and Death’ in the Streets,  CNN Sister Network TNT Announces New Sponsorship of Trump Assassination Play,  Liberals Attack POTUS Trump After Scalise Shooting: “It Should Have Been His Dumb Ass to Get Popped”

**Today, June 30  2017:


What Is The REAL Scoop In Yemen? By QV

What’s The REAL Scoop In Yemen? By QV

Authored by QV3:

When  Obama praised America’s efforts in Yemen as being a model “war
on terror” – knowledgeable observers warned that, far from being a
model war, the American drone war in Yemen was killing so many
civilians that it was turning an entire population toward the radical

USA is supporting the bombing of Yemen by Saudi´s “because there was
an illegal coup against elected president..” But in Syria USA
supports, trains and equips bearded jihadi terrorists which want to
overthrown democratically elected president Assad.  The double
standards and hypocrisy of America knows no bounds.

Yemen has  a  Shiite population  estimated at 30-35% of the
population. For many years Houthis have campaigned for a more
representative government in Sana’a, and for a greater Houthi voice in
parliament .  Their primarily peaceful protests, which have never
evolved into secessionist demands, met with violent repression in
2004, by the then Ali Abdallah Saleh regime. This led to a six-year
war ending in a ceasefire in 2010.  He was replaced by Abed Rabbo
Mansour Hadi,  Both were US-approved leaders, and sanctioned by Saudi

In January Hadi resigned as president, citing an irresolvable
political “stalemate.” Under house arrest, his home surrounded by
Houthi forces, he was able to flee to Aden in February, pronouncing
himself once again as “president of the republic” before fleeing the
country for Somalia March 25 after Houthis seized the Aden airport.
Meanwhile on February 10 the U.S. embassy, which had evacuated
non-essential staff in August 2013, closed down entirely, citing
security issues in Sana’a. On February 12 al-Qaeda in the Arabian
Peninsula overran a government military base in southern Yemen. Five
weeks later 100 U.S. troops evacuated a hitherto secret base near the
city of al-Houta as al-Qaeda forces attacked. Not since the  seizure
of the U.S. embassy in Tehran in 1979, has U.S. imperialism met with
such abject humiliation.

In geopolitics, Yemen is one of the most strategically important
countries in the world.  When the Houthis took control of Sanaa, the
Saudis suddenly realized they were being taken down and hard. She
loses land to Yemen and to Shia Iraq, loses oil fields and shipping
facilities to Shia Iraq.  Saudi Arabia responded to this event in
Yemen by moving heavy military equipment and forces to the border with
Yemen.  With full approval by the US. That is already profiting from
the arms sales and weaponry sent to the  GCC coalition comprising of
Egypt, Jordan, and Sudan.

Yemen is really close to falling completely under the control of Iran.
Were this to happen, Saudi Arabia would be facing a very sharp
military knife pointed right at her underbelly.  The porous border
between Yemen and Saudi Arabia would quickly become a back door into
the Saudi nation. Add to that the fact that Yemen is gatekeeper to one
of the most strategic waterways in the world, and suddenly you see why
Yemen is so important.  The Houthis takeover in Yemen proves that Iran
is implementing a bold strategy to control the vital sea lane, from
the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean sea.


Iran now  controls Four Middle East capitals, Baghdad, Damascus,
Beirut, and now Sanaa is in the hands of Shia Houthis; and Iran has
become the gatekeeper of the Red Sea and the Suez Canal.  Saudi Arabia
will be stripped of almost all her access to the ocean — both on the
Red Sea and the Persian Gulf! This reality must mean that some other
nation is going to control Saudi Arabia’s oil export terminals!

3.8 million barrels of oil per day—passes through the Bab el-Mandeb
Strait, the southern gate of the Red Sea. Measuring just 18 miles
across, this channel is the closest point between the two landmasses
of central Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. The northeast edge of the
strait is in Yemeni territory.
The strategic importance of controlling this passage is equal to
controlling the Suez Canal, since both are part of the same

Now that Iran controls Yemen, it can virtually close or open this
spigot on ME oil bound for Europe.
The global ramifications would be immense should this happen.  And we
are not even talking about Iran closing down the Strait of Hormuz!


QV3 is a Foreign, Anti-war, Bible-believing Buddhist & Conservative.  You may object to his facts, however, you must state a refute that is applicable.

#RUSSIA Protesters To America: “U$A! STOP THE WAR!” (WWIII) Sorry, Russia, US LOVES War

#RUSSIA Protesters To America: “U$A! STOP THE WAR!” (WWIII) Sorry, Russia, US LOVES War


First of all:  For those that know the truth about what happened in Feb 2014, Kiev.. We know & understand that EU/US politicians and their NGO’s started the whole mess in Eastern Europe.  John McCain being one of the biggest band-leaders of the Coup in Kiev, financially backed by George Soros.  Both idiots blame Putin for their creation of disaster and murder.

I watched the enclosed video in the link below.  Russians are unified. Americans are not.   If Russia decided to attack America, they would win–even on our soil because Americans have NO unity.   Face the facts that if America does not stop this insanity in Eastern EU, she will have caused her own nuke destruction.

I agree with Russia:  U$A: Stop WW3.

The protesters in Moscow were an assortment of ultranationalist bikers, pensioners, war veterans, members of student organizations and activists from other pro-Kremlin groups. Many of them waved Russian flags, others bore banners that said “Die, America!” or “U$A, Stop the War!”

More:  The rest

Please Russia, if you come and invade, please remember my IP address.