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The Age Of Feminism Is Over In The USA & EU & I’ll Prove It:

The Age Of Feminism Is Over In The USA & EU & I’ll Prove It:


First of all, I am happy to say that feminism is over.

All feminism consisted of, in the end, was man hatred.  Especially hatred of the white male.  I have seen more white men thrown under the bus of femininity than any other humans. 

Secondly:   When leftist anarchy ‘rules’, there is NO law.   Many countries in EU are now operating under lawlessness.   Therefore women’s rights have been subdued & suspended.   In current EU, on New Years Eve, a massive amount of women were raped under the ‘refugee’ Muslims who occupy Germany, illegally:  Germany ‘shocked’ by Cologne New Year gang assaults on women. (BBC)..

Left-wing Germans are ‘shocked’ by these atrocities?  Hardly:  German Minister: Critics Of Cologne Migrant Rapists Are ‘As at Least as Awful As The ‘Rapists’, Themselves’  (Breitbart)… So, tought shit, Fems.  Suck up these rapes, the ‘minister’ AIN’T with ya.

And, his statement above proves, without a shadow of a doubt – that the radical left does not care about the women that have been violated.   To give you even more proof, the Marxist Mayor of Cologne reiterates, who is a feminist:  Mayor of Cologne: If Women Don’t Want to Be Raped, They Should Stay Away From Strangers” (Foreign Policy.Com) .. 

Here we have a major amount of females who were violated & raped in Germany and the left is taking up for the illegal occupiers over it’s own citizens.   Feminism is finished in Europe.   Women will not have laws to protect them anymore because the ‘refugee’ Arabs will take over the law.   Under silent Sharia or Sharia itself, women are cattle.  The very thing that the left accused the right of  [being against women]–they have become and even worse: Sitting by as their women are raped, violated and brutalized.   This is the hell that the left has created along with militant Marxist, feminists in their quest to tyrannically rule over men.

Move on over to Sweden & Denmark:

Thirdly: Sweden and Denmark have highest number of sexual assaults in Europe (The Independent).   The Front page magazine who also reports on many Muslim atrocities in length have done extensive study women in Sweden: 1 in 4 Swedish Women Will Be Raped as Sexual Assaults Increase, 500% (Front Page Mag) …

Let’s take a look at America:

Forth: Bernie Sanders (an insane leftist) said in April 2015 – that the Obama administration is not being forthright with the American people about the real unemployment rate.   And,  Female Unemployment Is Worse Under President Obama  said (Breitbart) who linked the Labor Bureau Stats.    When women are not ‘all powerful‘ and their jobs are in jeopardy, men are the ones who will take control.  *It is natural for a man to want to protect his family and make sure they have a roof over their head.   *Worse still:  minority, 3rd world males, illegals, Muslims will take advantage of women’s weaker position in life.  Believe it, people. It’s happening all over.

The radical left in USA is much like the radicals in Europe.

Fifth: Some College feminists believe that women should pretend to puke (instead of using a gun) to protect themselves against violent rapists: College women told to urinate or vomit to deter a rapist  (CNN).

BUT-In UK, a woman was raped regardless of upchucking:  Travelodge rapist attacked woman as she threw up (UK News) …  [Hint: Upchucking does not work, guns do.]

FBI on rape stats:

Sixth: From an FBI statistical report, this graphic below does not lie, it is from the Federal Bureau & rape has only either gotten worse or stayed the same.   Type in the stats at the FBI yourself in the enclosed picture. It’s not ‘my’ graphic, but it’s the truth.   Much of the rapes occurring in USA happen at the hands of black men on white women.   Meanwhile, feminist leftists still say “Black Lives Matter” digging their own graves and advising their own rapes, inadvertently.


On Guns:

Seventh:  With the radical left and their ‘progress’ on banning guns in America, (They will push until ALL guns are gone, always have, always will, especially with propaganda..)   Women don’t have a chance in hell to protect themselves. Feminism is over.  Women are the weaker sex. It’s just the way it is.   Men can still protect themselves with physical strength but a woman is NO match against a violent male.  Feminism is finished.

*Criminals are not as stupid as law-abiders:  Rapists and evil men will not stop carrying guns and any Liberal that thinks so is a f’cking idiot.  SO; if the criminals keep carrying, you must buy more guns than they have & protect yourself.  Screw the Democrats bullshit gun scam. Save your sanity, body and life–BUY GUNS.


