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Some People Are Suggesting #Orlando Shooting Was A “Hoax”

Some People Are Suggesting #Orlando Shooting Was A “Hoax”

I  do believe that our government operatives stage ‘false flags’.   In the link provided, I am convinced of it: Obama In Massive Gun-Grab #Treason B/C Of SANDY HOOK Fraud. 

However, I have not seen enough evidence at this time to suggest Orlando is a hoax.. 


SO-Why do conspiracy theories exist at all?  Because we have an out-of-control government & the citizens are distrusting.  Who can blame them?  

So, here are some posts and videos linked.   I have not personally seen anything ‘tangible’ at this point to suggest that the Orlando shooting was false.   And, to be honest, I am too tired to do research into this.   I leave it for you to discern & do your own digging.   I do like to read into these things, I confess.  However, I am skeptical though because of the immediate gun grab:

At any rate:

   1. Click: Pulse Mass Casualty Event: Why Is There a Whole Parade of Victims Walking Back Toward Shooting Scene?

2.  The below video shows people carrying a male about a block & a 1/2 away from the “Pulse” nightclub.   However, they are carrying this person towards the Pulse, not away & not from the “Pulse” & nobody appears wounded.  

So because of that, the person in the video (linked below) believes this Orlando was a hoax:

The maker of the Youtube below suggests the woman in the video is ‘fake crying’.  

The maker of this Youtube also believes the same thing:  Click to watch 

A Pastor friend of mine who I admire and respect writes:  Orlando Florida Gay Nightclub False Reality ShootingCrisis Actors: Fraud Exposed.  Orlando Florida Active Shooter Drill October 2015


Anyhoo… Use your own mind.    It’s o.k. to ask questions.


Open-Borders, Jihad-Coddling Leftists Responsible For Deaths Of 49 Of Their Beloved “Gays”

Open-Borders, Jihad-Coddling Leftists Responsible For Deaths Of 49 Of Their Beloved “Gays”

Leftist insanity murdered their ‘gays’. Period: 


In 1965, Democrat President Johnson signed an immigration bill, (authored by Democrat Kennedy) that would forever change the face & demographics of America from being 90% White European to a mish-mash of whatever the left chooses to bring in to this nation from hell’s half acre.

On Sunday, June 12, 2016 – an un-vetted Muslim immigrant from Afghanistan went into a ‘gay’ night club in Orlando, Florida called “Pulse” and began shooting as many ‘gay’ men as possible.  Why? 1.  Because he is a Muslim and Islam demands blood.  2. He is said to have been disgusted seeing ‘gay’ men kissing.  (Many of us feel this way but we don’t shoot ‘gays’ because we are civilized)

On Monday, June 13th, 2016 – the left-wing press immediately started blaming the NRA and law-abiding, civilized gun owners.   Why did they rush to do this?  See, the left is really quite clever.   They know they are guilty, so they must project and protect their ideology.   Rushing to blame takes eyes off of their shenanigans.. Islam is a mass mess of lunacy, we all know this..& we know how the left loves their Jihadists.. Anything to destroy the nation..Jihad, Communism, whatever it takes.

I am not fooled by the left.  The left’s open-border policy is 100% responsible for this Muslim mass murderer.  I don’t blame Islam entirely.. See, Muslims would not even be here if it were not for LEFTISTS.  Now, the left has seen 49 ‘gay’ men murdered by their policies.    Will this change them? Will the deaths of 49 of their LGBT prince-gods bring repentance?  



#LGBT IS Nazi. Homosexual Supporters Have Christian Thrown In Jail To Make Her An “Example”

#LGBT IS Nazi. Homosexual Supporters Have Christian Thrown In Jail To Make Her An “Example”

First Amendment – Religion and Expression. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

When the GayStapo has people thrown in jail, you know we have entered into a new realm of totalitarian fascism.


Make NO mistake.. The totalitarian leftists threw this woman (Kim Davis) in jail this morning to ‘make an example’ of her:   To drive fear into American Christians.

In 1930’s, 40’s Nazi Germany, the Jew’s business’s were taken, their money confiscated by the Nazi’s, who also imprisoned (jailed) them.   How is that any different than what we see the radical, God-hating Liberals doing to Christians?  There is NO difference.   So far, a bakery has has been sued for not making the fags their ungodly wedding cake.   A florist has been sued for not making the queer, Lesbo bitches their floral arrangements.    Both business’s have been closed and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines have been forced upon people who live in a nation that was founded BY Christian men.   

