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VIDEO: The Mad Jewess Addresses The Nazi’s On Gab

Hello everyone! Hope ya had a GREAT Holiday!  I show you my presents on this video a few other things and talk about the NQ: Nazi Question.

Long time no see.  I am addressing the few Nazi’s on Gab in this video.. I had a fun time doing so 🙂


Especially published for the “Daily Stormers” who are happy about the Goy taking over Al Frankenstein’s seat;  ( I am happy about that also)

Female Goy to Takeover Al Franken’s Seat in the Senate

@EmWatson Your Speech On #GenderEquality Is 100% Bullshit, Lady & I’ll Prove it:

@EmWatson Your Speech On Gender Equality Is 100% Bullshit, Lady. I’ll Prove it

Until you can come to terms with the fact that men and women are not equal, here are my statements to prove your are an ignorant jackass, Ms Watson:

Women wake up in the morning, get out of their bed (made by men).   Go to the bathroom, use the toilet (which is an advanced plumbing system that is made & maintained by men).   Take a shower (an advanced plumbing system is made & maintained by men).   Go to the kitchen, cook some eggs on a stove (made by men).
They get dressed, hop in the car (made by men).  Drive to work, halt at a stoplight (made by men). Drive on a road/highway (made by men)Go to their office in buildings, (built by men).    Sit at their desk (made by men).   Use their computer (made by men).

………Gender equality is a lie.  It’s time to tell the truth: Men and women are different.  Not ‘equal’.  Equal means we can do all things equally.  We can’t.  The majority of women cannot do most of the things men can do. It’s just a fact.

Watson’s bloviated post:  Here on Buzz Feed.

I really am sick of feminist supremacy.

#SELMATheMovie: Lib Blacks Leave Out Civil Rights Rabbi Abraham Heschel. (Liberal Blacks Hate Jews, Idiots)

#SELMATheMovie: Lib Blacks Leave Out Civil Rights Rabbi Abraham Heschel. (Liberal Blacks Hate Jews, Idiots)


Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel (2nd from right) in the Selma Civil Rights March with Martin Luther King, Jr. (4th from right).

I got up this morning and the latest story is how famed Rabbi Abraham Heshel was left out of Selma, the movie.  Well, boo hoo… What did you Liberal Jews expect? Recognition? For what? Just because some Jews died for blacks during the Civil rights era? Big whoop.  It’s never enough for the Obama crowd.   Don’t you get it yet?    You marched for these people who – in turn: Beat, rob, rape and murder whites on a daily basis. Add an occasional Jew in to the mix.

The Rabbi’s daughter in the link enclosed should repent to America instead of weeping for her idiot father who was dumber than a bag of hammers when it came to black Liberals.

Click here to read…

This is what the Liberal ‘Jews’ helped create for American whites:


By the way, Liberal “Jew” idiots: #ICantBreathe – Jewish Man Stabbed By Filthy, Black Bastard In NYC Synagogue, Yelling “Kill Jews

And, the Liberal Jew god hero: Civil Rights Group Blasts Obama for Anti-Semitic Comments During Closed-Door Democratic Meeting