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Why Is Everyone Shocked By The Left & Hollywood? They Make Noise Over Nothing Continuously

Why Is Everyone Shocked By The Left & Hollywood? They Make Noise Over Nothing Continuously

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The left is comprised of spoiled, rotten brats.  

They protest all the time when the Democrats are out of power.  They have been doing this for 50 years plus.  Meryl Streep is so very upset that Donald Trump is the Prez now.   Ms. Streep is a Feminist, Left-wing gasbag.   The only thing that she is really angry over?  The fact that a white male is going to be the Prez.   That makes feminists insane more than anything on the face of the planet.   I didn’t expect anything else at the Golden Globe Awards after Trump’s election.  This is the modus operandi, status quo of the left:  To cry & stomp your feet when you don’t get your way.   Why everyone is so shocked at the Golden Globes is really beyond my comprehension.  We are not dealing with happy, high, pot-smoking hippies here.  We’re dealing with Communist radicals.  They are experts in creating fake chaos & destroying cities. 

If Donald Trump has not prepared for a massive, left-wing insurgency – then there will probably be riots all over the nation on inauguration day.  There will be at any rate.  If this was me in charge, I would be scaring the sh’t out of these Leftists.  I would meet them at every angle with promises of years of jail time, treason, treachery.  Trump has not made ONE policy yet.  Not ONE.  They are protesting nothing & trying to de-legitimize his win.  That is not how our form of government works and if they want that type government, we can deport them to Venezuela.  They love Socialism anyway.

It’s past time to hold these brats accountable.  How do you deal with a child that is screaming, crying & acting like a demon?  Do you give that child a candy bar?  Do you coddle the brat?  No.  You bind the little monster up.

I remember years ago, I knew this man who was a Pastor.  He was a very wise man.  He was baby-sitting a little brat who was unruly and got his way with everything.  The little devil messed with the wrong man.  The Pastor simply put his arms around the kid and would not let the miscreant go–for many hours.  Until the monster settled down.  After a few hours, the child finally rested.  The boy then smiled  up at him.  The kid was at peace for the first time in his 3 short years.

Here ends the lesson:  

Lock far, left-wing radicals up for a long time and give them very hard labor.  Enough said.  Until you deal with a bully, the bastard will rule over you.


Will Ted Cruz Be Able To UNITE The Great Divide All Across The Board? This Is Doubtful.

Will Ted Cruz Be Able To UNITE The Great Divide All Across The Board? This Is Doubtful.

I believe that a Cruz presidency will cause mass division in this nation even worse.

Which is terrible because we are all already divided. Pamela Geller sums up how many feel about this current division created by the lunatic “Dump Trump” Squad:  Reagan would be disgusted

And, if the Jewish people think they are hated now, think on this:  Ted Cruz is perceived by many Indeps, Libertines & Democrats to be for “Israel first”.     These Conservatives and Christians will not be respected at all and they will not ever be trusted because the non-religious will always believe that the middle east ‘wars are for Israel‘.    Sorry, it is what it is.      However, a Sanders presidency would cause unbelievable Jew-hatred like we’ve never seen before.

  • The left, already a powder keg will be ‘up in arms’ because leftists are anti-war, but only when a GOP is Prez.  So, they’ll go ballistic.   Plus the fact that Cruz has said that he will ‘undo all of Obama’s executive orders‘  (I would not mind that at all 😀 ), but this would cause serious issues almost immediately: Think of a drug addict who does not want to come off of his drug. That is the chaos that will ensue from the Liberals and leftists. 
  • Ted Cruz (Christian) thinks that Orthodox Christian Putin is the problem.  As Cruz calls Putin a ‘tyrant’, he does not seem to know that Putin refuses to allow homosexual propaganda in his country, Russia is also passing anti-abortion laws. So, who is the REAL Christian nation and leader?
  • Cruz wont ever unite the anti-war crowd because he is almost always pro-war. No matter what.
  • Black on white crime will continue in a Cruz presidency & I believe these crimes will go unheard of as more whites are slaughtered.
  • Many Americans will feel that Evangelical, Dominion Christianity is being shoved down their throats.
  • I believe it is possible that many young black people (being disheartened by Obama’s exit) will act like nuts.
  • Plus, the Cuban influx of illegals, which is enraging the right:  
  • In 2014, 17,470 Cubans presented themselves at U.S. land ports along the Mexican border, according to data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. In 2015, that number nearly doubled to 30,966, and Customs officials say they expect that trend to continue.

