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Infowars: Site W/ The Biggest Group Of Jew Haters, Who BANNED The Mad Jewess Is Defaming #JAREDTAYLOR. Irony!

Infowars: Site W/ The Biggest Group Of Jew Haters, Who BANNED The Mad Jewess Is Defaming #JAREDTAYLOR. Irony!    Jared Taylor: “Jews are FINE BY ME!”

Infowars banned me (THE MAD JEWESS) about 10 mos ago.  They hate all Jews on that website.  However, when I go to the C of CC, I do not get blamed for taking over the world, blamed for bombing babies in Gaza (Even though I live in USA), blamed for killing 100K Russians during the Bolshevik revolt. Sure, 2-3 over a 5 yr period on C of CC have been ugly, but for the most part, they are AOK to me!

They even say on Infowars re C of CC:

George Thayer (The Father Shores of Politics: The American Political Fringe Today) writes that the White Citizens Councils represented “the uptown Klan.” He argues that the councils were devised to distance racist ideology from the bad rap the Ku Klux Klan earned since the days of Reconstruction in the South.

Thayer writes:

But by whatever name they are known, there is no doubt that the Citizens’ Councils of America are ‘blood kin’ to the Ku Klux Klan. To be sure, the Councils and the Klan are not on speaking terms….

So, it is said by the defamer, George Thayer:  C of CC and the Klan are NOT on speaking terms.

It is also said:  “No serious efforts were made to explore the role of White Citizens’ Councils” and so forth.

If they are not even investigated and not on speaking terms with the groups aforementioned, according to the defamer, WHY the defamation?!


On Monday Jared Taylor, a spokesperson for the Council of Conservative Citizens, said that although his organization condemns the actions of Charleston shooter Dylann Roof, it does not mean Roof did not have some legitimate grievances.


Info Wars, Jew haters.