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US Bombed ISIS Yesterday. But-WE ARMED ISIS & Al Q Is “On Our Side”. MOAB Is USA

US Bombed ISIS Yesterday. But-WE ARMED ISIS & Al Q Is “On Our Side”.  MOAB Is USA

Why won’t Mr. Trump come forward and reveal the truth? It makes zero sense to me to bomb ISIS in one place and support them in another.

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Ancient Moab.

Where is humility?  Where is repentance?  Where is reason? Where is right?  Where is good?  Where is there a man in our current government who just tells the truth?  Where is Justice?  Instead, we have arrogance. Instead we have pride. Instead we have confusion. Instead we have wrong. Instead we have lies.  

Yesterday, all of the war-mongering lunatics who put the middle east first and America last were over-joyed as they watched the “MOAB” drop a big one in Afghanistan.  [By the way: Afghanistan is just another 14 year US Govt. FUBAR.]

In 2016, Matt Drudge Tweeted this out to the world:

Yesterday, Wikileaks tweeted this out:

AGAIN:  Why won’t Mr. Trump come forward and reveal the truth? It makes zero sense to me to bomb ISIS in one place and support them in another.

“MOAB” is the USA.  And, I don’t mean the ‘mother of all bombs”.  I am talking about Biblical, prophetic terms.  A most evil people was Moab. 

  1.  Not many people realize that Edom, Moab, and Ammon were given their homelands by God himself (Deut. 2:5, 9, 19)
  2. Moab and Ammon were named after the children of the incestuous unions of Lot and his two daughters.
  3. Edom, Moab, and Ammon all cheered for Babylon and made plans to carve up the Promised Land for themselves after the Babylonians carried Israel into captivity.
  4. So Edom, Moab, and Ammon ceased to be nations at about the same time that Judah was carried off to Babylon.
  5. Edom, Moab, and Ammon are listed in Psalm 83:6-7 among the participants in a scheme to destroy Israel and erase it’s name from people’s memories

Facts to all of the Zionists who have lost their brains:

The US Govt set up ISIS and the Rebels to help destroy Israel. You cheer it on by fighting against the Russian and Syrian leaders who are fighting the people who want to destroy Israel.  

The ‘anti-Zionists’ are more Zionist now.


FALSE: Tillerson Says “Assad Used Chem Weapons 50 Plus Times”. ISIS Used These Weapons, 50x.

FALSE: Tillerson- “Assad Used Chem Weapons 50 Plus Times”.  ISIS Used These Weapons.


Tillerson is just another war-mongering lunatic.  

Tillerson also claims that Assad ‘needs to go’.  He is only mimicking Obama and Hillary.

Proof: Hillary Clinton: US should ‘take out’ Assad’s air fields – CNNPolitics.com 2017, April

Secretary Hillary Clinton Says Syrian President Assad ‘Must Go’ – ABC , 2012…

Assad must go, Obama says – The Washington Post

More on other countries:

  • Obama wants Mubarak to step down now, Published Tuesday, Feb. 01, 2011
  • Hillary Clinton: Clinton Calls for ‘Orderly Transition’ in Egypt, 2011
  • Hillary Clinton: Muammar Gaddafi ‘must go now’ 02, Mar 2011
  • Obama on Libya: Gaddafi Must Go; All U.S. Options on Table – TIME, 2011.

The supposed chemical weapons attack ‘report’ last week was submitted by a British, Muslim Jihadist:

Wikileaks released CIA documents that show the US GOVT has been wanting to overthrow the Assad family since the 1980’s:

Wikileaks also released a document in 2001 that planned a ‘new Iran and a new Syria’ , their excuse to do so would be that ‘Israel would be safe‘:

Here to the Wikileaks Page.

This is the whole Youtube where Tillerson is lying–in fact, on many issues, he is lying: 

And now, here is………….Image result for my 2 cents

My personal take regarding Israel:  I have never been ‘anti-Israel’ & I happen to like some citizen friends in Israel.  I do not blame them for their idiot government.  I do not agree with Israel’s government when they are wrong.  Israel is no perfect country, in fact, it is Socialist in nature.  Socialism is anti-God.  Socialism is repulsive to me.  Israel’s government is corrupt and weak.

