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Trump Grants Amnesty To 125,000 Illegal Criminals In 3 Months With DACA

Trump Grants Amnesty To 125,000 Illegal  Criminals In 3 Months

These illegal vato’s come from Mexico and they HATE America. They abhor white people and they don’t like all black folk, either. Period.   I don’t give a sh’t about their families. They are ILLEGAL. I don’t give a damn about their ‘dreams’.  

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I voted for Trump for 2 reasons only:  He said he would close the borders. He said he would stop the wars.  In the 4th month of his Presidency, he bombed Syria.  The borders are not being worked on and now this DACA amnesty to illegals.

Trump’s Presidency is in serious danger, and I’ll explain why.  

  1.  Betrayal of serious promises will enrage the ‘right wing’.  Treachery against our national sovereignty is pushing people to the point of madness.  Trump knew this going into his Presidency. If Trump does not halt this issue straightaway: He will have encouraged very far right wing to turn against him and who knows what they will do.  IF they do something, it will be applauded.
  2.   The rabid, Communist, left-wing wants Trump removed at any price.  For nothing much.  Trump has given amnesty and this proves he is ‘with’ the left in this area.  Like it or not, it’s the truth.
  3.  These 2 aforementioned groups will ‘meet together’ in a type of unity.  Sort of like the Stalin/Hitler pact in June 1939.  The Far right and the Communist left will become the 2 most dangerous groups in America.

It is time for serious prayer.  

Trump had best stop this DACA amnesty right now.


According to newly published data from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Trump administration has issued 17,275 initial amnesty cards and over 107,500 renewals of existing status.  The jarring thing here is that Trump could fulfill a core campaign promise simply by refusing to renew existing DACA cards:  Trump/Amnesty

Read this also: Breitbart.


My Prediction: Patriotic Vigilante Activity & I’ll Tell You Why

My Prediction: Vigilante Activity & I’ll Tell you Why


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..AND, because there is no public example being made of the Communist, radical left and their treacherous, open border politics…Add the fact that nothing is being reported in the main stream regarding the crimes of the illegal occupiers, American men & women are growing weary of witnessing the injustice.

This last election was all about ridding this nation of illegals.  We are already so far gone in the shitter that the ONLY thing the American people wanted and expected is the deportation of illegals, a wall on our southern border and a strong, nationalist system that would stop 3rd world invaders.   This issue was # 1 on the hit parade.

 (I am hurt by Obama’s mess called “Healthcare” and so are most people I know.  However, even though I can’t stand it, I              could have dealt with it for awhile longer.)


 1.  The influx of Illegals, most of them from Mexico and vast areas in South America have completely taken Americans to task to the point of madness.    Any time I see a fellow American, in a store-standing next to a Hispanic who is speaking in  Spanish–I can see their look of disgust right along with mine.  The anti-assimilating Hispanics are all over the friggin place. 

 2.  War, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, and MORE war.  All we hear on the lying TV is Russia this and North Korea that.  All this means is that the GOP wants a war, a big war.  Somewhere, anywhere.  As long as they can make money and murder more people.  AMERICANS DO NOT WANT ANY MORE WAR and the world is exhausted of the US military industrial complex.  American people are sick and tired of their sons being sent to foreign lands to die for John McCain and Soros.

3.   Because we are not seeing the Communist left CALLED and NAMED Communists and their politics halted and stopped, indefinitely, the masses are growing weary.   If you cannot name an enemy, you will NEVER defeat that enemy.   Until the Communist, Liberal, Progressive, Marxist left is shamed, continually by this administration, & called and named “Communists”, their attacks will continue.

Illegal aliens are still terrorizing Americans & American Commie bastards are still undermining the nation:  






The loss of our national identity with the influx of American-hating Mexican and Hispanic trash is pushing American people to the point of NO return.  If this continues and no examples of treason and illegal, criminal activity are being made, men will become vigilante’s.   And, most Americans would support them.  It is what it is.

Message to the Trump administration:  

You had better get back on track.  Donald Trump promised he would be the President of “Law and Order”.   If he fails to do this, he will have created the vigilante’s.

We do not want the future to resemble Europe:  (Post)

 EU Declares: It Has Ways Of Forcing Member Nations To Accept Hordes Of “Refugees”



“Thoughting” C. TMJ P AsheDina

Thinking a lot here today.. 

Sitting outside this morning, listening to a little bird chirping.. I opened my little devotional book to a page that had a picture of the ocean.  I had to stop myself from crying.

See, I live in Prescott, Arizona.  Most of you already know this.  I am land-locked.  I did not always live in a barren land.  I grew up in Hampton Bays, Long Island, NY–right on the bay.  Then, we moved to Carmel, California and lived right on the Pacific ocean.  We were NOT rich.  My family just had a way of knowing how to live near the rich and that is what we did.   I may as well have grown up as a Mermaid because I can swim like a fish having lived on the bay and ocean.

