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Free Speech Or Just Plain Ole Harassment?

Im not against morons being able to act like lunatic fringe with their nasty, rotten mouths online.  Go ahead, spew all day.  Just stop calling it ‘free speech’ because it isnt free speech when you are just targeting and harassing people.  You’re just being a dumb jackass and it is perfectly OK for you to be kicked out of someone’s home or your place of employment.   When you harass people at work, dont cry if you get fired.  If you are kicked off Twitter or facebook merely for being an ass, stop using the free speech canard. 

I got kicked off Twitter, Facebook and many websites for calling out Communism: which is true censorship & I have resentment towards this.  

However, Twitter and Facebook are private companies.  And, if they dont want your content there, thats just the way it is.  Sorry. I hate it, you hate it also but if Twitter and FB are private companies, they can do what they wish.