 Israel has enough weapons and the strongest Air Force in the middle east.  Ridding countries of their leaders does not ‘make Israel safer’.   It makes the middle east FUBAR.   And, for all of their quests to ‘make Israel safe‘….In the long run, it will turn on Israel and all of the enraged Arab nations will turn on them.  Would they win like ’67?   In 1967, Israel had fortitude.   Present day, 2017?   Gay pride parades and abortion?  Those 2 things alone can sink Israel.   God can’t help sin.  He won’t.  So, like here in USA, a remnant in Israel will be saved. Possibly 144,000?   When Israel gets hit big, it will be disastrous if the nation does not repent from abortion and homosexuality.



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TRUTH:   OUR govt (under Barack Hussein Obama) attempted to overthrow the Syrian govt and oust Assad for oil pipe-line purposes.
TRUTH:   OUR Govt armed ISIS AND the Syrian Rebels.
TRUTH:   OUR govt. trained the Syrian Rebels (NOT Assad) how to use chemical weapons.
TRUTH:   Arming the Syrian Jihad Rebels caused the murders of MANY, (10’s of thousands of the minority Christians) in Syria. Also destroying their homes and places of worship.
TRUTH:   Syria’s Prez Assad PROTECTED his Christians.
TRUTH:   The CHRISTIANS in Syria WANTED Assad for Prez FOR this reason.
TRUTH:   Because Trump did NOT reveal these truths and instead missiled Syria’s Assad in some attempt to ‘make himself appear strong’ made him look WEAK LIKE OBAMA.
Trump should be EXPOSING what happened there under OUR govt. And that is the ONLY missile that should be used right now by Trump in Syria.

Lastly:   I will not ever STOP exposing and telling the truth about what OUR Govt did to Syria any chance I get.  EVER.   OUR govt is responsible for the destruction of Damascus.  We fulfilled EVIL prophecy. EVIL.

And, I wrote about this prophecy on my old blog years ago:  God Is With A Remnant In #Syria, Protecting Them From Obama the Insane & M bro’hood. Scripture Proof


Ash Carter: LIAR. Says #Russia “Failed” In #Syria. LIES. #Russia Killed #ISIS, US Govt SUPPLIED #ISIS

Ash Carter Is A LIAR. Says #Russia “Failed” In #Syria. LIES. #Russia Killed #ISIS, US Govt SUPPLIED #ISIS


Headline from AP:   “Russia failed to heed U.S. call to stop targeting Syrian rebels: U.S. says.”    You mean these nice rebels who eat their opponents:

The lies from this administration never stop.  It’s one lie after the next regarding Russia.  Putin and his military went in to Syria and killed most of the ISIS Muslims.  A Pentagon report shows that our government created the Syrian rebels AND ISIS to topple Assad: Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US “Created” ISIS As A “Tool” To topple Assad…

What the hell business does our government have arming these savages?! 

Lie from the AP:  Reuters

“This was an attack on forces first of all that were fighting ISIL. And obviously that’s the first thing that’s problematic about this Russian conduct,” U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter told reporters, using an acronym for the radical group Islamic State. “The Russians initially said they were coming in to fight ISIL, and that’s not what they did.”

Yes, they DID.  

Here is  proof:

Meanwhile:  Russia Warns US Against Striking Assad

Find some other moron to sell this bullsh’t to.


Drudge Report Confirms The Mad Jewess Regarding #US Govt Arming #ISIS

Drudge Report Confirms The Mad Jewess Regarding #US Govt Arming #ISIS


I’ve been saying this for 2 years since the rise of ISIS & Drudge linked this today – RUSSIA: USA PROTECTING ISIS…

Why is it ‘news’ when Drudge links this but it is nothing but a crazy woman ranting when I tell you?? Why do people laugh me to scorn when I show you the truth but when Drudge does it, its the truth.  I don’t lie.  There is nothing in it for me to lie.  I’m not a politician.  I get paid zero to tell the truth.  Drudge makes millions every year.

On September 30th in the Shemitah Year, 2015- America was unseated off of the throne of the title “Super-power”.  Russia assumed that position when Putin told America to ‘Get your aircraft out of Syria, immediately’.   This was a major judgment from the LORD that Americans paid no attention to.
America also does not pay attention to the fact that our tax dollars are murdering Christians all over Eastern Europe and the Middle East.  Still, we sing “God Bless America”.  How can God bless a country that has completely turned their backs on Him, collectively speaking?
Believe me, the time will come when the whole world will want the death and destruction of the great whore, America and only the super rich will cry at our demise.  Nobody will come to help us, either.