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Dr. Anthony Napoleon, PhD: “A Forensic Analysis & Media Critique: The Charleston Tragedy”

Dr. Anthony Napoleon, PHD:  “A Forensic Analysis and Media Critique: The Charleston Tragedy”

Dr. Anthony Napoleon, PhD is a California licensed clinical psychologist, with a specialization in medical and forensic psychology.  His work at Indiana University at Bloomington included dual majors in the psychology department’s honor’s program and in I.U.’s school of journalism.  Dr. Napoleon is an expert on mind control and how psychology can be used to modify cognitive and affective neurological function.

Please read Dr. Napoleon’s analysis of the Charleston shooter:   I am not excerpting this because he is a Doctor and it is necessary that you read this from his website. Click here.

Napoleon author photo

I urge all of you to take 10 minutes and please read it.

Dr. Napoleon in an interview regarding the VA Tech shooter:

Part 1:

Part 2:  Dr. Anthony Napoleon on Virginia Tech Shooting. 

Part 3:  Dr. Anthony Napoleon Discusses the Virginia Tech Shooting

One of Dr. Napoleons books:  A Look Inside the Playbook: How Marxists Plan to Destroy America


Dr. Napoleon has offered analysis on George Zimmerman, The Boston bombing and many other volatile subjects.

Thank you for the compliment:

Marxists/Left Defaming Jared Taylor, Playing Down Black On White Rape Statistics

Marxists/Left Defaming Jared Taylor & Council Of Conservative Citizens, Playing Down Black On White Rape Statistics [Listen to Taylor’s video, above]

Jared Taylor is a nice man. He is for Jewish nationalism, also.  All his websites show is articles regarding the color of crime, which- in many cases is black & violent.    Some articles are not my taste but over all, he and the C of CC are concerned about the status of white people.  

White people are not allowed to care about other white people.  Jews care for Jews, Blacks care for Blacks, ditto Mexicans, Asians, etc.  But, whites cannot care for white issues because that’s racist?  People need to grow up.

The truth about black on white rape is posted  on the Council of Conservative Citizens–the stats are FROM the FBI.  The Left says the FBI lies…but only when it pertains to blacks.  

If the below does not shock YOU into oblivion, you need to have your head examined:

Year 2003 – Rape/Sexual Assault Year 2003
White on Black: 0
Black on White: 20,309
Black on Black: 21,104

Year 2004 – Rape/Sexual Assault Year 2004
White on Black: 0
Black on White: 11,610
Black on Black: 35,330

Year 2005 – Rape/Sexual Assault Year 2005
White on Black : 0
Black on White: 37,460
Black on Black: 36, 620

[More PDF files on the Council of Conservative Citizens]

Year 2006 – Rape/Sexual Assault
White on Black: 0
Black on White: 32, 443
Black on Black: 7,705

Year 2007 – Rape/Sexual Assault
White on Black: 0
Black on White: 14,092
Black on Black: 12,780

Year 2008 – Rape/Sexual Assault

White on Black: 0
Black on White: 19,292
Black on Black: 34,841

Total over six conservative years:

White on Black: 0
Black on White: 135,206
Black on Black: 148,380

That list is from the Council Of Conservative Citizens:  CLICK.    Hat tip –@Weelittlefishy

FOR EG – According to the U.S. Department of Justice: Criminal Victimization in the United States: 32,443 white women were raped by blacks in 2006 compared to 0 (zero) white men raping black women. That’s 32,443 to zero! Look it up yourself, its on table 42, do the math, 194,270 X 16.7% = 32,443.


Lying and defaming Mr. Taylor:  Council of Conservative Citizens Promotes White Primacy, and GOP Ties NY Times

Lying and defaming Mr. Taylor: What Is the Council of Conservative Citizens, the White-Supremacist Group That Inspired a Racist Manifesto? – The Atlantic


Typical, name calling Leftist totalitarians.

@RollingStone “Right Wing Terrorists” Biggest Threat. RS Does Not Blame Left For Their Dehumanizing, Divisive, Racial Politics

@RollingStone “Right Wing Terrorists” Biggest Threat.  RS Does Not Blame Left For Their Dehumanizing, Divisive, Racial Politics

Rolling Stone mag blames all Conservatives for Dylann Roof even though Mags like the RS push radical politics that CREATE reactionary terrorists.   Communist Liberals…never look at themselves and the monsters they create.  This is what the Hoax Mag (RS) claims (and links up the NY Slimes for their source)

Absolutely do not ask why right-wing hacks and politicians scream bloody murder when the Department of Homeland Security reports on right-wing, racist domestic terror and ignores when law enforcement cites right-wing extremism as our main terror threat. All of that happens in a vacuum, and no one could possibly learn from that.      Hat tip: GP

At any rate-“Right wing extremism”….. Most right-wingers already know the FBI & the DHS have them highly monitored just for existing.  Normal patriotic people like myself don’t go out of our way to get into trouble.   Blogs like mine and others—know that the Communist Liberals watch our every move–we know this.  However, Liberal radicals are not monitored.  The ACLU even claimed when asked about left wing terrorists:  “We have not addressed it“.  They do not address it because when a left wing terrorist blows something up, it’s for the “Greater good.”

Besides being on some really hard prescription drugs, Dylann Roof also had to deal with some everyday issues that the radical leftists push on Americans:

Roof is white.  He is castigated day in and day out for being white.  Daily, Roof heard from the news (Roof being young–probably read the news online)  that he is an evil, white male that must pay for the crimes of his evil white ancestors.   Roof heard and read that he is ‘privileged.’  (Which is a lie)   Roof knows that he is white and by being white, he knows that he is a walking target for the young, black male to murder, rob or beat.    A few years back, Roof heard the Black Panthers say: “Kill all white people and their babies“.       He knew that because of his whiteness, he could walk down the wrong street at the wrong time and become a dead white.  Roof heard the never-ending rants of the feminists saying; “Smash the white male patriarchy!”    

All of the above dehumanization’s against white American males were created BY the radical, Communist left.  Who now blame us for THEIR tactics that created the monster, Dylann Storm Roof.

Subliminally & psychologically speaking, the above was Dylann Roof’s world.   Roof reacted negatively to left-wing negativity.   Now, the left is angry at Conservatives for THEIR by-product.  The Left knows that for every action, there is reaction, but they don’t care.       In his enraged, crazed mind, he also probably thought: “I’m gonna go kill them before they kill me.”    Nothing excuses the murders of 9 souls in the South Carolina church. That’s not what this post is about.    However, nobody really looks at the root of issues like this: The Communist, radical, Marxist, Liberal, Left-wing and their dehumanizing tactics that drive people like Roof out of his mind.

When a nation goes insane, those that are insane may just act. 

I wrote about the reactionaries 6 mos ago: The FAR, Right-Wing Is On The Rise, Globally – Because Leftists Have Caused It

One of those murdered in the church was S.C. DEM State Senator, Pickney.

From Mother Jones:

Back in May, the senator delivered this stirring (and now haunting) call to action following the death of Walter Scott—the unarmed black man who was shot and killed by a white police officer in North Charleston, just six miles north of where Pinckney and others were murdered. Here’s Pinckney on the Senate floor, rallying support for the adoption of police body cameras.  CLICK

ALSO:  Dylann Roof locked in cell near officer who shot Walter Scott


Sheriff Joe to protect black churches in AZ