If Cruz is elected, I personally do not believe borders will be secured.  AND, If he was so gung-ho about that, why is the Texas border not secured where he is Senator? He has had 3 years to reverse this policy.

If Cruz is nominated & elected, fasten your seats, it will be a bumpy ride

I can tell you this:    I am sick and tired of the GOP and I see Cruz part of the foreign policy clusterf’ck and open borders insanity here at home.    But, hear me well:  Because of the way the Cruzists treated the Trump people (and I support Trump)…I will not EVER help Ted Cruz. EVER.   I will not ever forget how these “Christian” people were.   Called us “Bad Jew-Jews”, “Bad Christians”, ‘Bots’, “Robots for Trump”, “Trump-holes”, “Idiots”, “Dolts”, “Stupid” and more.  

They have lied consistently about Trumps pro-life stance saying Mr. Trump is ‘pro partial-birth abortion’ when he is not.    I will not EVER forget how these people attacked friendlies.   EVER.  We fought with them for 7 years for them to turn on us like jakobites and turncoats?  And, this is “Christianity?”  No wonder people don’t get their ‘Come to Jesus moment.’

All of these factors I have written down have shown you that a Cruz presidency will cause even more divide.

WHY Is #Trump So “Yuge”? Not Hard To Figure Out If You Were Raised Old School American

WHY Is #Trump So “Yuge”?  Not Hard To Figure Out If You Were Raised Old School American

donald-trump (1)

The other night, I was over a friends house who happened to be raised as a “JAP” (Jewish American Princess).   First, let me tell you that she is a very patriotic woman who understands ‘race realism’ as well.  My friend is no dummy when it comes to politics and is a centrist individual, a little to the ‘right’ in politics.

As we were talking, she was telling me that her Mother wanted her to be a Ballerina, took her to Ballet School, tap-dancing, arts, etc.  When she asked me what my family did to ‘make their kids better’.    I told her that this is what my home was like, living with a tough, New York, Depression Era, WW2 generation Grandmother who played a ‘yuge’ part in raising me.  When I asked my Grandmother if I could take Ballet lessons, my Grandmother would retort:


When I asked my Grandmother if I could go to Art School, she would yell:


When I asked my Grandmother if she could buy me some new clothes for my Jr year in High school, she yelled:


The whole living room filled with laughter… I am talking rolling on the ground ‘lol’ laughing.  Even though my friend was raised different:  She knew, she understood.   That was America. WAS.  That was how many of our elders addressed their kids to make them decent human beings.

..When I was an older teen facing my 20’s, there was no such thing as Mom, Dad, Nana or Grandpa paying for luxury art schools or name brand clothes.  That was my home.  Sure, other families were not as tough, but that was my family and many homes.  We learned to ‘pay our own way’ at a young age. Try 8 years old, bussing tables. Cleaning motels as chambermaids. Working at the Go-Kart track. Waitressing in Diners.

When I was young, if a child was disobedient in class, that kid had the teacher banging the pointing stick on their desk, yelling at you with glaring eyes.  The teachers put the fear of God into kids.  There was no such thing as disrespect of a teacher when I was a kid.  AT ALL. EVER.  

When we got onto the school bus, the driver would say:

“You do not belong to your Mom or Dad when you’re on my bus. You belong to me from the minute you get onto the bus to the minute you get off and there will be NO playing around.  This is a dangerous job and your life is in my hands.”

