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BUILD THE WALL! Stop Blaming Muslims For Leftist Destruction Of UK, EU. MUST C VID OF THE HORROR OF LEFTISM

BUILD THE WALL! Stop Blaming Muslims For Leftist Destruction Of UK, EU. MUST C VID OF THE HORROR OF LEFTISM

I have posted this video before.  But, here are the facts: If we do not build a wall (no matter who gets elected), this will be America.  They are teacking little children in Europe, [ditto America] to embrace those that hate them and will murder them.

I don’t like Islam at all but it is...




Commenter On My Friend’s Blog Says EU Is “Nothing Like What I Describe”

Commenter On My Friend’s Blog Says EU Is “Nothing Like What I Describe”

Can we all admit that the lousy politics of Obama has changed us? On both sides?  (Well, some of us can’t change like the commenter below)  When I was a little younger, I was a hard-core member of the GOP.  When George Bush called American Minutemen, “Vigilantes”…. I changed.  That was in early 2005.  As I saw the ways of pseudo-Conservative war-mongers in the GOP, I changed.

However, one thing that is true:  I don’t lie about Europe and America.  Racism, schmacism:  “Mavadelo”, below says I am ‘vile and racist.’  #1. Illegal means illegal and is not a race.  #2. Islam is not a race.   #3. America, EU and Israel are being flooded with people that hate them and it’s just a fact.  The racism and hatred comes from the illegals, not from ‘evil’ whitey..

Facts are facts: Leftists encourage mass immigration from the 3rd world into EU and USA, ditto Israel.  When the ‘right wing’ says NO!!!  It’s killing us!!  Leftists say “You’re racist”.  So, we are doomed.  White America, EU and Israel are on suicide watch.

[Comment] Mavadelo on said:

what a horrible article you llinked there, so vile and racist I have seldom encountered. No, Europe is nothing like what she describes, it is what “her kind” is afraid it will become. Every blog that allows comments that call for “the extermination” of leftist people should be dismissed on the spot

This comment was on my friend, John Liming’s site.  I happen to love Mr. Liming and he has been there for me on several occasions.   

What commenters write here on my blog is up to them.  I allow ‘vile’ comments. I don’t allow people that straight-up hate Jews.

Now, for the issue in EU with it’s open borders madness.  Let’s take a look at what has happened in Europe with the Muslims:

May 2015, France:


July 2015, Manchester, England: (Shia Muslims beating themselves)  Older England would never allow this:

Muslim riot in Belgium:

It’s so bad in Denmark that the right wing is saying HELL NO to any more Muslim immigrants:

6 mos ago in Netherlands, leaders are telling Muslims to assimilate or get out.  Muslims disrupt Memorial Day in Netherlands, 6 mos ago:

In Germany, 12 months ago, a pack of nasty Muslims were demanding a few Jews come out of their apartment during another ‘protest’.  Things like this not seen in Germany since the 30’s, 40’s:

Anyone can go to Youtube and witness these things for themselves.  We do not lie here.  We’re just telling it as it is.  If we find an inaccuracy, we change it and apologize.

#Ukraine Chief Staff: “No Russian Troops In #Donetsk” (Western Media LIES, Daily)

#Ukraine Chief Staff: “No Russian Troops In Donetsk” (Western Media LIES, Daily)


Obama, McCain, EU and the rest of the war-mongering lunatics are chomping at the bit to send YOUR sons over to Ukraine to die for the NAZI cause.  I have been hearing non-stop ‘reports’ about how Russia has invaded Ukraine—again.. For the what? 10th-12th time?

The Western bullshit artists lie every day claiming that Russia has invaded Ukraine but cannot confirm it: US Unable to Confirm Recent Reports of Russian Troops in Ukraine

MOSCOW, January 29 (Sputnik) — The chief of Ukraine’s General Military Staff Viktor Muzhenko acknowledged that Russian regular army units were not involved in combat action in the troubled Donetsk and Luhansk regions.  The whole story:  Click

Liars, animals, lunatics, nuts & crazies run the show in the west..

Root Cause Of Anti #ISLAM Uprising Protests In EU: #LEFTISM, #PROGRESSIVES, #MARXISTS

Root Cause Of Anti #ISLAM Uprising Protests In EU: #LEFTISM, #PROGRESSIVES, #MARXISTS


If you do not lay the axe to the root, you will still be stuck with the weed.  

It is the left that opened the doors to the 3rd world in EU & America. It is the left that helped built the idiot causes like CAIR, NAACP, La Raza and all of the other insane, anti-patriotic movements.  The left who censors the hate crimes against indigenous Europeans.  The left who allows women to be raped in Sweden.  The left who tells everyone they are ‘racist and Islamophobics.’  The left who taxes you to pay for those that hate you.  The left who throws Brits in jail for speaking out against Islamic fascismIt is the left that has destroyed the Christian roots of Europe.  It is the left that is anti-white.

You can protest and that is a good thing.  It always is good to do this, but if you do not rid EU of the left, this will all continue because Islamics thrive on war & will only be emboldened by protest.  Hate Israel all you want, EU – but you are only getting a small taste of what they go through on a weekly basis, now. 

Fine, get rid of the Islamics. Who the hell wants them, anyway?  But, if you do not get rid of the left, you will be stuck with this mess for another 50 years.  The left must go.  They must be forced into resignations, they must be shamed, ridiculed, rebuked, revolted against & overthrown.  Just this last New Years Eve, the anarchists (Probably blacks and Muslims) in France burned over 900 cars: 940 Cars Torched in France in New Year Celebrations

Leftism is not working anywhere.

The LEFT is evil and must be stopped. 

I wrote this just the other day:  The FAR, Right-Wing Is On The Rise, Globally – Because Leftists Have Caused It

The left is the root cause to all of the unhappiness in EU.  America also, ditto Israel.  If the west wants to end these murderous, Muslims maniacs, & lunatic, young black males – you must overthrow your governments.   Click to see all the photos of protests in EU.

Lawless US Govt Put Foreigners In Charge Of #Ukraine Parliament. Must Be #Putin’s Fault

Lawless US Govt Put Foreigners In Charge Of #Ukraine Parliment. Must Be #Putin’s Fault

I ranted on an on about Ukraine and the disaster the US/EU NGO brought to that country. Sadly, very sadly, I have been totally vindicated.  Whatever, people.. I’m just a mean ol dumbass kike who don’t know shit from shinola and the rest of you gasbags have one up on me.

I hope Americans are happy..

While defaming Putin, you have put  pro- NAZIs in power in Ukraine. 

Sickening.  NAZIs