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Vote #Cruz If You Hate Israel, Prefer #Iran & Want More Missiles Aimed At The Jewish State

Vote #Cruz If You Hate Israel & Prefer #Iran & Want More Missiles Aimed At The Jewish State

Yesterday: Obama’s Iranian friends Test-Fire Qadr-4 Missiles Marked ‘Israel Will Be Wiped Out

The Iran/Corker bill Ted Cruz signed last year made sure that happened yesterday.


>From the hard core, pro Ted Cruz website where Katie Pavlich is queen: Click –  RED STATE

Yesterday the US Senate voted 98-1 (the anti-Trump, National Review Online) to go along with whatever Barack Obama decides to give to Iran.

For all the sturm und drang of the debate, only one senator held firm to the principle that the president cannot unilaterally negotiate long term agreements on behalf of the United States. That senator was Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR).

The zinger:

One of the major disappointments was Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

So, if you hate Israel, Cruz is the guy for you.  

Sure, he talks a good talk.. But, he’s nothing but a lying, shyster, politician dirtbag.


Vote Trump.


Jerusalem Post LYING About Trump “Trump Open To Spying On Israel” – LIARS.

Jerusalem Post LYING About Trump “Trump Open To Spying On Israel” Lies.


I would certainly not want to do it,”  Trump said of spying on Israel.

Means:  YEAH!  let’s spy on Israel to pseudo-conservative “Jews” who are paying with a serious election.

He said afterwords, to any nation spying on us:

He added: “But I have to say this. We’re being spied on by everybody. And it’s terrible what is going on in that whole thing. We find out that we’re being spied on by them (ANY country).   And they’re being spied — everything is out.”  (Meaning any country)  Trump told host John Dickerson that he would not rule out spying on allies. (So?)  “I would say that I would leave open possibilities of doing whatever it takes to make our country very, very strong and to make our country great again,” he said.

So, Trump wanting to protect American interests is a bad thing.  These “Jews” at JPost are playing with a very serious election.  The next election means that America will be Communist or not.  It is either Cruz OR Trump.  By attacking Trump and not Hillary daily, they are helping Hillary Clinton become Pres and dividing Conservative people.  Do not trust JPost. AT ALL. Or anyone linking them. We cannot have these people hurting the only 2 valid candidates: Trump and Cruz.

US Military Defies Murderous Dictator Of War, Obama & Shares Intel W/ #Syria’s #Assad

US Military Defies Murderous Dictator Of War, Obama & Shares Intel W/ #Syria’s #Assad


How many conservatives will choose to love the military now that our own military actually acted like Edward Snowden?  I support them 100%.  Our government has been the sole perp of thousands of murderous deaths of Christians in Syria.  Add Libya, Egypt and Ukraine to the mix.

I have blogged about Syria from the getgo.   Phoney conservatives laughed me to scorn even though I was right:  Syria  & On my old blog


If you believe Seymour Hersh’s latest expose, we were even more right than we knew because as it turns out, some elements within the US military began tacitly cooperating with Assad two years ago after becoming concerned with Turkey and Saudi Arabia’s support for Sunni extremists.      More:  US Military shared intel with ASSAD. 

Blame Israel for everything,  I.Wars also did a story on this that is pretty accurate:  Click

.Nathaniel Kapner Lies About Israel: “ISIS Is Greater Israel’s Scheme”, Blaming Israel For U.S. “Jews”

Nathaniel Kapner Lies About Israel: “ISIS In Greater Israel’s Scheme”, Blaming Israel For US “Jews”

I have followed all of the events of Syria, ISIS, The Syrian Rebels, Ukraine, Libya, Egypt, Montenegro, Moldova from the day of their fake “Arab Spring”.  I have told the truth.  I tell you the truth now:

Nobody can convince me that American Liberal “Jews” are not a problem.  Because they are a huge problem.  Kapner calls them “Neo-Cons” meaning New Conservatives.   I just call them traitors, treacherous, Communists, “Erav Rav”.   “Neo-Con” American “Jews” and any left wing “Jew” operates in total defiance to God.  I believe they are completely reprobate.  Sometimes, Kapner is right.  But, he is totally wrong about this.

In this video above, Kapner is blaming ISRAEL for American “Jews”.   He has no facts to support his allegations, either.   He just shows 4 loud mouth ‘neo cons’ that are Jews.   He does NOT show you all of the non-Jew ‘neo-cons’ though & that is the problem with the Jew haters—they ONLY show you the Jews.  

Kapner does not show the various talking-headed monsters from the GOP like John McCain, the leading war mongering nut.   The “Jews” Kapner mentions ARE a problem.  But, they have nothing to do with Israel’s decision making, OBVIOUSLY:

He forgets to show you these pesky facts:

Fact #1.  Israel refused to enter into western led sanctions against Russia: Israeli Minister: Exports to Russia Will Continue, Regardless of EU/US sanctions.. (Haaretz)

Fact #2.  Israel and Russia to coordinate Syrian military efforts …, Russia and Israel Quietly Collaborating on Attacks in Syria (NewsMax)  The fact that Israel is ‘coordinating’ with Russia shows that they are NOT involved with the US ISIS ‘team.’   #Russia’s D.M., Igor Konashenkov: “We Are In Training With Our Partners “ISRAEL” (My website)

Fact #3.  Israel exports fruits to Russia after the west sanctioned Russia After Shunning Europe, Russia Turning to Israel for Fruit … (Haaretz)

Fact #4.  Israel set to send supplies of meat to Russia by the year-end (Global meat)

About ISIS: It was the US GOVERNMENT that created ISIS to topple Assad.  NOT Israel.  The below report mentions NOTHING about Israel:

Pentagon Report attained by Judicial Watch: PDF Pgs. 287-293 (291) JW v DOD and State 14-812 – Judicial

The fact that Israel is working with Russia regarding Syria shows you that Kapner is full of shit.  Piles deep. 

It is past time to put blame where blame belongs regarding the USA:  Obama, McCain, and ALL of the people involved, not just Jews, 24-7.   Kapner needs to stop blaming only Jews and show all of the people involved. It’s called balance.   Just because he had a come to Jesus moment does not mean he should blame Jews and Israel for everything.

Israel is not perfect.  Far from it.  But the allegations I hear on a daily basis regarding Israel are so ‘over the top’ it is friggin amazing.  Do some research for gods sakes.


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.#Israel Bombing The Hell Out Of Hezbollah With #RUSSIA’s Help. “ZOG” Again LOL

.#Israel Bombing The Hell Out Of Hezbollah With #RUSSIA’s Help.  “ZOG” Again LOL

ZOG meeting

The Jerusalem Post reported the attack marks the first time Israel has conducted airstrikes in the area since the Russian military began operating there.

Even Jew-hating/Israel-hating Infowars is reporting:  Israel and Russia Engage in Electronic Warfare as Operations Expand in Middle East         (See the commenters, lmaoff)

Must be a ‘Zionist plot’.  Too funny.  How ’bout just admitting that many of you were lead astray by anti-Israel propaganda submitted by Hamas and the P@lestinians?  How ’bout just admitting that you’re all just a bunch of Jew-hating, Jew-Phobic FREAKS.

God has proven me once again to my enemies and also to quite a few Zionists who unfollowed me last week on Twitter.