Now, we have a Christian woman who has been JAILED by the Lefto-Nazis for not issuing the fags their license to screw eachothers a$$holes or carpet munch.   Depravity has taken over.   In my humble opinion, I see fascism as being either Communist, Radical Islam OR Nazi.    All 3 ideologies achieve the same goals: misery, persecution & then death.  America was supposed to be about religious freedom.  Evidently, the Liberals hate that and want to jail those opposed to ass-sex & licking twat.  Click to read this story.. I am sure you know about it, USA TODAY.

 My friend Al said: 

Kim Davis has no choice. She must stay on the job she was elected to and refuse to follow the edict from the Supreme Court. If she is fired for this, she can rightly claim that her religious views were in place, and the definition of marriage was in place, long before this issue was in place. That means a law was made that prevented her from freely exercising her religion, a clear violation of her first amendment rights. The county had an obligation to find her a different position or retire her or back her up, and they chose none of the above.
Very courageous on her part to go against the world on behalf of her faith, I think.

Last note:  For close to 6,000 years, man has not married man. Man has always entered into normal marriage with a woman. The way God created it.   All of the sudden, debaucherous whores in America decide ‘gay’ is OK to marry and these filthy pigs want everyone to embrace their new, sick, demented ideology after 6K years of it not being this way?  FUCK YOU FASCIST HOMOSEXUAL CREEPS.

This Current Totalitarian Government IS Frightening, Terrifying

This Current Totalitarian Government IS Frightening


Ya all know something? I have been a vigorous blogger for about 7 years.  I am in the face of tyranny, day after day–either here or on Twitter–before that, in Newspapers, City Halls, Op’Eds.  You name it. I have lost friends, been shunned, cast aside, never linked, thought of as nothing because I have stood my ground.  I have not EVER been fearful of this govt.
But, I must tell you–lately- I am scared, people.  It IS getting frightening.  America is descending into fascism/tyranny/left wing totalitarianism.  Fear for your children, pray for your lives that God may spare you of what is on the horizon.

It WILL get worse.

When I see links like this below, I know that America has turned over to Communistic/Nazi-like/Marxist/Bolshevik/Stasi fascism and we have reached a point of NO return:  America Prepper Nation


In full page Ads appearing in USA Today and The Washington Post, Pastor Robert Jeffress joined dozens of distinguished Clergy in signing a pledge that, “We will not honor any decision by the Supreme Court which will force us to violate a clear biblical understanding of marriage as solely the union of one man and one woman.” 

This type of letter/ad addressing a government is only seen under totalitarianism–where the religious are being prepared for mass persecution.  The last time I had even heard of such a letter was when the Jehovah Witness’s came to my home 2 years ago.  They proceeded to tell me that the JW’s of Hitler’s day addressed Adolph Hitler in letters and basically told him the same type of civil disobedience posting you see in this letter above.   When the JW’s ended their series of letters to Hitler, the last letter said: “God will destroy you”.    The small minority of JW’s (about 3K in Nazi Germany at the time) were murdered.  Only a very few remained and lived to tell their testimonies.

When you see American flags (Confederate flag) coming down, and in place of it, the fag-flag being raised in defiance (Collectively speaking)….Let’s just say: You know that you know it’s OVER.   When you see Mom & Pop Christian bakeries sued because they refuse to bake cakes for militant faggots: You know that you know that it is only the beginning of horrors.

The Left lies daily.  They will continue to persecute our souls, calling us horrible names until they just start murdering us all off-those who disagree with their homosexual fascism, etc..  They are the cancer on the earth.  I wait for the day of Gods total salvation.  I turn my eyes to him:  Because satan is a Liberal and rabid as an injured dog with rabies. 

Tell your children. Tell your children’s children what the Liberals did to you and yours in the name of ‘tolerance’…. How they destroyed a country, raping it of any moral fiber it had.  How they usurped authority and placed a foreigner as king over America.   Never forget.


A County Clerk Resigns Rather Than Issue Homosexual Marriage Licenses: “Rather Obey God Than Man”

A County Clerk Resigns Rather Than Issue Homosexual Marriage Licenses: “Rather Obey God Then Man”

Good for her. 

Anita S (Edited-private for her protection) on Facebook says: 

Our whole staff (3) here in Decatur County, Tennessee just did the same! It’s a shame it has come to this, but “choose you this day Who you will serve…”

Click to read this.