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Chanson No More: Marine LePen Loses French Election.

Chanson No More: Marine LePen Loses French Election.



DEATH OF FRANCE :   Emmanuel Macron has won the French election.  Macron supports the open-door policy toward immigrants and refugees pursued by Angela Merkel in Germany and promotes ‘tolerance’ towards immigrants and Muslims.



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Chanson D’Amour” (“Love Song”) is a popular French love song written by Wayne Shanklin in 1958.

At any rate:  

There will be no more love songs in France:  Marine LePen lost the French election.  Muslims have already started their conquest of France.  Unfortunately, there are too many French Commies who hate “Gay Paree“, literally…  I feel sad for the French.  At least for the ones who are patriotic.  It baffles me how Europe is giving over to the Communist, Islamic reconquista.

People will no more visit France for it’s persuasion of love. No.  They will stay away from France in the future because of Islamic hatred against humans..  Sadly, France will probably submit to Sharia Law at some point.  Instead of love-making, there will be rape.  Instead of flowers, there will be fire. Instead of food, there will be starvation. Instead of music, there will be the “Azaan” heard across the land at the break of dawn.   This is the future of France:    Click to watch, it won’t embed correctly.

No more Chason D’Amour….  SO SAD!!!