The people I grew up around were tough.  They took no prisoners and they took no shit.  Period.  The day I saw Donald Trump say this on a Youtube Video was the day I wanted him to be Commander in Chief:

The language, the toughness, the way he addressed this crowd was how we were addressed and told off by our Grandparents, parents and elderly.   Our elders did what they could to raise good children.

NOW,  Face the facts:

The Constitution is gone.  Capiche?  I am a realist.  I see things how they are.  Clinton said: “We do what we can to get around the Constitution.”  G W Bush said: “The Constitution is a piece of paper“.  Obama has written one executive order after the next against the Constitution and buried it in a deep grave.  20 plus years of desecration to the Constitution.

Our fore-fathers said that the Constitution is for a ‘civilized people only’.  America is not civilized. Cities are wide open to rioting, looting and savagery at the hands of violent minorities..  Need proof?

America has murdered 55 plus million of its own children in the abortion Holocaust.  America now marries 2 men, 2 women in flagrant desecration against God.

So, what is the solution for this complicated and perplexing nation, filled with violence, murder and sexual promiscuity?    Since America is uncivilized and unfit for a civilized Constitution,  hard core discipline would be a start.   Not taking any more crap from these savages and losers on the streets would be another strong suggestion.  States passing their own laws to keep lawful order is a good solution.

 Teaching children manners, respect for adults, reinstate death penalties,  teach these foreigners assimilation and if they don’t want to assimilate, kick their ass out, no more illegals from Mexico, 3rd world dumps, or the Arab countries.    We need chain gangs, making prisons an unbearable place, teaching kids to not have sex (since they know nothing about it anyway until 25 plus years old), teach young women that with sex comes responsibility (like babies, hello?), teach young men to respect virginity, teach young women that their bodies are not ‘boy toys’, teach young women to not be man-hating lunatics, teach young blacks not to hate white people, stop state-sanctioned racism against whites in schools,  teach the truth about American history to give these kids a sense of healthy pride,  teach these kids that other countries matter, teach our children that they don’t get everything they ask for.   Give your children many chores.  Get them off the computer.  Teach these kids to play outside again.

Take children back to Church and Synagogue.  Teach them about God again for heavens sakes.  And, if YOU don’t want to teach them about God, stop putting those of us who do: Down.  Mind your own damned business.  Stop telling us what to do with our own children.

You follow the general idea here?  Do you understand how a gal like me would want Trump for President now?  Because I see in him what I was raised with: An American take-no-shit toughness.  Something “MIA” in these disgusting politicians now who pander to the left, bow to the phoney right and  have sold us out beyond recognition with open borders, state sanctioned racism against whites, proxy wars, wars, NGO’s, GMOS, NDAA, NSA,  (too much to count).

The ‘future’ is in children.  If you do not teach THEM right, you have failed.  

Proof of “The Donald” is his children.

The Mad Jewess Interview On Youtube: Black On White Crime, #GeorgeZimmerman, Liberal “Jews”

The Mad Jewess Interview On Youtube: Black On White Crime, #GeorgeZimmerman, Liberal “Jews”

Well, after 3 massive, major surgeries that tore right through my poor tummy and taking off 50 plus pounds (I still have 20 or so more to go) & after laying on my duff recovering, I finally decided to do an interview with a very nice young, Jewish lady who is 25 years old with her head on.  I was very nervous and fidgety, so, please excuse me.   We cover a few subjects, including Zimmerman, black on white crime, white flight, etc.

Please subscribe to my friend’s Youtube if you can:  the.truth.will.live

We will be doing many more Youtubes in the upcoming weeks, since I don’t feel so fat anymore  😀   Thanks. Shalom and God bless..


GOP/Conservatives *MUST* Stop Their War-Loving Ways Or Face The Loss Of Another Pres Election

GOP/Conservatives MUST Stop Their War-Loving Ways Or Face The Loss Of Another Pres Election



Smedley Darlington Butler was a United States Marine Corps major general, the highest rank authorized at that time, and at the time of his death the most decorated Marine in U.S. history. Wikipedia