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The Mad Jewess Interview On Youtube: Black On White Crime, #GeorgeZimmerman, Liberal “Jews”

The Mad Jewess Interview On Youtube: Black On White Crime, #GeorgeZimmerman, Liberal “Jews”

Well, after 3 massive, major surgeries that tore right through my poor tummy and taking off 50 plus pounds (I still have 20 or so more to go) & after laying on my duff recovering, I finally decided to do an interview with a very nice young, Jewish lady who is 25 years old with her head on.  I was very nervous and fidgety, so, please excuse me.   We cover a few subjects, including Zimmerman, black on white crime, white flight, etc.

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We will be doing many more Youtubes in the upcoming weeks, since I don’t feel so fat anymore  😀   Thanks. Shalom and God bless..


What’s Next, #LGBT? Jewish Bakeries Making Swastika Shaped Wedding Cakes?

What’s Next, #LGBT? Jewish Bakeries Making Swastika Shaped Cakes?


Just how much will you let your country sink? When will you say enough? Do you think voting is going to change anything? America is doomed as long as you think you have done enough by paying your taxes and voting.

The gay lobby and their Communist advocates are pushing this deviant agenda down our throats and we not only sit back and take it, but get so brainwashed by the screamers and the media that we are now pro-gay marriage as a nation.

If that wasn’t enough, this group, and their media whores are now demanding that you make their floral arrangements, bake their pizza and make their wedding cakes no matter what your religious conviction is. Gay rights trumps religious rights.

If you are a religious Christian you cannot refuse to make a wedding cake for militant fags no matter what your faith dictates. Well, lets take this a step further, since this is where it probably will end up anyway: What if you are a bakery owned by Jews and Nazis want a cake made up in the shape of a Swastika? Do you have the right to refuse? What if you are a bakery owned by blacks and Klan members want a cake in the shape of KKK? Can you refuse or do you have to be tolerant of what ever your customer believes and wants?

Just remember this ‘Tolerance is the last good deed of a dying nation.’ So don’t miss that football game or that barbecue or that feast of pizza and let your nation slip away.

-David Ben Moshe, 4/2015

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Gay Storm Troopers Assault Christian Mom and Pop Pizzeria




The white race, the race that created almost everything the world knows as civilization, is on a course for oblivion. It’s a shame because where would the world be without white people? The world would barely be out of the Stone Age.

In the 1960s, blacks, not the sharpest knives in the drawer, were smart enough to take any other group willing to march with them, under their umbrella. Jews, liberals and students of all faiths marched for Negro civil rights. They marched into neighborhoods that hated them for a people that hate them, just to be united with blacks and their cause. Today, blacks are a monolith. 94% of all blacks across the nation actually wanted Jesse Jackson to be the president. 93% of all blacks in NYC, actually wanted a buffoon like Al Sharpton to be the mayor and 112% of all blacks wanted Barack Obama to be our first president.

Whites are totally different. Blacks are murdering whites at a terrible rate. White culture is being denigrated, forgotten, abandoned and stolen for other races to claim as their own. Whites are losing their countries to the 3rd world and this includes Europe, which is where the white race dwelled since the time of the dinosaurs. Whites have NO hope of reversing this state of affairs. Not only is there a large percentage of whites who are self hating but are also race traitors, we see ethnic group after ethnic group of whites claiming that the other ethnic white group isn’t white. We have seen this over and over with Jews. White Jews are white! Chinese Jews are not white. Swarthy skinned Greeks and Italians are white. White Arabs are white. People from India have the white skull shape so what race are they? They certainly aren’t Asian or Negroid.

There are just 3 races, Caucasian, Asian and Negroid. Each of these races have a unique skull shape, skulls that are so different looking that if they were put in a room, layed out on a table, and you walked in, you would think that these are 3 different skulls from 3 different species. Actual skin color and other than skull shape features are more of a result of where on earth you live. Darker skinned people are found close to the equator.

Lots of white people are so frustrated with the loss of their country and culture that they are turning towards extremist groups such as Nazis, but Nazis were pro-German, not pro white.  Nazis killed white people and only white people by the tens of millions, Russians, Poles, Danes, Norwegians, Dutch, Belgians, English, French, Canadians, Australians, and white Americans.

White people must stick together to try and retake their nations back and put aside all minor differences before it is too late. They must become the united monolith that blacks are.


David Ben Moshe