Women, more and more – will rely on men, white men (in particular) to protect them as the left pushes for more anarchy=loss of law.   My suggestion is to be more humble around men, you stupid, insipid feminists.  Because Obama is not going to protect your sorry asses.  

[We also have Robert Stacy McCain who fights these idiot sycophant feminists, relentlessly: Click to see his latest mockery of these fem-gasbags.

Communist Leftism does not care for women’s rights & never have,

Communist Leftists only care about more Communism.  

(Just ask Neil Rockefeller who put women in the work force taxing females to achieve more money in Socialist America.  Hint: It was NEVER about you feminist women or your rights.)

For #Feminists: How To Make Your Husband Happy..(IF You Even Have A Husband)


The world could be a better place, if women knew their place. It’s just a fact. In the feminist quest to be ‘equal’ to a man, they have failed…miserably……..I might add..They cannot seem to retain their identity of being a woman. So, I have concocted up the right recipe for the female to have a happy household, and love her husband. This is especially for women that have no children yet, this is for a Sunday or Saturday AM.

    #1. When you get up in the AM, RUSH to the bathroom (make sure you get up way before your other half) take a shower, quietly, you don’t want to wake up Daddy-O.. Get that curling iron, and fix your hair really sexy.

   #2. Pick out a really gorgeous outfit that looks nothing like a business suit, find a pretty dress that is flowery, (short) and shows off your better attributes. Find a really kick butt pair of stockings, with a sexy pair of heels. Make sure you have some really sexy, fabulous undergarments. They make these in ALL sizes, btw, NO excuses.

   #3. Make a picnic lunch, with all of HIS favorite foods, like Roast beef, potato chips, coca cola (most men don’t like wine all that much) Make sure to bring a nice little cluster of grapes, so you can peel them and place them nicely in his mouth. Make sure to bring some really great music… Men like 50’s music, and rock n roll, so bring that.  Remember, this is NOT about YOU.

   #4. Tell him all day how wonderful he is, how he makes you feel so pretty and sexy, how you love his…nevermind.😉

  Tell him you think he is the smartest man in the planet. How grateful to God you are for him. Tell him sexy things in his ear all day long; like how you want to be a vixen and tear his clothes off later on…something to that effect.

#5. When it is time to go home, tell him you can’t wait to prepare his favorite meal. Go buy a sexy little apron and wiggle your derriere while you are cooking, make the table look nice too, none of the candles and junk, just make it simple- with only a place for him to eat, while you sit on top of the table and stare at him. Trust me, this will heighten the senses, make you feel nice, and make him feel like a king.

   #6. OK…. time to put on a show. Go get out a song like “Let Me Entertain You” Or, “I’m A Woman” and get ready to dance like crazy, or do your own dance of the ‘7 veils’, belly-dancing, etc.. just make something up out of your own imagination, that you know he will adore.

The rest is up to you. But, I guarantee that if you do some of these things once a week in a spontaneous way, you are sure to have a great marriage, after all, this IS in the privacy of your home.. And, just think, he may just buy you a vaccum cleaner… And, vacuuming is what we gals are good at…Lol.

I’m just trying to help you out. I hope you found this fun and enlightening, I did.

@EmWatson Your Speech On #GenderEquality Is 100% Bullshit, Lady & I’ll Prove it:

@EmWatson Your Speech On Gender Equality Is 100% Bullshit, Lady. I’ll Prove it

Until you can come to terms with the fact that men and women are not equal, here are my statements to prove your are an ignorant jackass, Ms Watson:

Women wake up in the morning, get out of their bed (made by men).   Go to the bathroom, use the toilet (which is an advanced plumbing system that is made & maintained by men).   Take a shower (an advanced plumbing system is made & maintained by men).   Go to the kitchen, cook some eggs on a stove (made by men).
They get dressed, hop in the car (made by men).  Drive to work, halt at a stoplight (made by men). Drive on a road/highway (made by men)Go to their office in buildings, (built by men).    Sit at their desk (made by men).   Use their computer (made by men).

………Gender equality is a lie.  It’s time to tell the truth: Men and women are different.  Not ‘equal’.  Equal means we can do all things equally.  We can’t.  The majority of women cannot do most of the things men can do. It’s just a fact.

Watson’s bloviated post:  Here on Buzz Feed.

I really am sick of feminist supremacy.