I miss the ocean and the green grass so badly, I just cry at times.

After 2009, life became unbearable in either New York or California.  Both places are infested with illegal aliens.   In Salinas, (Monterey Peninsula Cali) it is over-run with Hispanic illegals, gangs, MS 13, Sorenos, Nortenos, you name it.    The neighborhood I lived in was about 75% American Caucasian.   It turned into little Mexico and all the whites fled.  (Maybe 15% white now, not even that).  Who knows where the whites went.   They went to find some peace and quiet.   Salinas, Cali is a haven for drive-bys perp’d by Mexican illegals and Mexican gang members.  It’s not that ‘all’ Mexican people are like this, but many in sanctuary cities ARE violent.     Who the hell wants to live in that crap?  

Then, in NYC (Flushing, Queens) it is Chinese, Vietnamese and others.   I don’t mind Asian people for the most part.   They keep to themselves and are not violent.  But, how does living in a Chinese neighborhood fair among whites/off white or people like me? (mix of Portuguese/Native American/Olive skinned.)   All of the Asians speak their native tongue.  If you go into a store, it sucks.   All of the signs are in the Asian language.  I remember going to a church in Flushing where George Washington prayed and I just wept… This was not his dream for future white Americans.  Whites really have no life in this mish-mash craziness..   AND: That makes Liberals soooooo happy.

So, we moved up here to Prescott – where it is all American.   A small population of very old, elderly, white Americans who just want some peace before they die.       And, we are up here with them.      I DO thank God for them and this place..    There is no industry for people to come to work up here – and that’s a good thing…    It’s also just too far up the mountain and the oxygen levels are bad because of the altitude.   But, truly, whites and those like me live in the land-locked ghetto as our home states became too unbearable because of:


If it isn’t the Liberal creep taxing you to death, he will open your city wide for foreigners who hate you.  Liberals have ABSOLUTELY screwed this nation 6 days to Sunday.   If all Liberals just fell off the face of the earth tomorrow, the world would be a better place.  (Minus a few nice Liberals)

I miss the ocean and the green so bad.  🙁

The Age Of Feminism Is Over In The USA & EU & I’ll Prove It:

The Age Of Feminism Is Over In The USA & EU & I’ll Prove It:


First of all, I am happy to say that feminism is over.

All feminism consisted of, in the end, was man hatred.  Especially hatred of the white male.  I have seen more white men thrown under the bus of femininity than any other humans. 

Secondly:   When leftist anarchy ‘rules’, there is NO law.   Many countries in EU are now operating under lawlessness.   Therefore women’s rights have been subdued & suspended.   In current EU, on New Years Eve, a massive amount of women were raped under the ‘refugee’ Muslims who occupy Germany, illegally:  Germany ‘shocked’ by Cologne New Year gang assaults on women. (BBC)..

Left-wing Germans are ‘shocked’ by these atrocities?  Hardly:  German Minister: Critics Of Cologne Migrant Rapists Are ‘As at Least as Awful As The ‘Rapists’, Themselves’  (Breitbart)… So, tought shit, Fems.  Suck up these rapes, the ‘minister’ AIN’T with ya.

And, his statement above proves, without a shadow of a doubt – that the radical left does not care about the women that have been violated.   To give you even more proof, the Marxist Mayor of Cologne reiterates, who is a feminist:  Mayor of Cologne: If Women Don’t Want to Be Raped, They Should Stay Away From Strangers” (Foreign Policy.Com) .. 

Here we have a major amount of females who were violated & raped in Germany and the left is taking up for the illegal occupiers over it’s own citizens.   Feminism is finished in Europe.   Women will not have laws to protect them anymore because the ‘refugee’ Arabs will take over the law.   Under silent Sharia or Sharia itself, women are cattle.  The very thing that the left accused the right of  [being against women]–they have become and even worse: Sitting by as their women are raped, violated and brutalized.   This is the hell that the left has created along with militant Marxist, feminists in their quest to tyrannically rule over men.

Move on over to Sweden & Denmark:

Thirdly: Sweden and Denmark have highest number of sexual assaults in Europe (The Independent).   The Front page magazine who also reports on many Muslim atrocities in length have done extensive study women in Sweden: 1 in 4 Swedish Women Will Be Raped as Sexual Assaults Increase, 500% (Front Page Mag) …

Let’s take a look at America:

Forth: Bernie Sanders (an insane leftist) said in April 2015 – that the Obama administration is not being forthright with the American people about the real unemployment rate.   And,  Female Unemployment Is Worse Under President Obama  said (Breitbart) who linked the Labor Bureau Stats.    When women are not ‘all powerful‘ and their jobs are in jeopardy, men are the ones who will take control.  *It is natural for a man to want to protect his family and make sure they have a roof over their head.   *Worse still:  minority, 3rd world males, illegals, Muslims will take advantage of women’s weaker position in life.  Believe it, people. It’s happening all over.

