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Our JEW Website Supports @jartaylor, 100% + Others That The BOLSHEVIK, Anti-Free Speech ADL Names “Haters”

Our JEW Website Supports @jartaylor, 100% + Others That The BOLSHEVIK, Anti-Free Speech ADL Names “Haters”

Like it or not, ADL… The world is not without hatred.  You can’t create a hate-free world unless you murder everyone.

The ADL on their Twitter page claims:

To stop the defamation of the Jewish people, and secure justice and fair treatment to all.

Report incidents: 

On their recent Blog post, they name ‘haters’:  Here.

Our website supports Mr. Jared Taylor, 100%.  Mr. Taylor is not a hateful man.  It is not ‘hateful’ to not want this country that your freedom-yearning, founding fathers crafted with their sacred honor, blood, sweat and tears to become a 3rd world, Islamic-Jihad, Bolshevik, Pinko, Marxist, Hispanic, Somalian hell-hole. Where, all of these aforementioned groups hate Jews–with a passion. These same humans murder women in their pajama’s, like the other day: First Somali-Muslim police officer in Minnesota murders blonde woman.

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Mr. Blatt and others:  

What is completely hateful–ADL, is to pretend that patriots do not have a reason to deplore Communist, Bolshevik, anti-American, disgusting, treacherous “Jews” who work with the radical, left against this nation and it’s children, 24-7.  

AND:  It is absolutely repulsive to demand that the children of America’s founding fathers ‘shut up’ when they expose what the radical, left-wing, Liberals and Communists, INCLUDING the Left-wing Jews do to this country.  AND:  It is not hateful to speak against you totalitarian bullies (who happen to have Jewish names) and call you out for your ANTI GOD, anti-country behavior:   That is not anti semitic.  

People are enraged with you because of your blatant embrace of COMMUNISM & Leftism not the Jewish faith

Is the ADL trying to convince people that Liberalism (Communism) is some type of Judaism?  Because it isnt.  Judaism, in nature, if any wing at all–is right wing.  Leviticus 18:22 stops the argument that Judaism is somehow an anti-God faith.

  • Communist Liberals, ADL and others:  YOU are the haters.  You have destroyed Europe with your seething hatred for white people–all anyone has to do is look at France, Italy, England, Netherlands, etc to see what the Marxist pigs have done.  Up here in Ariz, there are more and more white, refugee, freedom seekers that are running away from the filth you created  in EU.


  • You Leftists (Non Jews AND Jews) have turned this nation into a cesspool of filth where white people have to run to the mountains to escape your present and coming insurrection.  There is not large city or big suburban area that is not infested with people that hate America from the 3rd world.  And, you want more here instead of protecting American people.

Jared Taylor, the ‘hater’, ADL? For trying to protect his folks from Jihadists? From Mexican, MS 13 murderers? From black on white crime?

Mr. Taylor is the hater? NOT YOU who is wanting to bring these 3rd world filth here to murder HIS folk?

  • Here is the question of the day….Would these ADL, Lefty-Jew types approve of white Nazi’s in their neighborhood?  NO.  Why, then–are they demanding that whites embrace the same type hatred in their neighborhood?????  Send the 3rd world, Jew-haters to live in Liberal, Jewish neighborhoods and demand they embrace the suck, if they want it here so bad.

The rest of this blog-post here at ADL is a joke. Milo? A Jewish/Christian ‘Gay’ patriot is a ‘hater?’  Cernovich, an American, Jewish patriot is a ‘hater?’  Don’t want anti semitism?  THEN, STOP CREATING IT, ADL.       A Patriotic person is a ‘hater’ now according to the anti-defemation league.  F**cking KOO KOO.

Marxists/Left Defaming Jared Taylor, Playing Down Black On White Rape Statistics

Marxists/Left Defaming Jared Taylor & Council Of Conservative Citizens, Playing Down Black On White Rape Statistics [Listen to Taylor’s video, above]

Jared Taylor is a nice man. He is for Jewish nationalism, also.  All his websites show is articles regarding the color of crime, which- in many cases is black & violent.    Some articles are not my taste but over all, he and the C of CC are concerned about the status of white people.  

White people are not allowed to care about other white people.  Jews care for Jews, Blacks care for Blacks, ditto Mexicans, Asians, etc.  But, whites cannot care for white issues because that’s racist?  People need to grow up.

The truth about black on white rape is posted  on the Council of Conservative Citizens–the stats are FROM the FBI.  The Left says the FBI lies…but only when it pertains to blacks.  

If the below does not shock YOU into oblivion, you need to have your head examined:

Year 2003 – Rape/Sexual Assault Year 2003
White on Black: 0
Black on White: 20,309
Black on Black: 21,104

Year 2004 – Rape/Sexual Assault Year 2004
White on Black: 0
Black on White: 11,610
Black on Black: 35,330

Year 2005 – Rape/Sexual Assault Year 2005
White on Black : 0
Black on White: 37,460
Black on Black: 36, 620

[More PDF files on the Council of Conservative Citizens]

Year 2006 – Rape/Sexual Assault
White on Black: 0
Black on White: 32, 443
Black on Black: 7,705

Year 2007 – Rape/Sexual Assault
White on Black: 0
Black on White: 14,092
Black on Black: 12,780

Year 2008 – Rape/Sexual Assault

White on Black: 0
Black on White: 19,292
Black on Black: 34,841

Total over six conservative years:

White on Black: 0
Black on White: 135,206
Black on Black: 148,380

That list is from the Council Of Conservative Citizens:  CLICK.    Hat tip –@Weelittlefishy

FOR EG – According to the U.S. Department of Justice: Criminal Victimization in the United States: 32,443 white women were raped by blacks in 2006 compared to 0 (zero) white men raping black women. That’s 32,443 to zero! Look it up yourself, its on table 42, do the math, 194,270 X 16.7% = 32,443.


Lying and defaming Mr. Taylor:  Council of Conservative Citizens Promotes White Primacy, and GOP Ties NY Times

Lying and defaming Mr. Taylor: What Is the Council of Conservative Citizens, the White-Supremacist Group That Inspired a Racist Manifesto? – The Atlantic


Typical, name calling Leftist totalitarians.