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Jew-Hating Obama’s State Dept Tells U.S. DEM Jew To Not Wear Kippah @ US Consulate In #Israel.

Jew-Hating Obama’s State Dept Tells U.S. DEM Jew To Not Wear Kippah @ US Consulate In #Israel.


Looks like Obama’s State Department is complicit in apartheid & racism.

….The Jew who was wearing his Kippah in Israel happened to be Democrat, David Greenfield from NYC, a Councilman from Brooklyn.  Obama’s Jew-hating State Dept official told Greenfield to take his Kippah off….in ISRAEL.  

….IF you still believe that Obama is a Zionist, you’re stupid.  An idiot. A total buffoon.  Democrat/Liberals hate Jews and always have–which is why they love radical Islamics and partner with NAZIs.

NYC Councilman asked to remove his kippah outside US Consulate in Ramallah ,

Liberals/Progs/Dems turning on the Jews.  Do the Liberal Jews notice this? Nah.

New Causes On Our Website For 2015


We will be shifting gears on this website.   My wife, a hard-core whites rights activist online for 7 years and 20 years in real time has been attacked for many days on Twitter by ‘whites rights’ activists.

For this reason, I am advising her to take up for different causes online because:  #1. Whites in America do not care if they live or die and:  #2. Many of the whites rights activists online, especially Twitter seem to be Neo-Nazis.  While I will still post on this issue once a week if I can,  it is evident that many do not want us in ‘their’ fight (Even though we are also white).   So, they have cut off their own nose to spite their face and I don’t want my wife fighting with people that hate her.

Our causes for 2015 will be (not in any real order):

1. US Foreign policy.

2. Who is behind the regime changes.

3. Exposing John McCain.

4. Exposing Communists.

5. How Black Liberals are dumping Liberal Jews.

6. Worldwide Jew-hatred.

7. The conspiracy to destroy Israeli Jews.

And, some White issues.



-David Ben Moshe



The News Has Totally Over-Whelmed Me Right Now

I feel completely over-whelmed by the news right now.  I even took a light sedative today.  I feel like the news is not news, its just whatever feels good for the time being.  Its like the media, even smaller blogs take a story and run like hell, then when they’re through, they dump it and move on to the next issue.  I cant keep up.

For eg:  I posted about Ukraine, non stop for many months.  After seeing that the situation got worse and then genocide of Orthodox Christians, I just lost hope and burned out.  Ditto Syria and Libya.  Obama wears me out daily, so nothing new there.  

At any rate, the daily Jew hate is taking my fight from me.  Its constant.  At least for me, it is.  I am a female.  We are emotional and I cant help feeling hurt or depressed when I get bombarded on twitter and emails with anti Israel kikels, Nazi Jew haters, etc.  Our fellow Jews are experiencing the same type hatred from the Muslims in EU as they did in the 193’s…and it pains me greatly…Guess I’ll rest tonight. 

"Overwhelmed" by Ursula Vernon.

EU Today: “Trotsky’s (Commies) Made The Revolution, Bronstein’s Paying The Price”

EU Today: “Trotsky’s (Commies) Made The Revolution, Bronstein’s Paying The Price”  (Video above from http://www.mfs-theothernews.com/)

For many years, I have warned Liberal/Marxist/Communist Jews (the part they play) that their actions would hurt the the religious Jewish community.  I was right.  It is the Marxist/Communist/Progressives that have caused the current air of Jew-hatred in Europe today.

I am not a great writer.  I never have been.  However, I am a thinker.  I think so much that I have ’11’  lines between my eyes.  What is occurring in Europe today will soon become a reality in America.   Communist/Marxist Jews (and, of course non Jews) have created the mass revolution of violence.    But, the bottom line is that it will be taken out on Jews. (With the exception of the fat-cat “Jews” who are rats.)    If you observe the anti semitism  in Europe at present,  You would be able to discern that Muslims are blaming Jews in Paris because they are angry with Israel.    The Jews they are persecuting are religious Jews who bother nobody and are good citizens.    The anti-semitic, European, Jew-haters  have joined them.  Muslims just hate Jews, nothing more than that.   While many Jews do not care for Muslims, they don’t beat them or burn down their stores or vandalize their mosques.

For years, I warned that the elite, Communist, loud-mouthed, treacherous Jews would not feel the pain of Jew-hatred.  I was right.  This is why every, single campaign of anti-semitism, (currently the hate Israel club) which arises every 50-70 years is always wrong.   Because the evil ones that should be punished never are.    The Soros’ of the world walk scot-free as little Jews are persecuted, beaten and murdered.   This is why God will destroy the David Dukes, the Incogman’s, the Galloway’s, the Max Blumenthal’s.  Because they have caused the unnecessary pain of little people.  Thus, the Communists will move on and destroy the future because they always escape as little Jews & Christians are wiped out.

I even warned these bastards aforementioned above.  So, no skin off of my back.

During the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, 1917:  364 Jews were in the Bolshevik party of 10,000.  They didn’t make up 5% of the Communist government, but their religious counterparts, the religious Jews paid the price:  Many pogroms accompanied the post-1917 period of the Russian Civil War: an estimated 70,000 to 250,000 civilian Jews were killed throughout the former Russian Empire; the number of Jewish orphans exceeded 300,000.  (Jews have always been a smaller minority)

Another reason Jews pay the price is because when nations and empires fall, the people play the blame game.  They never look at themselves.  They only look at the Jews even though the vast amount of non-Jews are the responsible party.  (Though, true, many Liberal Jews have BIG mouths)    In America, Obama won the 2nd election.  However, 6.5 million Christians did not vote.  Their vote would have more than cancelled out the Jewish 69% vote for Obama in 2012 and then some. 

As a collective:  Jew or Christian, we should all be in repentance:  in America, Europe and any western country, including Israel.  Jew-hatred is on the rise in EU because the European empire is falling.   Ditto America. 

Look for the total lack of empathy or compassion from unbelievers (Liberals/Nazis) all of you Christians and Jews.  Because in most empire failures, the people turn to blame God.  Which is the reason we will suffer Jew and Christian hatred in America.  The scourge of religious bigotry in Europe will become America’s future.

Lastly, it is the Trotsky’s that make the revolution, and the Bronsteins that pay the price.

The Hep-Hep riots in Frankfurt, 1819. On the left, two peasant women are assaulting a Jewish man with pitchfork and broom. On the right, a man wearing spectacles, tails, and a six-button waistcoat, “perhaps a pharmacist or a schoolteacher,”[1] holds another Jewish man by the throat and is about to club him with a truncheon. The houses are being looted.

Obama Admin Has Condemned Israel But Not Nazis In #Ukraine…..

Obama Admin Has Condemned Israel But Not Nazis In #Ukraine…..

 Think about it…

It’s just Jew hatred.  When there are smaller protests against the fascists in Ukraine or the rebels in Syria, we don’t hear them calling the Syrians a bunch of names, ditto Ukrainians & Iraqis.  But, when people are pro-Israel, we are called “Zio nazis, ZOG, Zio fascists, baby murderers, people who love genocide, kikes, dirty Jew whores” etc..

At least be honest about your hatred.  When I say “I hate the US government”, I mean it with every fiber of my being. 

An art collage from May 2014