The radical left in USA is much like the radicals in Europe.

Fifth: Some College feminists believe that women should pretend to puke (instead of using a gun) to protect themselves against violent rapists: College women told to urinate or vomit to deter a rapist  (CNN).

BUT-In UK, a woman was raped regardless of upchucking:  Travelodge rapist attacked woman as she threw up (UK News) …  [Hint: Upchucking does not work, guns do.]

FBI on rape stats:

Sixth: From an FBI statistical report, this graphic below does not lie, it is from the Federal Bureau & rape has only either gotten worse or stayed the same.   Type in the stats at the FBI yourself in the enclosed picture. It’s not ‘my’ graphic, but it’s the truth.   Much of the rapes occurring in USA happen at the hands of black men on white women.   Meanwhile, feminist leftists still say “Black Lives Matter” digging their own graves and advising their own rapes, inadvertently.


On Guns:

Seventh:  With the radical left and their ‘progress’ on banning guns in America, (They will push until ALL guns are gone, always have, always will, especially with propaganda..)   Women don’t have a chance in hell to protect themselves. Feminism is over.  Women are the weaker sex. It’s just the way it is.   Men can still protect themselves with physical strength but a woman is NO match against a violent male.  Feminism is finished.

*Criminals are not as stupid as law-abiders:  Rapists and evil men will not stop carrying guns and any Liberal that thinks so is a f’cking idiot.  SO; if the criminals keep carrying, you must buy more guns than they have & protect yourself.  Screw the Democrats bullshit gun scam. Save your sanity, body and life–BUY GUNS.


Women, more and more – will rely on men, white men (in particular) to protect them as the left pushes for more anarchy=loss of law.   My suggestion is to be more humble around men, you stupid, insipid feminists.  Because Obama is not going to protect your sorry asses.  

[We also have Robert Stacy McCain who fights these idiot sycophant feminists, relentlessly: Click to see his latest mockery of these fem-gasbags.

Communist Leftism does not care for women’s rights & never have,

Communist Leftists only care about more Communism.  

(Just ask Neil Rockefeller who put women in the work force taxing females to achieve more money in Socialist America.  Hint: It was NEVER about you feminist women or your rights.)

Commenter On My Friend’s Blog Says EU Is “Nothing Like What I Describe”

Commenter On My Friend’s Blog Says EU Is “Nothing Like What I Describe”

Can we all admit that the lousy politics of Obama has changed us? On both sides?  (Well, some of us can’t change like the commenter below)  When I was a little younger, I was a hard-core member of the GOP.  When George Bush called American Minutemen, “Vigilantes”…. I changed.  That was in early 2005.  As I saw the ways of pseudo-Conservative war-mongers in the GOP, I changed.

However, one thing that is true:  I don’t lie about Europe and America.  Racism, schmacism:  “Mavadelo”, below says I am ‘vile and racist.’  #1. Illegal means illegal and is not a race.  #2. Islam is not a race.   #3. America, EU and Israel are being flooded with people that hate them and it’s just a fact.  The racism and hatred comes from the illegals, not from ‘evil’ whitey..

Facts are facts: Leftists encourage mass immigration from the 3rd world into EU and USA, ditto Israel.  When the ‘right wing’ says NO!!!  It’s killing us!!  Leftists say “You’re racist”.  So, we are doomed.  White America, EU and Israel are on suicide watch.

[Comment] Mavadelo on said:

what a horrible article you llinked there, so vile and racist I have seldom encountered. No, Europe is nothing like what she describes, it is what “her kind” is afraid it will become. Every blog that allows comments that call for “the extermination” of leftist people should be dismissed on the spot

This comment was on my friend, John Liming’s site.  I happen to love Mr. Liming and he has been there for me on several occasions.   

What commenters write here on my blog is up to them.  I allow ‘vile’ comments. I don’t allow people that straight-up hate Jews.

Now, for the issue in EU with it’s open borders madness.  Let’s take a look at what has happened in Europe with the Muslims:

May 2015, France:


July 2015, Manchester, England: (Shia Muslims beating themselves)  Older England would never allow this:

Muslim riot in Belgium:

It’s so bad in Denmark that the right wing is saying HELL NO to any more Muslim immigrants:

6 mos ago in Netherlands, leaders are telling Muslims to assimilate or get out.  Muslims disrupt Memorial Day in Netherlands, 6 mos ago:

In Germany, 12 months ago, a pack of nasty Muslims were demanding a few Jews come out of their apartment during another ‘protest’.  Things like this not seen in Germany since the 30’s, 40’s:

Anyone can go to Youtube and witness these things for themselves.  We do not lie here.  We’re just telling it as it is.  If we find an inaccuracy, we change it and apologize.