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#SETHRICH Trump Has Tons Of Ammo Against The Communist Murdering Democrats & Uses None Of It

Mr. Trump has a ton of ammunition to use against the Communist Democrats.  He does nothing.  Just reacts to every idiot story.   When Ken Star started investigating Bill Clinton, the Democrats circled the wagons.  The GOP does not do that for Trump.  They are just throwing him out to dry.

You can always tell when the Democrats are facing some serious issues, because that’s when their MSM cartel starts ratcheting up more lies and deceptions to throw the trail.  This Seth Rich investigation has them in serious fear.

#SethRich was killed 250 miles from home in an area where there had been 0 murders for 6 years.  Obviously the killer knew  the direction he was coming from. The assassin was lying in waiting for Seth so he could murder him.

Firing Comey was a very good start for a change.  When the Seth Rich story resurfaced, the PI learned that the D.C. Police were ordered to stand down on the Seth Rich investigation: Click to read the whole story. 

What entity has the authority to order a large metropolitan police force to discontinue a murder investigation? THE FBI. #SethRich

It’s past time for Trump to say:

Image result for trump yelling

“Enough media lies & garbage.  “We are now going to investigate the murder of #SethRich.”  “We are going to punish his murderers & all of those involved.”  “Justice will be quick and precise.”


Ammunition is for use in war – not to sit and gather dust.  And, we ARE in a war.  I can’t even stand by such weakness.

@MaxAbrahms “#ISIS “Baddest Terrorist Group In Town” Forgets That Obama Partially FUNDS Them

@MaxAbrahms “#ISIS “Baddest Terrorist Group In Town” Forgets That Obama FUNDS Them (Abrahms in the video above.)


Can we get any person inside of the Obama administration that does the research that we do?  Of course not.  Obama is a Muslim/Communist and the end justifies the means.  Never tell the truth, truth is the biggest enemy of the Liberal cabal of insane.





Max Abrahms tweeted this today:

Max must be the worlds biggest idiot.. And the nation’s bloviated windbag.  Why would Assad, (who has been subjected to EU/US regime change since 2010) want to align with either the US funded and armed Syrian rebels OR the US funded ISIS? 

Does Max have a brain in that empty head?


Ex-US Intelligence Officials Confirm: Pentagon Report Proves US Complicity In Creation Of ISIS  CLICK at Zero Hedge.

*Pentagon Report, Obtained By Judicial Watch Reveals US “Created” ISIS As A “Tool” To Overthrow Syria’s President Assad Click at Zero Hedge.   The PDF file obtained by Judicial Watch: US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) document 

*More on the US Govt arming the Syrian cannibal rebelsObama signs bill to arm and train Syrian rebels – CBS News  (2014)

Click: US  training and equip moderate Syria rebels – CNN.com


This is moderate?

Now, for some comedy… According to the Anti-Jews… ISIS is a ‘Jew creation’.. Even though:  NEWS for ISIS rocketing Israel

So, let me get this straight:  ISIS is a “Jew creation” and now the Jews are shooting at themselves…