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I Have ZERO Respect For Reagan-Hater, @BenShapiro Who Says: “Cruz Must *DESTROY* #Trump”.

I Have ZERO Respect For Reagan-Hater, @BenShapiro Who Says: “Cruz Must *DESTROY* #Trump”.

Rush Limbaugh, another culprit of evil outlines what Ted Tricks Cruz must do to Donald Trump.

The other day, I took up for Ben Shapiro. I will not EVER do so again.  This KID wears a Kippah so everyone will know he is a Jew! This is SO embarrassing to us few Jews who have had to stand up against our own insane people.   What happened to this KID?  A Republican “Conservative” who wants to destroy the GOP front-runner? Has the world gone mad? People are not reacting rationally in this political season. This is not how Conservatives are supposed to roll. This is breaking Reagan’s 11th Commandment.  This election has turned the normally rational into lunatics and sore losers.

I cannot stand by Ben Shapiro ever again. Ever.  If White Supremacists attack him, I will have to let them attack. If the left attacks, I will let them attack.  I’m happy he got banned from a university recently. God is trying to wake this idiot up.


Dr. David Levee, my confidante’ says:

However, consider this – Trump made $10B in New York City – a place where even the also ran’s are tougher and meaner than this little group of snot nose kids.
What worked in Mississippi doesn’t necessarily work in the real world.

They’ve already been trying these things anyway, they used a bitch/slut offense (Kelly), the Bushes threw everything they had at him, they stacked the room with GOP donors, etc.
He powered through it all without being fazed in the slightest – all this just made his poll numbers go up
Remember the “Reagan teflon” ?

I read an article somewhere this week that the major GOP donors have declined to give any further money to a “get Trump” plan, because they are saying “you already tried all these attack ads and ideas, and nothing’s working” so they’re putting away their checkbooks

It’s sad to see Mitt whoring himself out like that, Trump will just tell him to kiss his ass.
Mitt was in the pocket of his donors, all the others are too.
“Do you want to win again? The bottom line is Trump’s winning, and have been for a long time – or do you want one of these clowns?