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Le Madama Blue


“Twins Of Blue Ice” By TMJ AsheDina 2014

I am NO fan of NYC at all, but I like the buildings!  At any rate… I, of course will put up an 80’s song for you to enjoy because I am forever stuck in the 1980’s, being an anti ‘progressive’ n all.. God has been so good to me this week.  My friend is coming to visit at the end of September, so I will take off for 5 days at the end of September for a much needed rest.  We will be busy having fun in Sedona   😀   Just a little update, I am calling  http://grumpyelder.com/  in a few days to update my system so you all can get my emails and posts…  

One post that totally grieved me this morning..In Defense of Bare Naked Islam.. Zilla, who wrote it is such a class act.  She does not outright attack ‘Yid with Lid’ for his silly post against BNI,  but speaks her mind.   Bare Naked Islam is AWAKE to the cabal of insanity: THE US GUBMINT.   For that, she gets HUGE cheers from us here at TMJ.

Anyway……..drum roll…