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Did The Daily Fag, Andrew Anglin Post Names Of Jewish Women To Target In Montana?

Did The Daily Fag, Andrew Anglin Post Names Of Jewish Women To Target In Montana?

An art collage from June 2016

So, is it true that he targeted Jewish women?  Or Jews in general in ‘real life?’    

I don’t think so, personally.  

The Daily Fag is about 25 plus years old, barely out of puberty & half a queer.  Why all the fuss over this squirt is beyond me.  I eat little bastards like him for breakfast with my Wheaties before I lift my usual 215 lbs on Monday’s.

This is Miss Anglin’s refute to these allegations:

I have made it explicitly clear that I am not calling for threats or harassment or anything else against the people who are threatening and harassing (and extorting) the Spencers. I have called for a campaign of making our voices heard, making it clear to these people that we see what they are doing and that we do not agree with it. That we are sickened by it.

It seems that Spencer, another fairy for Hitler is being harassed by leftists for being a White Supremacist.  BUT- I hear leftists are harassing Spender’s Mother, which is disgusting:  Richard Spencer’s Mother Speaks Out – “I didn’t sign up for this”   from a left wing Jewish rag called “Forward”

Anyway, re. Anglin – Big deal.  I could have had a V-8.   And Spencer is a White Supremacist who lives in Montana…. Shit, I’m shaking in my boots…

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Let’s get back to life and allow these skinny, pissant, little girls to masturbate to pics of Ernst Rohm.  This is not an issue.

WHY Are You Twitter Nazi’s Using RUSSIAN History? YOURS Murdered White, Christian Russians In The 10’s Of MILLIONS!

WHY Are You Twitter Nazi’s Using RUSSIAN History? YOURS Murdered White, Christian Russians In The 10’s Of MILLIONS!

#1. I am one of the first bloggers who even blogged about the evils of the Communist/Bolsheviks in Russia:  (Many posts, too many to count).


#2. A bunch of young, infantile, apathetic, Twitter, pussy Nazis from Daily Stormer  (a short, 20 something year old putzy, girly-looking, metro-queer, who banned me on his blog of bullshit and muted me on Twitter)  helped hijack a ‘hashtag’ (group) called the “Alt Right” on Twitter.  (I am not a member of “Alt Right”)  Leaders don’t join a pack.

These Lilliputian pussies have taken to task to attack The Mad Jewess on Twitter (daily) to make her pay for the crimes of the Bolsheviks.   (I am Native American and Portuguese/Sephardic, not Russian).    Alas, I must pay for the Bolshevik murderers (even though I am very right-wing & against Commies and Nazis).    

Most important:  Excuse me, but my Grandfathers were in the US Military and they fought WITH the Russians.  

You FAGGOTS were on the side of the murderers OF the Russians you stupid dolts.

#3. My question to you pathetic, little, simple-minded, cowardly, uneducated people is this:  Why are you using Russian history?  You hate Russians and always have.   Your mad-man hero, Hitler – called Russians “Subhuman”.    Your ilk shot RUSSIAN CHRISTIAN White people in the back and murdered 10’s of millions of them.   Who the hell do you think you are now? Using their history to try to prove your idiotic, childish, immature talking points to people like me who support America’s WW2 Vets &  Russian Christian white people–to this day?  See:  Russia vs. Ukraine

#4. Below is one of the fairy boys that sends his pussies out to attack me, (a woman old enough to be his mother, or even Grandmother).   Imagine a movement of Nazis that are SO TOUGH, they attack females.  Their sick parents probably beat women like many white trash ‘males’ do.


Scottie Spencer

PS:   Smoke-balls above blocked me like most Nazis do after I add them to my list of: Menstruating Females or Twitters Biggest PUSSIES.   He can’t even be 25 years old.  

You are blocked from following @Smoloko123 and viewing @Smoloko123’s Tweets.

#5. Smoke-Balls buddy, Andy (The Daily Fag) cant even be 30 years old:

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Andi the pretty, little, queer-boy kinda looks like a white ape…

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This is what your heroes did to Russian, White, Christians:

“Seen by Russia”  

Image result for German firing squad shooting civilians in the back

Nazis HANGED Russian FEMALES by piano wire:







National SOCIALIST TRAITORS  (“Nasis”)  You have NO moral authority to use any Russian history—at all.  

You sick, demented, stinkin’ vagina’s.