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#Macedonia In Same Type Coup d’etat Scenario As #Ukraine? #VictoriaNuland (F’ck the EU) Is Involved

#Macedonia In Same type Coup d’etat Scenario As #Ukraine? #VictoriaNuland (F’ck the EU) Is Involved


Victoria Nuland with Macedonian Prime Minister, Nikola Gruevski

#1.   3 months ago, Victoria Nuland was pushing Macedonia to join NATO:  Nuland: To find solution that will provide Macedonia possibility to join NATO and the EU (Post from Macedonia News source)

#2.   Excerpt from Macedonian News source, below:  (SDSM is supposedly a terrorist group from Kosovo.. And who would arm these Kosavar terrorists?  Ask Bill Clinton – after all, he bombed the Serbians for 70 plus days in the late 90’s)

That step of Victoria Nuland with complete denial of SDSM in general, and the situation that SDSM is trying to show before the international community clearly indicates completely wrong policies of SDSM. U.S. open stands behind policies that bring prosperity to the state, not behind policies that mean nothing but harm for their own country at the expense of personal gain.

Nuland’s messages that should be understood (Less than a year ago, this was posted from Macedonia)

ALSO:  Nuland: Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Macedonia are priority for U.S.U.S. Senate calls for Macedonia and Montenegro accession in NATONuland: The name dispute depends only on Macedonia and Greece

#3.   Victoria Nuland visits Macedonia (Less than a year ago)

Ukrainians believe that the US Govt is staging a coup in Macedonia:  Is Victoria Nuland attempting another coup in Macedonia? Hat tips: Sasha on Twitter

Der Spiegel says that Victoria Nuland is Obama’s ‘riot diplomat’.  In English:  Click here.


The EU/US lead takeover of Macedonia has been in the works for over a year.  Proof is above.  Of course, many idiot American people will blame all of this on Putin & Russia because they are like sheep lead to the slaughter by the lying Main Stream Media.    Start looking for the subliminal messages from CNN, MSN, FOX, ABC, et al for the usual tag line:  “The Macedonian PM is a tyrant.”     The American government has to invent phoney tyrants to thrust through the elite war for oil and resources to make the pockets of John McCain, Nuland, Murphy, Graham, Nuland, Soros…fat.

OMG! Some Russian Troops In ONE Country: Ukraine & US Troops? ALL OVER THE PLANET

OMG! Some Russian Troops In 1 Country: Ukraine. & US Troops? ALL OVER THE PLANET

Does anyone ever think of our soldiers?  Do they even know what enemy they are fighting, anymore?  What cause they are killing for?   Do they like being stationed without a mission?

If they were fighting for the right cause, they would be on OUR borders in the South West.  That is where our real problem is.  Our issue is not in Ukraine, Jordan, Afghanistan, Honduras, Venezuela.. Currently, the United States has military personnel deployed in about 150 Countries… This covers 75% of The World’s Nations.

US Deployment Facts | Top 14 Countries Where US Troops are Deployed

So, why are we in Germany?  Are the NAZIs still going strong there? Is the imperial army still in charge of Japan?  Why are we in UK??  Are we still fighting the Revolutionary war??  Italy…Is Mussolini still the dictator? South Korea?  10’s of thousands of men all over the world with NO cause.  They could be used here at home ON OUR BORDERS and let these other nations take care of their own damned selves.  I am 100% positive sure that NOBODY wants our occupation.  NOBODY.


Adam Taylor and Laris Karklis/The Washington Post

Russia/Putin is in Ukraine… Wow. Oh my God.  Why is he in Ukraine?  Could it be that the idiot that America put in charge is a violent, dictatorial, incompetent jackass?   These people seem to think so:  Kiev, rise up!’ Protesters demand ouster of Ukrainian Puppet, Poroshenko


  • The US Government installed a brutal murderous dictator in Egypt, Morsi.  10’s of thousands of humans are dead. Among the dead are many Coptic Christians.  Egypt finally rose up, ousted the dictator and told America to STAY OUT.
  • The US Government destroyed Libya and assisted in the rape and murder of Gaddafi. Libya was once a country in control of itself.  Now it is taken over by Islamic rebels thanks to the US GOVERNMENT.
  • The EVIL US Government demanded the ouster of Assad in Syria (He refused to step down as is his right) and now 150K humans are dead in Syria.   Assad is fighting Syrian rebel cannibals and ISIS,  but our government wants to fight Assad who is killing the terrorists.
  • The US Government demanded Ukraine’s Yanukovych step down in Kiev  back in Feb 2014. Shortly after, he was forced out.  Poroshenko was put in charge and there has been nothing but murder and war since he became the President…You can thank John McCain and Victoria Nuland for that mess.

Now, the US Government media is crying like a baby because a small amount of troops from Russia are in Ukraine.  Just what the hell is our business in UKRAINE? We have NO business in Ukraine.   There is NO reason for us to be in Ukraine.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  Nix.  Nine.