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Thanks To Attention Whore, @andrewanglin, Gab Could Face Shutdown

Thanks To Attention Whore, @andrewanglin, Gab Could Face Shutdown.

Attention whore, psycho bitch.

The week of August 18, the new platform, “Gab.Ai”, which is similar to Twitter  passed $1 million raised to build its platform.  That includes almost $500,000 in just the last five days. And Gab isn’t being coy about its feeling towards Silicon Valley giants.

Things were looking up for Gab.  They raised a million bux!  Then, Anglin the attention whore showed up.

This below was sent in an email to Mr. Torba who owns and operates GAB:  (If you will look in this post mentioned, you will see that Anglin posted a picture: It is here on Medium. The post mocked a woman killed by accident in Charlottesville)


Anglin, who is a national Socialist traitor to America believes that mocking dead people killed in accidents is for ‘free speech purposes‘.   I am sure that our founders didn’t fight and die to ensure that in 2017, we could post photos of the dead on social media platforms on behalf of free speech.

There are investors involved in Gab now.  I know of one Gabber who just dropped $10K tonight on behalf of free speech: 

Clearly, Anglin has zero brains:  

Patriotic investors are trying to help build a platform where we can all “Speak Freely” (even Communist-leftists and nazi traitors can speak there) .. Anglin shows up and rains all over the parade by posting a photo that is just sickening.   Not to mention that the photo could have Copy-write on it.  A possible lawsuit against Gab because of Anglin.  

People who are patriotic are investing in this new engine for posting, speaking, blogging, submitting real news, being able to discuss what is bothering them with redress of grievances. 

 Anglin is not a loved or respected individual except for a few fringe kids.  He is an unbalanced lunatic who can’t take not being the center of attention and this time he screwed up so bad that we could lose GAB as a platform.  People’s hard earned dollars at stake as well.  Now, some people on Gab are upset because the poor, little narcissist, Anglin is feeling threatened that his ‘free speech’ (posting photos of dead ‘fat girls‘) is in jeopardy…

Bravo to the idiot, Andrew Anglin, a stupid fool.   An unhinged Narcissist psychopath.

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I don’t know about any of you, but I am not going to fight so that this young generation can act like fools without accountability and responsibility with their freedom of speech.   That being said, I have ‘stood up’ for the moron, Anglin a couple of times:  The Mad Jewess Is Against The Internet Censorship Of ‘The Daily PUSSY”, (Andie Anglin) &  Did The Daily Fag, Andrew Anglin Post Names Of Jewish Women To Target In Montana?